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8 Tips to Save Time on LinkedIn in 2024

Explore our expert tips and learn how to save time on LinkedIn to streamline networking, content creation, and outreach strategies effortlessly.

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Are you pouring hours into crafting LinkedIn posts only to see minimal engagement?

It's frustrating to know that the average LinkedIn user spends under 8 minutes per visit, isn't it?

With such a brief window to capture their attention, you might wonder how to make your content pop without spending your entire day at the drawing board.

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Here are 8 tips to save your time on LinkedIn and make every second count with an effective strategy that can drive results.

Let’s dive in!

Maximize Your Efficiency: 8 Tips for Saving Time on LinkedIn

1. Optimize Your Content For Better Effectiveness

Is your content going unnoticed despite all your efforts?

Whether you are writing a post or creating a video, you should concentrate on covering a topics that attract audience most effectively.

There are specific types of content on LinkedIn that attract the most people:

  • Human Stories – These types of posts are vital for making your brand relatable and also help you connect with your followers on a personal level.
  • General Encouragement – These posts serve as a wonderful way to spread positivity and lift the mood of your audience.
  • Debates – People love debating on various topics, so it is a great way to spark engagement and bring diverse perspectives to the table.
  • Fact-Checking Posts – Fact-Checking posts are a great opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and become your version of MythBusters.

However, constantly creating content that is entertaining, educational, and at the same time visually appealing can soak up a lot of your time.

Here are some tips on how to create content at the fastest pace:

  • Have a clear idea of what you are going to discuss in your post or video.
  • Challenge yourself to write content in a specific time frame.
  • Use bullet points, bold, and italic text for better visibility.
  • Keep your content simple and easy to write and read.

💡Pro Tip

AuthoredUp’s TextEditor feature allows you to easily enhance your posts with bold or italic text, bullet points, and emojis to make your post more visually appealing.


With this option, you can also insert multimedia elements like GIFs, images, and documents to make your content more entertaining.

2. Utilize Hashtags in Post Search

Are you continuously scrolling through LinkedIn searching for content relevant to you?

Using hashtags will make it easier to find posts,  and at the same time, help you to target specific audiences when you are creating your content.

When you click on the specific hashtag you enter a feed of all posts that include that hashtag.

To start on a good foot, you can use some of the most used hashtags on this platform:

  1. #innovation
  2. #management
  3. #humanresources
  4. #digitalmarketing
  5. #technology

This approach can help you target a specific audience, save time on outreach, and increase the visibility of your content.

💡Pro Tip

With AuthoredUp’s Hashtag feature, you can discover the ones that will work best for your content, by analyzing their:

  • Frequency
  • Comments
  • Reactions
  • Engagement
  • Shares

Understanding how to track hashtags and which ones to use can help you save time and make better content.

3. Strategize Your Schedule

Having a clear schedule strategy frees you from the daily pressure to post content. Organizing your content calendar in advance can save you valuable time.

What’s great about it is that it allows you to organize, and schedule your future posts.

This strategy can also help you track your performances and enable your future content for better results.

Here are a few tricks that you can use to organize your content calendar:

  • Analyze when your target audience is active.
  • Strategically plan different types of posts for different weekdays.
  • Monitor and measure your previous content results for future publishing.
  • Research your audiences’ pain points to get ideas for your future content.

For example, the best time to post on LinkedIn is:

⏰ Between 8:00 to 11:00 AM

🗓️ Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday

However, there are optimal times for posting differnt types of content to maximize engagement on LinkedIn.


💡Pro Tip

AuthoredUp’s Calendar view makes tracking and managing your content easier than ever.

You can schedule, reschedule, and delete posts directly from the Calendar interface with a single click.


If however, your post is not ready to be published, AuthoredUp’s Drafts feature allows you to save it for later. From there you can easily edit and reschedule your posts if needed.


4. Maximize Efficiency with Templates

Templates are a real-time-saver for creating content. With them, you don’t have to start each LinkedIn post from zero.

Templates can help you maintain a consistent style, format, and layout for your posts.

Once you find one that works for you, you can use it to create a large amount of content at once.

However, it’s important to use templates carefully to avoid looking robotic to your audience.

💡Pro Tip

AuthoredUp offers an extensive template library with over 200 hand-crafted hooks.


These hooks are crafted to attract new readers and encourage them to participate. When you run out of ideas you will find new inspiration with this feature.

With a Snippets feature, you can simplify the process of crafting, saving, and reusing content, while making sure that your CTA’s are consistently impactful and compelling.


 Endings feature provides access to over 150 customizable CTAs that you can use based on your content type, to help you increase your audience engagement.


5. Reuse Your Content

When you are writing content for LinkedIn you should give yourself enough time for fresh and entertaining ideas.

If however, you run out of inspiration, you can always reuse your old posts that performed well. Here are some of the ideas on how to reuse your content:

  • Convert your content into a different format.
  • Find new pieces of information and add them to your existing post.
  • Break down longer posts into shorter ones.

💡Pro Tip

AuthoredUp’s Reuse feature allows you to collect all previously published posts.

With this option, you can easily identify your most successful posts, and find hidden gems that you can reuse.


From there, you can restructure and change your content and publish it in seconds.

6. Outsource Your Content to a Ghostwriter

There are times when you just can't find the inspiration to meet up with the content demands of your audience.

That doesn't mean that you should give up and stop creating content, or take a break with posting!

You can hire someone else to write content for you!

Hiring a ghostwriter saves you time to focus on your LinkedIn content strategy, while someone else takes care of your content.

For example, you can find a lot of talented people for this job on various freelance platforms, such as Upwork or Freelancer.

However, make sure whoever you are outsourcing your content to understands your brand voice and audience.

7. Use Your Free Time to Comment on Posts

There is so much free time wasted unnoticed that you can use to comment on Linkedin.

Remember, one comment can change your life.

So, next time when you are drinking your morning coffee or while you are riding on a train, make use of that free time. 

Commenting on posts allows you to engage with multiple people at once.

In the long run, it helps you increase your visibility and can lead to new job opportunities, or potential clients.

By commenting on posts you can gain insights, ideas, and knowledge from others in your industry.

This can save you time in your own research and learning process.

💡Pro Tip

AuthoredUp’s Saved Posts feature allows you to collect all your saved posts from the past, as well as to analyze and access them in just a few clicks.

With this, you do not have to waste time searching for your long-lost posts as they are stashed in your AuthoredUp account.


From there you can easily find your favorite content and come back to it to get inspiration and comment on it.

8. Use LinkedIn Premium

While the free version of LinkedIn offers a variety of features, LinkedIn Premium takes the experience to a whole new level.

This upgrade provides a time-saving advantage in managing your activities on the platform through advanced search capabilities, enhanced communication tools, or access to valuable insights.

Linkedin Premium can help you to:

  • Develop your professional skills
  • Grow your network with more connection capabilities
  • Anonymously browse other people's profiles
  • Gain premium job insights
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Find leads more effectively

Here are some of the LinkedIn Premium plans for users:

  1. LinkedIn Premium Career – This plan is designed for job seekers.
  2. LinkedIn Premium Business – This option helps business leaders attract new talent and scale their business.
  3. LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator – Sales Navigator is used by sales professionals to build and maintain relationships with buyers.
  4. LinkedIn Premium Recruiter – This plan is designed for professional services and staffing firms.
  5. LinkedIn Learning – LinkedIn Learning is created to help you discover and develop business and creative skills through expert-led course videos.

Don't forget to use LinkedIn shortcuts for faster management on the platform.

👉 For example, hit Control + Enter to send a private message.

👉 You can press Tab while creating a post to shift between various options and post types.

Getting used to using these shortcuts will save you a lot of your time.

Save Your Time on LinkedIn With AuthoredUp

Constantly creating high-quality content can be exhausting and can take so much of your time to do so.

Following these tips on how to save time on LinkedIn will make your life easier.

But do you have to do it all alone?

By using tools like AuthoredUp, you can improve your content strategy. With the help of various features, you can improve your efficiency and save valuable time.

Here are six reasons to give AuthoredUp a try:

Easy to use – AuthoredUp’s interface simplifies the scheduling process and is also accessible to users of all skill levels!

Analytics – With this feature you gain insights into your post performances, allowing you to make future decisions to enhance engagement.

Post Library – You can store and manage your best content in one place, making it easy to reuse your best work when you run out of inspiration.

Readability Radar – This feature helps you to ensure that your content is clear and easy to understand.

Preview Posts – AuthoredUp enables you to see how each post looks on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

⚡Offers a 14-day free trial to discover how you can save your time with this tool.

Start using AuthoredUp now to discover how it can enhance your content performance with optimal effectiveness!

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