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7 Best LinkedIn Analytics Tools To Consider in 2024

Discover top LinkedIn analytics tools to enhance content strategy and stand out among a vast user base, revealing the secrets behind successful profiles.

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With LinkedIn surpassing over 1 million users, standing out in front of a targeted audience is undoubtedly challenging.

And despite these daunting numbers, some individuals successfully achieve their goals.

How do they do it?

The secret lies in a carefully crafted strategy that emphasizes in-depth and consistent content analysis.

Today, we'll discuss the 7 best LinkedIn analytics tools to elevate your LinkedIn presence, enabling you to plan content that meets your audience's needs strategically.

But before diving into these tools, let's first understand LinkedIn analytics tools.

Shall we?


What are LinkedIn Analytics Tools?

LinkedIn analytics tools are applications or features designed to enhance and optimize your LinkedIn presence.

They provide critical insights into various aspects of your LinkedIn activity, including LinkedIn growth, content performance, audience engagement, analysis of different posts, and so on.

Why is that relevant?

LinkedIn analytics tools can guide you in creating content that aligns with your target audience's interests and queries.

These tools typically include features for:

  • Tracking engagement metrics such as likes, shares, and comments
  • Analyzing follower demographics
  • Monitoring profile visits
  • Assessing the reach and effectiveness of your content
  • Comparison of posts
  • And more

With the help of these tools, you can refine your content strategy to be more targeted and practical, ensuring it resonates with your audience's needs and interests.

Benefits of LinkedIn Analytics Tools

While we've touched on the advantages of LinkedIn analytics tools, let's delve into the top 5 benefits you can get by incorporating them into your LinkedIn content strategy:

🥇Enhanced Content Strategy—LinkedIn analytics tools provide detailed insights into which types of posts are most engaging for your audience.

🥇Audience Understanding—These tools help you dive deep into your audience demographics, including job titles, industries, company sizes, and geographic locations.

🥇Optimal Posting Times—Analytics tools can pinpoint the best times and days to post based on when your content historically receives the most engagement.

🥇Track Growth Over Time—LinkedIn analytics tools allow you to monitor your followers' growth and your LinkedIn presence's development over time.

🥇Competitor Analysis—Some tools offer features to observe and analyze competitor profiles and content strategies.

7 Hot LinkedIn Analytics Tools to Try Out in 2024

And now, as promised, let's explore the top 7 LinkedIn analytics tools you should consider trying out in 2024.

1. AuthoredUp


AuthoredUp is a versatile and comprehensive LinkedIn content creation and analytics tool designed to enhance your LinkedIn experience and growth.

Available as both a Chrome extension and a web application, it transforms LinkedIn into a full-fledged content creation studio.

Here's how AuthoredUp can enable you to follow and increase your LinkedIn presence in terms of analytic performance:

📊 Historical Post Analysis—AuthoredUp helps you collect and analyze your existing content. This enables you to understand the performance of your posts, giving you insights to tailor your content strategy more effectively.

📈 Profile Performance Analytics—The tool provides detailed analytics on your profile's performance. You can see how your profile evolves over time, helping you make data-driven decisions for future content strategies.

📉 Specific Time Period Analysis—AuthoredUp allows you to analyze your LinkedIn profile's performance over a specific time frame, giving you a focused view of your growth and the impact of your strategies during specific times.

📚 Post Comparison and Hashtag Analysis—Compare two posts side by side to understand what content works best. The tool also provides insights into hashtag performance, helping you optimize your post reach and engagement.

✍️ Optimized Content Creation—With features like post formatting, previewing, and styling options, including various fonts and emojis, AuthoredUp makes your posts more engaging and visually appealing.

🔎 Template Library and Draft Management—It offers a rich collection of templates and allows you to save drafts, making content creation more efficient and consistent.

AuthoredUp offers even more features to enhance your LinkedIn strategy. Here's a look at some additional benefits you can enjoy with AuthoredUp.

Additional Features

✔️ Preview posts on different devices.

✔️ Manage multiple drafts and prepare posts for future use.

✔️ Access over 200 hooks and 100+ CTA templates in English and German.

✔️ Save and reuse text snippets across multiple posts.

✔️ Reuse any post with a single click.

✔️ Get a readability score to ensure your content is easy for your audience to comprehend.

✔️ Centralize management of multiple LinkedIn profiles.

✔️ Full support for individual profiles and LinkedIn pages makes it ideal for personal use and teams with no LinkedIn posting experience but want to be present.

AuthoredUp is not just a tool—it's a strategic partner in enhancing your LinkedIn presence and making content creation simpler, more effective, and data-driven.

AuthoredUp Pricing

AuthoredUp comes with 3 pricing tiers, offering a 14-day free trial for Individual and Business plans.

2. Keyhole


Keyhole is an analytics and monitoring tool designed to streamline the process of tracking real-time data across various platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

It offers a suite of features that cater to a broad range of needs, from analyzing multiple profiles, monitoring brand mentions, and tracking campaign performance to keeping tabs on influencers.

Among all other features, Keyhole offers a LinkedIn Analytics tool that helps users improve their LinkedIn visibility with the following key features:

✔️ LinkedIn Page Analytics—This feature provides insights into content performance, engagement levels, and audience preferences, helping users understand which posts are most effective.

✔️ Identify Top Posts—Users can quickly ascertain how their profile is performing, including engagement metrics like likes, shares, and comments. It also offers posting recommendations to boost engagement.

✔️ Find Top Follower Industries—This tool identifies the industries that a user's followers belong to, enabling the creation of targeted content for specific audience segments.

✔️ Compare Your Brand Accounts—Users can compare their LinkedIn account's performance with other social media platforms to identify where they are receiving the most views, followers, and clicks.

✔️ Evolve Your Thought Leadership—By identifying the average company size of followers, users can tailor content for small businesses or enterprises, ensuring it resonates with their target audience.

✔️ Analyze Hashtag Engagement—The tool helps determine which hashtags are most effective, guiding users on the frequency and type of hashtags to use in their posts.

Keyhole Pricing

Keyhole provides a selection of 5 distinct pricing plans, each thoughtfully crafted to suit a variety of user needs, with most plans also offering a free trial option.


3. Hootsuite


Hootsuite stands out as a versatile and efficient social media marketing and management platform, tailored to save time and amplify results across various social networks.

This comprehensive tool streamlines social media tasks by offering features like multi-network content scheduling, Canva-integrated post creation, and AI-powered caption and hashtag suggestions.

Its robust analytics tools allow for in-depth social ROI measurement, competitive benchmarking, and identifying content that drives engagement.

Delving into Hootsuite's Analytics platform reveals an array of features for detailed social media analysis:

✔️ Advanced Analytics for ROI Measurement—This feature enables users to efficiently showcase the return on investment of their social campaigns by integrating data from organic and paid sources, as well as web metrics, all within a single dashboard.

✔️ Benchmarking and Optimal Posting Times—Hootsuite helps users measure their performance against industry standards and discover the most effective times to post for heightened engagement and traffic.

✔️ Repurposing Top Content—Identifying and reusing top-performing posts is made easy with OwlyWriter AI, Hootsuite’s specialized AI tool for social media optimization.

✔️ Extensive Social Media Metrics—The platform offers comprehensive tracking across major networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube. Users can access detailed analytics for organic posts, paid ads, and web traffic, and even tailor custom metrics and reports to suit their needs.

Hootsuite Pricing

Hootsuite comes with 3 pricing tiers and 30-day free trial for Professional and Team plans.


4. Buffer


Buffer stands out as a comprehensive social media management tool tailored for businesses looking to grow their audience organically.

Its suite of intuitive marketing tools facilitates the creation and distribution of content across various social networks.

Core functionalities of Buffer include streamlined content scheduling, active audience engagement, automated publishing to save time, and insightful performance analytics. Additionally, Buffer fosters team collaboration with its well-structured collaboration tools featuring different permission levels and approval workflows, enhancing team efficiency in social media content management.

Diving deeper, Buffer Analyze offers robust features for detailed social media analytics and reporting:

✔️ Multi-faceted Performance Insights—Buffer Analyze provides extensive performance measurement tools offering a comprehensive view across multiple accounts, along with granular analysis of specific channels.

Users can track engagement metrics for each account, delve into stories, individual posts, and hashtags, and gain insights into boosted post-performance.

✔️ Audience Demographics Analysis—Understanding audience composition is easy with demographic data analysis, helping users reach their intended audience.

✔️ Customizable Reporting—The platform allows for the creation of tailor-made reports, which can be exported as PDFs or images.

These customizable reports are updated regularly and can amalgamate metrics and charts from different social channels.

✔️ Data-Driven Posting Strategies—Buffer Analyze leverages user data to offer strategic recommendations, including optimal posting times, content types that resonate the most, and ideal posting frequencies.

These insights are designed to help maximize content reach and engagement.

Buffer Pricing

Buffers offers a freemium plan and 3 premium pricing tiers.


5. Social Champ


Social Champ emerges as a tailored social media management solution, especially suited for agencies.

Its comprehensive feature set streamlines the handling of social media activities, enabling users to craft, schedule, organize, and analyze content across multiple platforms from a singular, centralized location.

Standout features of Social Champ include a versatile publishing tool with:

  • workspace functionalities,
  • diverse integrations,
  • draft management,
  • content queuing,
  • repeat post options,
  • Auto RSS feed,
  • bulk upload capabilities,
  • the ability to add first comments,
  • content recycling,
  • Geo-tagging,
  • and more.

Social Champ's Monitoring & Analytics capabilities are particularly noteworthy, offering a range of tools for in-depth performance analysis:

✔️ Performance Tracking—Users can keep tabs on all activities across their social accounts, with the provision of weekly and monthly performance graphs.

The platform facilitates the creation of presentation-ready PDF and PPT reports, accessible from a unified dashboard.

✔️ Channel-Specific Metrics & Reporting—This functionality provides detailed engagement analytics for each social media channel.

Users can export these insights to CSV or download them as PDF/PPT reports, customizing them with logos and titles for professional presentations.

✔️ Comparative Performance Analysis—Social Champ enables users to juxtapose weekly and monthly performance data to assess the impact of their social media content.

The dashboard offers a comprehensive view of audience engagement across all posts and individualized graphs for platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

✔️ Top Performing Posts Identification—This feature is crucial for refining social media marketing strategies. It allows users to pinpoint, review, and repurpose their most successful content directly from the dashboard, aiding in the continual enhancement of their content approach.

Social Champ Pricing

Social Champ comes with freemium and 3 premium tiers.


6. Shield App


Shield emerges as a specialized LinkedIn analytics tool tailored for corporate creators and their teams.

It's built to provide a comprehensive view of LinkedIn activities via an all-inclusive dashboard.

Shield can present essential metrics at a glance and empowers users to effectively track their growth, pinpoint areas needing improvement, and accumulate data across multiple profiles.

Its capabilities extend to identifying high-performing posts, offering visual data on commonly used words for content refinement, and delivering insights into posting frequencies and team activities.

Key offerings of the Shield App LinkedIn analytics include:

✔️ In-Depth Metrics Tracking—Shield provides a detailed analysis of key metrics, assisting users in tracking their growth trajectory and recognizing areas for development.

It allows both individual stat viewings and aggregated data analysis across several profiles.

✔️ Content Performance Insights—Shield makes understanding which posts resonate with the audience easier. This functionality is crucial for refining content strategy, boosting engagement, and strengthening personal branding efforts.

✔️ Content Themes and Posting Frequency Analysis—The app includes a feature for visualizing the most frequently used words, aiding in identifying major themes and topics for content optimization.

Additionally, it offers a frequency map, guiding users on the ideal posting cadence to maintain consistency and enhance growth over time.

✔️ Team Activity Tracking—Shield also focuses on monitoring team contributions in content creation.

This aspect is particularly useful for motivating team members to actively engage and contribute, thereby amplifying the collective online presence. (This comes with their business plan of $20 per profile.)

Shield App Pricing

The Shield app provides two pricing options. It includes a 10-day free trial for the Individual plan and a more extended 21-day trial for the Business plan.


7. LinkedIn Native Analytics Tool


LinkedIn Native Analytics tool offers a comprehensive suite of analytics designed to elevate your LinkedIn Page's performance.

It provides detailed insights across various metrics and time periods.and it is accessible to all Page admin roles, making it a versatile option for teams.

Here's a breakdown of what you can expect from the Page analytics:

✔️ Content Analytics—Assess the impact of your updates, including videos. This helps in evaluating the quality and relevance of the content you share with your followers and visitors.

✔️ Follower Insights—Gain an understanding of the demographics and sources of your followers, which is essential for tailoring engagement strategies.

✔️ Visitor Analytics—Learn about the demographics and origins of your Page visitors, offering clues on how to convert them into followers.

✔️ Lead Generation—Download information on members who have filled out lead generation forms on your Page in the last 90 days, a great way to gather quality leads.

✔️ Competitor Comparison—Measure your Page's followership and content engagement against your competitors, clearly showing where you stand in your industry.

✔️ Employee Advocacy Metrics—Track engagement from content recommended to employees, helping you evaluate the effectiveness of your internal content strategies.

✔️ Employer Brand Engagement—Understand how your Career Pages are performing and discover ways to boost engagement with potential talent.

As a LinkedIn Page admin, these analytics tools are crucial for a deeper understanding of your Page’s performance and for shaping a more effective LinkedIn strategy.

How to Access These Insights?

  1. Navigate to your Page admin view.
  2. Click on 'Analytics' in the left menu.
  3. Choose from Visitors, Followers, Leads, Content, Competitors, Employee Advocacy, or Talent Brand to delve into specific aspects of your Page's performance.

LinkedIn Native Analytics Pricing

LinkedIn’s native analytics tool is completely free to use.

Wrapping Up

Did you know that LinkedIn isn't just a networking platform but a goldmine of business opportunities?

With 4 out of 5 of its 950 million members influencing business decisions, this place is buzzing with opportunity.

So, crafting your content strategy on LinkedIn is far from just a hopeful dream – it's a must-do for real success.

Selecting the perfect LinkedIn analytics tool is a big decision, right?

If you're scratching your head, wondering which one will be your perfect match, let me nudge you toward AuthoredUp's LinkedIn extension.

Why, you ask?

AuthoredUp stands as the #1 choice for LinkedIn analytics due to its unparalleled versatility, seamlessly integrating a wide range of features into one user-friendly platform.

It offers a holistic approach to LinkedIn content strategy, from creation to analysis.

Here are the top 5 benefits of utilizing AuthoredUp for your LinkedIn analytics solution:

👍 In-Depth Performance Analytics – Detailed insights into content engagement and effectiveness.

👍 Advanced Content Scheduling – Streamline your posting schedule for optimal impact.

👍 Customizable Templates Library – Access to a vast array of hooks and CTA templates.

👍 Comprehensive Drafts and Posts Management – Efficient organization and planning of content.

👍 Multi-Account Management – Seamless handling of multiple LinkedIn profiles and pages.

To find out more about the tool, check out this guide.

Imagine having your content strategy, analytics, and planning all in one convenient place.

Jump on board with AuthoredUp now and unlock a world of growth opportunities!

And the cherry on top?

You get to explore all these amazing features with a 14-day free trial.

That's right, you've got absolutely nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. 🚀🌟

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