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14 Tips to Write a Hiring Post on Linkedin [+Examples]

Discover the best tips to write LinkedIn hiring posts that attract top talent and drive action effectively.

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LinkedIn, offering a broad spectrum of more than 460 industries, is a prime platform for scouting potential candidates.

This makes it crucial for businesses focused on attracting top talent to master the art of crafting compelling hiring posts on LinkedIn.

Curious how to write them yourself, that can really grab people's attention and get them to act?

You've hit the jackpot.

Stick around as we spill the beans on the top 14 tips for nailing your next LinkedIn hiring post.

Let’s dive in!

14 Tips on How to Write a Hiring Post on Linkedin Today

1. Keep It Short

According to LinkedIn’s behavioral data, job posts with less than 150 words have a higher application rate.

Possible applicants prefer to skim through a post and find relevant details quickly and easily. After all, bear in mind that your post isn’t the only one they are checking.

In addition, having a lengthy post might dilute the essence, and as a result, it may come across as vague.


Finally, shorter posts work much better since many people check their LinkedIn on their mobile phones.

2. Mind Your Language

Most employers want to come across as friendly in order to make potential hires feel more welcome and relaxed.

Although a lot will depend on the industry, the too informal or casual tone might not suit everyone. Sounding too casual can be interpreted as you not being professional.

For example, the word “kickass” might not land well.

3. Don’t Talk Lengths About Your Company

We aren’t saying that candidates aren’t interested in your company culture because they actually are.

However, they aren’t interested in reading a huge block of text about your company when they can find the same info on your company’s website or LinkedIn page.


Remember, a job hiring post should focus on the candidate rather than the company. This brings us back to tip #3: it's essential to include relevant job details, define responsibilities, and set measurable performance goals.

Moving forward to #5 on our list!

5. Target The Right Audience

If you use expressions like "We are hiring," "Join our team," or "Here are our open positions," you might not be attracting the right crowd.

It’s rather simple - the broader or more general your statement is, the more general audience it attracts.


Thus, your post will only attract people actively looking for a new job. And usually, that is a minority.

Unfortunately, you’ll miss out on 3 relevant audiences:

  • Passive Candidates – Individuals who are not actively job hunting but may be intrigued by your offer. Capturing their interest could lead them to apply or seek more information.
  • Network Referrers – Friends and family of potential candidates who, if engaged, can refer your post to interested parties.
  • Career Page Visitors – Those not interested in the specific job advertised but who might explore your careers page for other positions that align better with their interests.

Therefore, try to address all the concerns the ideal candidate might have and tell the truth.

Yes, it is more work, but it can make a big difference in attracting talent.

6. Post at The Right Time

The time when you post is also an important factor - You’re more likely to get a higher engagement in the morning hours at the beginning of the week.

Weekends are probably the worst days to post.


7. Publish Your Post Multiple Times

Posting only once about an open position doesn’t guarantee that people will see your post.

Therefore, publish it multiple times and try out different days and times, as well as different post types.

For example, after you post the job ad the first time, the next time, you can spin it into an insider story:

  • Why do you work in that company?
  • What matters to you as an employee?
  • What are the performance goals relevant to your new hire?

And if you are a founder, you can explain your views on the open position or shed more light on the team members a new hire will collaborate with.


8. Use Gender-Neutral Words

Using gender-neutral language in job hiring posts is essential for promoting workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Furthermore, gender-neutral language helps to minimize unconscious bias in job descriptions, ensuring that the language used doesn’t favor one gender over another.

As a result, you’ll be able to expand the talent pool while signaling that your company values diversity and welcomes individuals of all gender identities.


9. Incorporate Relevant Keywords

Optimize your post for search by incorporating industry-specific keywords because it increases the visibility of your post to people actively searching for roles in your field.

Furthermore, include hashtags, but don’t go overboard - 1-3 hashtags are enough.


10. Use Carousel Posts

Carousels are still the best for impressions. Furthermore, they give you an opportunity to post multiple job openings within a single post.

In addition, you can use the first slide to grab candidates’ attention and the following slides to provide more details about the role.


11. Add Visuals

Adding visuals can help you draw more attention to your post.

Thus, you can break up the text with visually appealing images, infographics, or videos that showcase your workplace and team, making your post more engaging.

12. End With a Clear CTA

Don’t forget to guide interested candidates to the next steps.

Whether it's applying on LinkedIn, visiting your company's careers page, or reaching out to a specific contact, a well-crafted CTA streamlines the application process.


13. Engage Your Network

Leverage the power of your personal and professional network - you never know where an ideal candidate may hide.

For starters, you can start engaging with Other Creator’s Posts who attract your target audience.


📌 Note

Find 10 people relevant to your niche with the same audience and approximately the same number of connections and start engaging.

It would be much easier to reach potential hires if you’ve already created content and have an established personal brand.

The top hires search for companies that have a strong brand.

In addition, what top hires especially value is if the potential company is already engaging and active on LinkedIn.

Therefore, what truly matters is:

  1. content creation by managers, recruiters, etc.

2) employee advocacy in general.

And that leads us to our final tip.

14. Make It Strategic

In order to boost your post visibility and reach, try to get your employees involved. This is especially true for a position where your reach and network are small.

For example, imagine you are looking for a developer’s opening, and you are an HR. The chance you have a large developer network is quite slim, right?

However, you could ask your employees who are developers to post about a job opening from their point of view. If necessary, you can help them craft a post.

The bottom line is that the more diverse people you include, the greater the post’s diversity and reach.

🎁 Bonus: 2 Examples of Effective Hiring Posts on LinkedIn

Example 1

🌟 Exciting Career Opportunity: [Job Title]

We're on the lookout for a [Job Title] to join us at [Company Name]!

Here’s what sets this opportunity apart:

  • Role Impact: Dive into projects like [Brief Description of Projects] that redefine [Industry/Field].
  • Our Culture: At [Company Name], innovation meets collaboration. We’re a group of [Describe Team, e.g., 'creative thinkers,' 'tech enthusiasts'] who believe in [Company's Core Value, e.g., 'pushing boundaries,' 'sustainable solutions'].
  • Development Opportunities: Grow with us through [Mention any training, workshops, or mentorship programs].
  • The Environment: [Describe the work environment, e.g., 'Fast-paced and supportive,' 'Focused on creativity and autonomy'].

Ready to be a part of our [Company Name] story? We can’t wait to hear from you!

Example 2

🌟 Be part of something bigger: The [position] role at [company] is a stepping stone to [impact/outcome].

Here is what we offer:

  • What you will work on: [one sentence about project and role]
  • Your Benefits: Enjoy [List Key Benefits, e.g., 'top-tier health insurance,' 'flexible working hours,' 'competitive compensation'].
  • Your Growth: Advance your career with [Mention specific growth opportunities, e.g., 'leadership training', 'cutting-edge projects'].

What we expect from you:

  • Commitment: Bring your A-game with [Mention key skills/attitudes expected, e.g., 'innovative thinking,' 'collaborative spirit'].
  • Impact: Help us shape the future of [Industry/Field] through [Brief Description of Impactful Work].
  • Engagement: Be an active participant in our [Mention company culture aspects or team dynamics].

Eager to enhance your career while making a real impact? [Company Name] is your next destination!

Wrapping It Up

Taking some time to write a high-quality hiring post on LinkedIn won’t only attract attention but also create a narrative that resonates with potential candidates, setting the stage for successful recruitment.

Luckily, some solutions can greatly help you by cutting the time while increasing the chance of engagement.

One such tool is AuthoredUp.

How Can You Improve Your Hiring Post with AuthoredUp?

AuthoredUp is an all-in-one LinkedIn tool for content creation offering great assistance in making your post more visible and engaging.

Furthermore, AuthoredUp helps you collect ideas, ideate, format and edit your post, and do post-performance analysis.

Operating as a Chrome extension and in a web browser makes AutohedUp versatile and practical.

AuthoredUp’s Highlights

Post Creation and Publishing

AuthoredUp’s rich text editor enables you to create and personalize posts by adding emojis, font styles, etc.

Furthermore, you can also attach job posts, polls, images and videos, PDFs, etc.

What’s more,  you can save text as snippets and use them across multiple posts

Two features unique to AuthoredUp are bulleting and numbered list options, helping you further stylize your posts.


On the dashboard, you’ll also find a Preview Text feature that eliminates guesswork and shows you how your post will display in the feed, on a mobile phone, computer screen, or iPad.

⚡ Draft Wizard

With Draft Wizard, you can generate and tweak your drafts on and off Linkedin. It is like a vast library storing your drafts in a neat and clean way.

There is also an option to tag your drafts so you can quickly and easily find them later. Another nice perk is that you can share your drafts with team members if you have AuthoredUp’s business plan.

Hook Templates

We provide more than 200 hooks and 100 CTA templates to help you with inspiration.


You can filter them by keyword search or by tags.

One-Click Reuse

This handy feature is a great time-saver - It lets you go through your older posts, organize them based on performance, and reuse them again.

⚡ Content Analytics

Speaking of performance, our analytics tools show you the best-performing posts and the best time to post.


In addition, you can also compare 2 posts and get insights into statistics, mentions, hashtags, and links.

💡 Did you know that AuthoredUp is distinctive because it allows mentions of both individual and company profiles?

⚡ Readability Score

As the name suggests, this handy feature checks and gives scores to your writing to improve overall readability and comprehension.

If your readability score is between 1 and 6, good job! 🥳

However, if your score exceeds 8, you need to optimize it more by breaking the text into shorter paragraphs.


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