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How to Bold Text in LinkedIn Post

Boost your content's impact with strategic bold text and discover the benefits, steps, and a bonus tip for effortlessly capturing your audience.

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Trying to get attention in your post the easy way?

If so, discovering the advantages of bold text should be your next step.

Selectively emphasizing key phrases or sentences leads you to improved readability, and also raises the chances that your message will catch the reader's eye.

In this article, we will walk you through the benefits and steps on how to use bold text effectively, and at the end of the article, there is an additional tip on how to do that in an easy way.

Let’s dive in!

Why Is It Important to Format LinkedIn Posts?

Did you know that people have an 8.25-second attention span on average?

It sounds like catching someone's focus is a race against the clock.

Before diving into the text, many people tend to scroll to the end first, searching for cues that the information they need is available. Here's where formatting comes into play.

Some of the benefits are:

🚀Improved Visibility - Bold language grabs attention right away, making crucial points stand out.

🚀Enhances Readability - Bold text helps readers quickly scan and understand your message by breaking up the information.

🚀Emphasized Key Messages - You can increase the chance that your audience will notice and remember important information.

In short, bold text acts as a visual guide, offering readers a decision point – to dive into the details or to move on.

It is even better if you utilize italicized and underlined words in addition to bolding the content.

Italicized and underlined words make a formatting trio when combined with bold text, catching attention and subtly emphasizing essential points.

How to Bold Text in a LinkedIn Post?

LinkedIn's post editor doesn't support formatting options to bold text, italicize, or underline it.

However, you can use free Unicode text generators to bold and italic text.

One such generator is the TextCleaner tool. Simply input your text there and select the desired format from the options available.


There are various tools and extensions available for text formatting, but they often require constant switching and copying-pasting into LinkedIn's editor.

Also, be aware of the limitations of using Unicode generators for bolding text on LinkedIn.

⚠️ Accessibility Issues — Faux bold characters created by these generators aren't readable by screen readers, which could exclude users with visual impairments.

⚠️ Search Limitations — These special characters aren't indexed in regular text searches, meaning essential keywords in bold or italics might not be as effective.

⚠️ Compatibility Issues — These characters may not display properly on older Android devices, showing up as blank rectangles.

📌Bonus Tip

The AuthoredUp extension for Chrome, which empowers users to perform all formatting tasks (including bold text) within the same place.

We’ll explain how to do that shortly.

Bold Text In LinkedIn Posts — Do’s & Don'ts

The effectiveness of the bold text depends on knowing precisely where and how to apply it.

The goal isn't to bold the entire text or any random segment.

Now, let's check out some do’s and don'ts of this formatting technique!


We advise you to do this:

✔️Be Precise - Bold text for crucial details or key points.

✔️Use it For Engagement - Bold text to engage your audience, and draw attention to elements that invite them to interaction or things that spark interest.

✔️Use it For Branding - Bold text to highlight key phrases and statements that resonate with your brand, and show your unique voice on LinkedIn.

Check out the example below.



Don’t do this and avoid common mistakes:

❌ Don’t Overuse - Don’t overuse bold format in your post because it can cause visual clutter and detract from your main message.

❌ Don’t Forget Mobile Users - Don't neglect the mobile experience—consider how bold text looks on smaller screens for a user-friendly presentation.


To Wrap Up

Bolding in LinkedIn posts is more than just sticking out; it is also about strategically emphasizing crucial areas to attract the attention of your readers.

With a simple shortcut, it is a piece of cake, but what if you want to use a richer formatting option on LinkedIn?

Sure, there are editing sites, but the constant tab-switching can be a hassle.

What if there were a smoother, simpler solution for this time-consuming task?

Now, that's something worth exploring!

How to Bold Text Using AuthoredUp?

AuthoredUp offers you a Text Editor feature crafted to improve your LinkedIn content.

This tool simplifies the process of editing by acting as a layer over your profile–no need for constant tab-switching.

Let’s see what you can do with a Text Editor!

1. Edit and Preview Text

Here, you can edit the text as you like!

⚡Use bold and italic style, or underline your text.

⚡Add bullet points to improve clarity

⚡Add emojis to your text

Additionally, you can preview  LinkedIn post on several devices and make adjustments before publishing, and check the readability score to verify if your post is easy to understand.

2. Use Hooks, CTA’s, and Snippet Library

Text Editor includes a library of hooks, endings, and snippets. You can choose between more than 200 hooks and 100 CTA templates in English and German.

Hooks Library - It gives you tried-and-true opening sentences to get your posts started.

CTA’s Library - End your posts with creative and entertaining ideas.

Snippets Library - Save and reuse sections of your posts to expedite the writing process.

3. Organize Your Drafts

With the Draft Management feature, you can store and organize your ideas.

Save the draft and return to refine it and turn it into the post when you are ready for that, rather than posting content hastily.

It's easier to find drafts and keep going if they are organized, right?

What Else You Can Do With AuthoredUp?

AuthoredUp is your go-to tool for improving your LinkedIn content.

It offers numerous features that cover every step of creating content - from writing a post to analyzing performance.

These are some of the key features:

📊Analytics - Track your LinkedIn performance, and explore detailed metrics for every post.

♻️1-Click Reuse - Easily recycle your best-performing posts with a single click.

🔎Account Manager - Manage content across multiple LinkedIn profiles from one place.

📅Scheduling Calendar - Manage all of your planned content with the Calendar View.

📈Team Analytics Feature - In a single dashboard, view analytics for the entire team or select segments.

📃Draft Collaboration Feature - Include colleagues or clients as collaborators in your drafts.

🌎Dutch Language Support Feature - Besides English and German, we've expanded our offerings to include hooks and endings made for the Dutch-speaking community.


Try AuthoredUp today and discover the ease of crafting bold and impactful text in your LinkedIn posts.

Elevate your professional presence now - give AuthoredUp a go! 🚀

FAQ: Bold Text in LinkedIn Posts

Why Isn’t There an Option to Make Text Bold Directly on LinkedIn, like in Word?

Unlike traditional word processors, LinkedIn's platform doesn't come with built-in text formatting features.

It relies on Unicode for text representation.

To bold text in your LinkedIn content, you'll need to use a special Unicode format, which is not natively available on LinkedIn.

How Does Unicode Work with LinkedIn for Text Formatting?

Unicode is a comprehensive text encoding system that LinkedIn employs to ensure text appears uniformly across various devices and operating systems.

To get bold text in your LinkedIn posts, you'll need to convert your desired text into a bolded Unicode version using an external tool, and then copy this formatted text into your LinkedIn post.

Are There Specific Tools for Formatting LinkedIn Text?

Absolutely! Any tool that converts text to the Unicode format will work.

There are several online tools designed for this, allowing you to input your text, convert it to bold Unicode, and then paste this enhanced text into your LinkedIn posts or profile.

This is a handy workaround for LinkedIn’s lack of direct formatting features.

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