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We developed the most secure LinkedIn content & analytics tool out of necessity — This is our story


The Beginnings

Imagine two people, one with a tech and the other with a management background, who decided to start posting on LinkedIn.

“It shouldn’t be hard. We just need to post a few times per week. We’ll get awareness, build trust, and get inbound leads. If others can do it, we can do it too”

Well, that plan didn’t end well.

Creating content was a real struggle. We spent hours staring at the screen, writing and rewriting the same post, only to end up getting a few reactions. Sometimes, we wouldn’t even post.

We were successful in our primary jobs, we were well respected, and we were delivering results. But when it comes to content, we were feeling ashamed of our incompetence and inefficiency.


Learning curve

We searched for help. We learned about algorithms and LinkedIn best practices. We dissected the great posts and learned about the importance of hook, formatting, and feed preview.

So what we wanted to do next? Get a tool to help us with these elements. But all tools were for professional marketers and agencies, helping them to “schedule content on 20 social media platforms”.

And that is not what we needed. And it was not what our peers needed.


AuthoredUP Launch

So, we created AuthoredUp. And in July 2022, we launched our free beta.

Why free? Because it wasn't about the money. It was about connecting with people, understanding their needs, and collecting feedback.

In 13 months, we gathered 30,000 beta users, spoke to 500 people, and had 15 new releases.


The Vision

We defined our vision as being the only tool for LinkedIn content, showing immediate results. For NON-PROFESIONAL MARKETERS. For people who do not want to spend hours on LinkedIn. Who has other careers. And (JUST!) want to share their knowledge, build relationships on LinkedIn, and communicate about their services.

AuthoredUp isn't just about content creation. It's about knowing how hard it can be. And making it easier and more fun.

We've been there, and we've got your back. :)


Ivana and Ivan


LinkedIn™ Top Voices trust AuthoredUp with their Content

AuthoredUp is one of my all-time favorite tools. It's super easy to use for both my personal profile and multiple company pages. It's all in one place and it saves me a ton of time.

Ana Pantic
CO-Founder at Omnius

We tested out many other tools on the market that DO NOT offer the same functionality and user experience - even if it may sound like that. AuthoredUp is the only tool that does not restrict our postings & schedulings. Great - especially combined with the current pricing!

Thomas Allgeyer
Managing Director & Founder

All the content I create is done by using AuthoredUp. It helps me stop overwriting and focus on delivering high-quality, concise content. If you want your content to stand out more, you have to use this tool!

Ivysson Luz
Operations Project Manager

I have more than 125,000 followers on LinkedIn. Thanks to AuthoredUp, I see what posts are performing well, and I can get an idea of what my audience wants. I'd recommend it to everyone who wants to scale the audience and get good content impressions!

Bojan Radojicic
CEO & Managing Partner

Finally a product I was looking for. Founders are amazing and so is the product! My entire team at LeadDelta is using it. Well done.😍

Vedran Rasic
CEO of LeadDelta

Navigating LinkedIn analytics was challenging, but with AuthoredUp, the experience is vastly improved. I was able to gain a few hundred new followers while writing only a post every week.

Zdenek Dvora
SEO & Link Expert

AuthoredUp is the only LinkedIn Tool I use consistently, and it helps me filter past posts, identify content for immediate repurposing, and improve and preview post formatting before publishing. Plus, Ivana rocks - she's always ready to help out!

Marvin Sanginés
Founder & CEO at Notus

The best LinkedIn tool on the Block at the moment? AuthoredUp! The all-in-one Content Creation tool, with formatting, drafts, previews, hooks, endings, snippets and analytics to step up your content Game.

Richard van der Blom
Founder & CEO at Just Connecting

If you regularly create and publish content on LinkedIn, AuthoredUp is a gamechanger! This simple yet powerful Chrome extension makes posting here so much easier and more convenient.

Matt Thomas
Owner at Perfect Prose

Literally the only LinkedIn tool I use. It has everything I need to run my business on LinkedIn!

Jasmin Alić
Owner at Hey Jay

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