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6 Expert Tips to Increase Engagement on LinkedIn Today[2024 Guide]

Unlock the potential and learn how to increase engagement on LinkedIn to elevate your profile, captivate audience, and boost your professional impact.

Linkedin Growth
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Did you know LinkedIn sees a daily total of 2 million posts, articles, and videos?

Navigating LinkedIn considering the number of daily content is like swimming in a vast sea, where everyone's a little fish aiming for their share of the crumbs.

Standing out in this diverse ocean can be challenging, making it tough to grab the attention needed and resulting in low engagement.

Suppose you're eager to boost your LinkedIn game—fret not!

We've rounded up all the witty tips to increase your engagement on LinkedIn and skyrocket your profile.

Ready to dive in? Let's get started!

Why Are Your LinkedIn Posts Not Getting Much Attention?

Let's discuss why your LinkedIn content might not get the attention it deserves.

One big thing with LinkedIn's algorithm is that it loves quality and informative content that the audience engages with.

So, steer clear of tactics that might raise eyebrows with LinkedIn. Here are some of them:

Posts are not relevant -  A topic that you are writing about can be irrelevant to your audience if you don’t understand their needs and desires.

Bad copywriting and formatting - Many LinkedIn posts that you see are too long, with long paragraphs, hard to consume and read.

Trying to hard-sell - This can drive your audience away if you only force selling within your posts.

Using LinkedIn just for distributing your blog posts - Using your LinkedIn just for distribution and moving people from LinkedIn won’t perform well.

Copying other people’s content - No, that is not curation, and it can harm your credibility.

Writing about anything that comes to your mind - If you want to build your audience, you need to become famous for a few topics. LinkedIn is not a journal.

Using LinkedIn pods -  LinkedIn knows if a person who is engaging came to your post via a link or if it was shown in the feed. Those where the commenter came from the outside had a lower impact than if it was an "organic engagement" from the feed/LinkedIn.

Unprofessional Content or Speech - While you don't need to walk on eggshells, keeping it professional aligns with LinkedIn's vibe and adds value to your content.

Consider this a friendly heads-up if you're still getting to know the platform.

Now, let's dive into some proven strategies to boost your LinkedIn engagement organically!

6 Tips to Boost Engagement on LinkedIn

Increasing Engagement on LinkedIn is more than a one-step tactic.

Recognize that we deal with a multifaceted and dynamic platform boasting over 310 million active monthly users.

Knowing how to increase your outreach and engagement on LinkedIn will always be your ace in the hole.

1. Make Your Content Entirely Relevant

As mentioned earlier, the first step when you make a post for LinkedIn is to verify if it’s considered spam and how valuable it is.

For this, LinkedIn shows your post to your 1st connections to check how they’ll react.

Here, your connections evaluate the value of your content.

So if they start reacting, clicking the “Show more” button, sliding through your carousel, and engaging in any other way, then it pushes the post further.

But how do you encourage these connections to engage with your content?

That’s why creating content within a specific niche and creating content for only a few clusters is important in your intention to be the top leader for a specific topic.


Make sure to deliver your content in different formats.

It’s a two-way street. The more your content provides value to them, the more likely they will leave thoughtful comments on your posts.

💡Pro Tip

If you're uncertain about formatting your posts and determining the content and inclusion methods, consider AuthoredUp as an efficient problem-solving tool.

AuthoredUp provides easy-to-use features such as italicizing, bolding, and other text formatting options.

In addition to the fundamentals, you can incorporate gifs to infuse a personal touch into your content or stay current with trends and create carousel posts.


Click the "Attach" option to include all the photos or gifs you desire in your posts.

Once you have all the options consolidated in one place, publish your post, and you’re ready to go.

2. Create Knowledge-Based Content

We're confident you're eager to expand your network on the platform, and the recent changes to the LinkedIn algorithm enhance your chances of success.

This means the content you regularly produce will be more visible to your close network of followers and 1st connections, but it will appear less frequently on the pages of those outside your network.

With these latest updates, your content must offer valuable knowledge to reach individuals outside your immediate connections.


By incorporating insightful tips or strategic insights on a topic, your content can appear in your connection and outside network feeds.

Seize this opportunity to boost engagement and establish a reputable online presence.

💡Pro Tip

Everyone encounters moments of running out of ideas from time to time, but AuthoredUp provides a solution to this challenge.

With the Draft feature, you can jot down and save any inspiration-driven posts for later, even if the timing isn't right for posting.

This ensures that you're covered when you need a post but find yourself without ideas at the moment.


Accessing all your drafts is a breeze in the Editor section.

Simply click on the squared Draft option, and your drafts are ready to be posted.

3. Spark Genuine Interaction

We're all about maintaining professionalism, but here's a timeless tip for ramping up engagement.

Let your audience know exactly what sets you apart from the crowd.

Be bold in showcasing your identity, including relevant details about your location and highlighting your valuable and unique skills. It all plays a part.

Make it yours, whether it's your distinct writing style, recognizable content, or a go-to question that sparks engagement.

Crafting thoughtful questions in your posts opens the door to understanding your audience better as engagement grows.


This, in turn, allows you to tailor your content more effectively, strengthening your connections.

When you get a response, dive into the conversation and establish solid, lasting relationships.

Think about it - What's your go-to question for sparking engaging discussions?

Also, actively engaging with relevant posts from others, enticing them to explore your content and interact with you, can attract new people to connect with you.

You'll notice more valuable comments and reactions as your connections become more consistent.

💡Pro Tip

Encountering difficulties in generating ideas to engage your readers is perfectly normal. AuthoredUp steps in with over 200 hooks and 100 call-to-action templates.


Hooks are crafted to attract readers and encourage them to participate, proving especially valuable when you've run dry on catchy ideas.

Select the one that best aligns with the context of the story you aim to tell and tailor it to your needs.

4. Maintain a Consistent Writing and Posting Schedule

The principle of maintaining a consistent writing and posting schedule holds for virtually any engagement-focused platform.

Still, on LinkedIn, it's crucial.

Building a robust presence and regularly sharing content is a non-negotiable strategy.

This approach ensures a steady stream of engagement.

To increase your engagement on LinkedIn, you need to post types of LinkedIn posts that can help you increase it.

Some of the most common posts that currently bring compelling engagement to users are:

  • LinkedIn carousel - They are the best-performing ones as users are ready to share them on LinkedIn because if crafted well, they can create a lot of value for the users.
  • LinkedIn Polls - They are an easy way to interact with your followers and increase your content's visibility, but also make it easy for 2nd connections to engage with them once your followers answer.
  • Images/infographics - When created to be super actionable in the form of templates, etc., these visuals tend to attract a lot of engagement if they provide value.

Note: Make sure to include CTAs within your posts and tell people what they should do next to make more of them actually take action.

For example: “If you liked this post, repost it so your community can see it.”

💡Bonus Tip

We recognize that with your daily responsibilities, finding the right time to post on LinkedIn can be a challenge.

With AuthoredUp’s Scheduling feature, it can be much easier for you to organize your posting schedule with just a few clicks.

Once you have your post ready, just set the time and date, and you're good to go.


Scheduling posts is an effective strategy for maintaining a consistent posting schedule and reaching your audience during peak hours.

But also keep this in mind:

Timely responses to comments matter. Delayed replies can weaken your connection.

💡Pro Tip: 1-Hour Rule

When it comes to posting, timing is vital.

Ensure that you respond to more than 80% of the comments under YOUR post within the first hour. That boosts your chances of increasing the reach of your post drastically.

5. Include Hashtags in Your Post

Leveraging hashtags is an excellent method for enhancing visibility on the platform.

Your posts become easily discoverable by users keen on specific topics, broadening your audience reach.

By incorporating hashtags related to trends and industry-specific subjects, you can attract a diverse audience.

Some users actively search or follow specific hashtags, giving you an advantage when selecting the most suitable ones for your posts.


It's essential to strike a balance – don't overuse them to avoid looking generic, but ensure each post includes two or three relevant hashtags.

Conduct preliminary research on familiar topics and choose popular and pertinent hashtags to make informed choices.

Enrich your posts with appropriate hashtags to naturally attract more like-minded professionals, fostering increased engagement.

💡Pro Tip

An especially beneficial feature AuthoredUp provides in such situations is the In-depth Analytics tool.

Analyze the overall performance of each post, regardless of its format, and acquire valuable insights on how to enhance future writing.

Take it a step further by comparing specific posts, delving into the key components that contribute to the success of your features, and reuse posts easily as your new posts when needed.


6. Engage With Other Creators' Posts(Alternative to LN Groups)

Boosting engagement on your LinkedIn profile involves more than just showcasing your own content—it's about actively participating in the professional community.

And even though most of the articles you find on the first page of Google will suggest you participate in LinkedIn groups, they’re mostly wrong.

LinkedIn isn't made for groups.

However, engaging in the comments within other LinkedIn creators' posts is something that can help you increase engagement.

The goal here is to find 10 people relevant to your niche with the same audience and around the same number of connections as you(or a bit more) and start engaging with them.

So how to start?

To connect with those creators' audience, enter their profile first, and hit the Bell button on their profiles to get notifications once they post.


Take the time to like, comment, and share content that resonates with you or aligns with your industry interests.

It will help you always be present in their comments providing value to their audience and sharing your opinions on specific topics.

Doing so will contribute to a collaborative and supportive online environment and increase your LinkedIn profile's visibility.

Meaningful interactions with other creators can lead to reciprocal engagement on your own posts, fostering a sense of community and expanding your network.

Wrapping Up

We've shared some essential hacks to boost your engagement on LinkedIn.

Starting from scratch can be challenging, but with a bit of effort and the tips we've provided, you'll gradually build strong connections.

Rest assured, you won't have to worry about going unnoticed again.

Understanding that keeping up with engagement and algorithms can be challenging, we introduce AuthoredUp, a clever alternative LinkedIn tool designed to simplify your experience!


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Think of it as your ever-loyal assistant for your entire LinkedIn journey.

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With AuthoredUp as your assistant, you can:

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Are you ready to experience a transformation and leverage the expansion of engagement with your LinkedIn content?

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