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How to Write a LinkedIn Post About an Event?

Learn how to write a LinkedIn post about an event to capture attention, engage your audience, and boost attendance.

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Your big event is coming, and you’re looking for ways to attract more attendees. LinkedIn might be among the first associations due to its powerful networking possibilities.

Crafting a compelling event post can be a fantastic way to increase visibility and drive attendance, but how can you actually create an effective post?

You’re in the right place—Get ready for valuable tips and strategies on how to write a LinkedIn post about an event.

Let’s dive in!

4 Main Reasons Why You Should Write Event Posts on LinkedIn

Gone are the days when LinkedIn was primarily a job-hunting platform. 

Over the years, it has grown into a networking powerhouse connecting professionals, thought leaders, experts, etc., globally.

Hence, leveraging LinkedIn for event marketing provides multiple benefits:

✨ Having Access to Professional Network — You can connect to professionals and industry experts genuinely interested in events, conferences, and webinars. 

Saving Time and Resources — Thanks to LinkedIn’s advanced targeting options, you can reach your target audience more easily. 

Thus, you can promote your event to “the right people” who have already engaged in relevant industries or shown interest in similar events. 

✨ Leveraging Opportunities — Connect with potential attendees and build relationships by sharing valuable content related to the event. 

✨ Increasing Brand Visibility and Engagement — Your event post is an opportunity to promote brand engagement, with attendees sharing their experiences and creating a buzz around your brand.

How Can I Create an Effective LinkedIn Event Post?

No matter how great and high-quality your event is, people still need to know about it, right? 

Furthermore, not only do they need to know about it, but they also need to be tempted to attend or contribute to it in their own ways.

Thus, creating an effective LinkedIn event post can significantly boost your event’s visibility and engagement.

To do so, you should follow certain steps to make your LinkedIn event posts stand out.

1. Start With A Hook

To captivate potential attendees, you should “open” your post with an attention-grabbing headline

After all, it is the first thing your audience sees, so you should aim for compelling content.

Craft it in such a way as to arouse curiosity and create a sense of urgency or excitement to entice the audience to continue reading.

For example,

  • "Join Us for an Exclusive Networking Event: Connecting Industry Leaders for Innovation!"
  • "Unlock Your Potential: Register Now for Our Virtual Conference on Business Growth Strategies!"
  • "Don't Miss Out! Secure Your Spot at the Must-Attend Sales Summit of the Year!"
  • "Calling All Marketers! Elevate Your Skills at Our Digital Marketing Masterclass Event!"
  • "Experience the Future of Tech: Register Today for our AI Summit and Stay Ahead of the Curve!

💡 Wisdom Bids

AuthoredUp boasts an extensive template library containing over 200 customizable hand-crafted hooks to attract readers and encourage them to participate.

These hooks come in handy when you've run dry on catchy ideas.

2. Include Visual Elements

Just as hooks are important, so are visuals. Did you know that photos featuring people can increase your reach by 20% and up to 60% if you’re in the photo?

Besides a single image, you can also include carousels and videos.

For example, you can have images of speakers, yourself if you are one of the speakers, etc. 

In addition, if you’ve already hosted events before, consider showcasing past event highlights through visual content, such as carousels or a timelapse video.

You can even include funny or interesting behind-the-scenes details for greater appeal.

💡 Wisdom Bids

AuthoredUp enables you to add multiple photos and different types of content, such as carousels, polls, videos, GIFs, and documents, in a few clicks.

What’s more, after adding them, you can preview how they will look in your post on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

3. Give The Unique Value To Your Event

If you operate in one of the popular industries, the chance that your competitors are organizing or have organized a similar event is high.

Therefore, you need to inform the audience about what they will get when attending your event that they can’t get elsewhere.

Are you offering a new perspective, solution, etc., or have you managed to gather top industry leaders or keynote speakers?

Make sure to include the unique value your event brings. 

📌Idea Nuggets

You can create a portfolio of valuable topic-related resources, tips, or insights and offer them after registration.

Also, prior to the event, you can write articles or blogs related to your event topic, providing highlights or the latest trends.

By sharing valuable insights and connecting with others, you’ll enhance your personal brand and contribute to meaningful conversations in your industry.

4. Provide A Brief Event Description

You should share valuable event information and display it, including the date, time, location, and a brief event description.

This is a great opportunity to inform your audience about what to expect and also emphasize your event’s unique value.

It is also important to announce speakers, provide basic info about them, and, if possible, share a brief story or highlight a memorable interaction you’ve had.

💡 Wisdom Bids

Although you can create your event post using the LinkedIn Events feature, AuthoredUp provides additional features to create visually appealing posts.

The Rich Text Editor

Once you’ve installed the extension, you can immediately start using the Rich Text Editor, which allows formatting options such as italics, bold, numbering, bullet points, etc.

This is a unique feature that can boost the appearance of your post and make it more digestible.

The SavedPosts Feature

Moreover, if you’re struggling with creative post ideas, you can use the "SavedPosts" feature, which allows you to collect, filter, analyze, and access saved posts.

The feature provides a smooth way to manage saved posts within AuthoredUp, including filtering posts by creators or keywords, opening posts, and analyzing post statistics.

This way, you can find inspiration and store ideas for future events.

Reaction Timeline

Since you should aim to create a post that stands out from similar event posts, the Reaction Timeline helps you discover how different types of posts resonate with your audience.

In addition, you’ll also be able to see what reactions they elicit and get a better understanding of which post styles evoke specific emotions among your followers.

5. Encourage Engagement With a Clear CTA

CTAs are as important as headlines — Both elicit a reaction from your audience and trigger them to act.

In the case of event blog posts, CTAs could range from a simple request to share a post to asking questions and thoughts about the topic from your audience.

For example, 

  • “Reserve Your Seat Now and Secure Early Bird Pricing!"
  • "Join Us for an Unforgettable Experience - Register Today!"
  • "Don't Miss Out - RSVP to Secure Your Spot!"
  • "Get Ready to Elevate Your Skills - Click Here to Register!"
  • "Ready to Network with Industry Leaders? Claim Your Spot Now!"

💡 Wisdom Bids

Within AuthoredUp’s Text Editor, you can find over 150 customizable CTAs to tailor your content for different purposes and audience preferences.

What’s more, you can also save a variety of convenient snippets to simplify crafting, saving, and reusing text segments, ensuring consistently impactful CTAs.

5 Hot Tips For Promoting The Event on LinkedIn

Now that you know all the ins and outs of how to write a LinkedIn post about an event, let’s check a few more tips on promoting it and maximizing its reach.

1. Leverage LinkedIn Groups

Another effective way to promote your event is to join relevant industry groups on LinkedIn and engage with their members. 

You’ll be able to tap into a pool of new connections within your target audience to:

  • Connect, 
  • Share insights, and 
  • Discuss industry trends. 

Being active in these groups can establish you as a thought leader and help you

build relationships with potential attendees or speakers.

2. Engage with Influencers

Using influential professionals or thought leaders is the step toward the post's virality.

🔥 Influencers can help you reach a wider audience, tap into new demographics, and attract potential attendees who may not have been aware of your event.

🔥 Furthermore, collaborating with influencers leverages their established credibility, boosting your event’s reputation and trustworthiness among their followers.

🔥 Compared to traditional advertising, influencer marketing is often more budget-friendly and can provide a targeted and impactful reach.

3.  Send Personalized Invitations

Besides reaching for new audiences, don’t underestimate the power of your existing connections.

Not only might they be interested in attending your event, but they might also know other people who would benefit from it.

Thus, send personalized invitations to your connections explaining how the event may benefit them and ask them to share the info.

The word of mouth remains one of the most effective marketing tools.

4. Add Event Details to Your Profile

You should update your profile’s Headline and Summary to mention the event, including your event’s website in the contact info area.

Again, this is an excellent way to boost the event’s visibility and expand reach.

📌 Idea Nuggets

LinkedIn’s organic reach is higher, and competition is lower compared to other platforms. 

Thus, leverage this opportunity to promote your event effectively!

5. Use Relevant Hashtags in Event Posts

LinkedIn hashtags play a crucial role in:

  • Increasing the visibility of your event posts, and make your content a part of a larger, dynamic conversation on LinkedIn.
  • Connecting with professionals and targeting the right audience with similar interests or in the same industry.
  • Tapping into trending topics by jumping on trending hashtags related to your event or industry.

💡 Wisdom Bids

AuthoredUp helps you optimize your hashtag strategy with a comprehensive table showing:

  • Each hashtag's frequency, 
  • Comments
  • Reactions, 
  • Shares, and 
  • Engagement rate.

Therefore, you’ll get a detailed insight into what resonates best with your audience. 

Another great benefit of using hashtags is that they help you organize your topics more easily and track which clusters perform best.

7 Common LinkedIn Event Promotion Mistakes To Avoid

When promoting events on LinkedIn, it’s essential to avoid common mistakes that can hinder your success. 

Nonetheless, if you check our table below with common pitfalls, you’ll see that you can apply the fix for every slip.

The last piece of wisdom I’ll share is the importance of following up after the event. 

Most hosts and attendees fail here by letting their contacts turn cold.

One of the main reasons for creating events is meaningful connections—not in quantity but in quality.

Therefore, don’t forget to reach out to new connections to forge solid professional relationships.

🍬 A Small Treat: 3 LinkedIn Message Templates for Follow-Up After LinkedIn Event

Follow-Up Message After an Event

Sample 1

“Hi Name, 
It was great meeting you at Event Name. I enjoyed our conversation about a specific topic. Let’s connect here on LinkedIn!”

Sample 2

“Hello Name,
Thank you for sharing your insights during Event Name.  Let’s stay connected and continue the discussion.”

Follow-Up Email After Promoting Your Service at The Event

Sample 1

“Dear Name, 
I appreciated our chat at Event Name. As we discussed, I’d love to share more about our services. Can we connect?”

Sample 2

“Hi Name, 
Your interest in our offerings during Event Name caught my attention. Let’s connect and explore further.”

Let’s Recap!

LinkedIn is undoubtedly a robust platform for event promotion. So, what would be the main takeaways

  • Create engaging content to generate pre-event buzz
  • Ensure your event is visually appealing for social sharing, 
  • Identify the right influencers and
  • Maintain engagement during and after the event.

AuthoredUp helps you create and analyze content quickly with its automation tools, enabling you to reach your target audience effectively.

How Can AuthoredUp Assist You In LinkedIn Post Creation?

AuthoredUp is a content creation and analytics tool to help you boost your LinkedIn growth by providing robust Text editing and Publishing features and metrics.

💎Our analytics tool can:

  •  Analyze the profile performance during a specific time period to see how your campaigns performed. 

Therefore, you can assess the impact of specific actions and make informed decisions.

  • Compare the two posts side by side to uncover what works and what doesn’t. 

It also shows which type of content performs better to refine your content strategy for more optimal performance.

  • Analyze your LinkedIn profile's growth timeline and track your progress to identify key milestones. 

This data-driven approach allows you to adapt your content and networking strategies to achieve your professional goals more effectively.

💎 Regarding scheduling options, Calendar View is a tool that makes tracking and managing all your LinkedIn content easier.

Once you schedule your posts through AuthoredUp, they will automatically appear in the calendar. 

A great thing is that you can reschedule and delete the post directly from the Calendar, making your content management easier.

💎 What distinguishes our tool from other alternatives is that you can schedule different post types, such as LinkedIn carousels and polls.

The app seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn's scheduling feature, allowing you to post content according to your preferred schedule. 

Ready to take AuthoredUp for a spin?

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