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The Safest Hypefury Alternative for LinkedIn Content Creators

AuthoredUp is a Hypefury alternative that helps you improve your content creation, scheduling and monitoring process and make your LinkedIn posts unique and performing.

No credit card required

2,000+ companies & individuals trust AuthoredUp.

Why look for a Hypefury alternative?

If you’re tired of using tools with feature limitations that don’t support your full LinkedIn content creation process, you might consider switching to another Hypefury alternative.

Primarly built for X (Twitter)

Hypefury has positioned itself as a social media marketing tool, primarily tailored for Twitter. Its feature set emphasizes content cross-posting and reuse. Yet, Hypefury's capabilities fall short on LinkedIn-specific features like PDF and video scheduling, group posting, and in-depth analytics

Expensive pricing plan

Hypefury's pricey plans that support LinkedIn are the potential barrier it creates for small businesses or individuals with limited budgets. High subscription costs make it less accessible to startups, freelancers, or individuals who may find it challenging to justify the expense.

Analytics limitations

The analytics provided by Hypefury for LinkedIn may be less advanced compared to other solutions. Users seeking detailed insights into their LinkedIn performance might find limitations in terms of the depth and variety of analytics provided.

Non intuitive calendar

Hypefury is not a very great visual content planning solution for LinkedIn and you have to find your way around the calendar to schedule posts. Posting threads to LinkedIn is not as agile since you have to download the file and post it without having the opportunity to post it directly.

Hypefury vs AuthoredUp - Quick Comparison

Hypefury is a nice scheduling-focused tool for planning your LinkedIn posts - no doubt about it. Yet AuthoredUp is designed from the ground up for LinkedIn creators, guiding you from the initial idea through to the post analytics, ensuring seamless scheduling and publishing along the way. All without automation on LinkedIn.

Starter plan price$49$19.95
Post editor
Analyze posts
LinkedIn analyticsBasic in the Premium plan
Team analytics
Scheduling posts
Character and word count
Mobile support
GIFs integration
Stylize posts
Post preview
Works for company pages
Template library
Saved posts
Data security
One-click posts reuse
Works for groups
PDF Upload
Posts inspiration
Instagram, X, Threads

What makes AuthoredUp a great alternative to Hypefury?

With a secure and easy-to-use platform designed for creators, AuthoredUp relieves you from insecure tools and makes it easy for you to create compelling LinkedIn posts.

Well-structured & unique content

With AuthoredUp, you can easily create unique and engaging content on LinkedIn. As a result, you will see no repetitive thoughts and ideas and no more wasting hours and credits on rewriting generated content.

Competitive pricing plans

As compared to Hypefury pricing, AuthoredUp offers more features at competitive prices. With plans starting at just $14.95 per month, you can get more features for less budget, while getting full LinkedIn content creation support.

Analyze and reuse posts

AuthoredUp allows you to collect all previously published posts without needing to access cookies or automate LinkedIn activity. Users can easily identify their most successful posts and uncover hidden gems for reuse in future content.

Full-stack LinkedIn analytics

Get a full analysis of individual posts and detailed insights into your LinkedIn performance. Track your growth over time, compare two periods or specific posts side-by-side, and analyze the content that performs to identify content that brings you results.

LinkedIn™ Top Voices trust AuthoredUp with their Content

AuthoredUp is one of my all-time favorite tools. It's super easy to use for both my personal profile and multiple company pages. It's all in one place and it saves me a ton of time.

Ana Pantic
CO-Founder at Omnius

We tested out many other tools on the market that DO NOT offer the same functionality and user experience - even if it may sound like that. AuthoredUp is the only tool that does not restrict our postings & schedulings. Great - especially combined with the current pricing!

Thomas Allgeyer
Managing Director & Founder

All the content I create is done by using AuthoredUp. It helps me stop overwriting and focus on delivering high-quality, concise content. If you want your content to stand out more, you have to use this tool!

Ivysson Luz
Operations Project Manager

I have more than 125,000 followers on LinkedIn. Thanks to AuthoredUp, I see what posts are performing well, and I can get an idea of what my audience wants. I'd recommend it to everyone who wants to scale the audience and get good content impressions!

Bojan Radojicic
CEO & Managing Partner

Finally a product I was looking for. Founders are amazing and so is the product! My entire team at LeadDelta is using it. Well done.😍

Vedran Rasic
CEO of LeadDelta

Navigating LinkedIn analytics was challenging, but with AuthoredUp, the experience is vastly improved. I was able to gain a few hundred new followers while writing only a post every week.

Zdenek Dvora
SEO & Link Expert

AuthoredUp is the only LinkedIn Tool I use consistently, and it helps me filter past posts, identify content for immediate repurposing, and improve and preview post formatting before publishing. Plus, Ivana rocks - she's always ready to help out!

Marvin Sanginés
Founder & CEO at Notus

The best LinkedIn tool on the Block at the moment? AuthoredUp! The all-in-one Content Creation tool, with formatting, drafts, previews, hooks, endings, snippets and analytics to step up your content Game.

Richard van der Blom
Founder & CEO at Just Connecting

If you regularly create and publish content on LinkedIn, AuthoredUp is a gamechanger! This simple yet powerful Chrome extension makes posting here so much easier and more convenient.

Matt Thomas
Owner at Perfect Prose

Literally the only LinkedIn tool I use. It has everything I need to run my business on LinkedIn!

Jasmin Alić
Owner at Hey Jay

LinkedIn™ content creation tool to communicate your ideas

With over 200 hook and 150+ ending templates built based on more than 3 million posts, we help you make your posts effortlessly while formatting them to be attractive and easy to consume. AuthoredUp is your go-to place to save hours every week, and consistently create 10x better content on LinkedIn.

📝 Access the most sophisticated editor tailored for LinkedIn posts.

🎉 Perfect for individuals and employee advocacy teams.

👥 Full support for profiles, groups and LinkedIn pages.

🔥 Gather all your posts, present and past, without automation.

💥 Create, tweak, and publish multiple drafts.

📥 Save signatures and other text as snippets and use them across multiple posts.

"I'm really enjoying using this tool! Great idea! My Linkedin posts are so much more full of life and getting even better responses!"

Evan Weber
Founder of Publisher Finders

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