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About Me Writer for LinkedIn

Free tool to write, edit and preview About me section and Company page description on LinkedIn™

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Frequently asked questions

What is AuthoredUp?

AuthoredUp is an all-in-one app for content creation on LinkedIn, available as a Chrome extension and web platform. It is crafted for everyone eager to sharpen their personal brand, not just professional copywriters. And the best thing, it is not taking a cookie or doing automation on LinkedIn.

AuthoredUp is versatile, supporting both personal profiles and company pages. Interested? Sign up here and begin with a 14-day free trial, no credit card necessary.

How to use About me editor?

Start by writing the text into the editor on the left side. Like magic, you'll see a preview on the right, showing you how it'll look to readers once published on LinkedIn. Click "see more" to expand the text anytime and don't forget to switch between screens — mobile and desktop.

You have an option to preview "About Me" section for a personal profile or the "Description" for a LinkedIn page. And the cherry on top? Like AuthoredUp, it works for different languages, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, you name it.

Is this tool free?

Absolutely! The "Preview About Me" tool is free to use, and there are no limitations on usage.

Why is optimizing LinkedIn "About me" section important?

Best About me section serves multiple purposes. It:

  • Increases your search visibility on LinkedIn;
  • Helps you to establish a personal brand, setting you apart;
  • Allows you to share your narrative and unique story;
  • Attracts career, networking and sales opportunities;
  • And yes, it can bring you inbound leads, directly contributing to your professional success.

How to write a good "About me" section for your profile?

Start by focusing on your ideal audience and what you aim to achieve. Remember, this section is as much about appealing to the people you want to attract — whether they're potential leads, recruiters, networking contacts, or followers — as it is about you.

Here is how to structure About me on LinkedIn:

  • Hook: Begin with an a sentence that drives readers to click "see more."
  • Talk like you, using "I", "me", "my".
  • Tell your story. Connect through shared struggles and desired outcomes.
  • Present your solutions, and your edge. What you do better + proof.
  • Whenever possible, use numbers and examples.
  • End with the clear next step — think "DM me AuthoredUp" or "Book a call from my featured section".

How often should you update your LinkedIn "About me" section?

Regularly review and update your "About me" section — at least every three to six months. Additionally, any substantial shifts in your professional life, such as a new role, a significant achievement, or a pivot in your career goals, should prompt an immediate update.

How to write a LinkedIn company page description?

The simple framework for writing a LinkedIn page description is this:

  • Start with who you serve and how you can help them.
  • After that, communicate your mission (why).
  • Provide your results and ideal outcome.
  • Finish with a call to action (what the visitors should do next).

In the first 156 characters, include the most important keywords, as that is what Google previews in their search.

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