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Understanding LinkedIn Performance: A Guide to AuthoredUp Analytics

Understanding LinkedIn Performance: A Guide to AuthoredUp Analytics

You're spending hours crafting LinkedIn content, trying to balance your messaging to reach the right audience. Yet, without clear insights, it's like shooting in the dark. You're left wondering - "What's working?", "What isn't?" "Am I on the right path?"

To answer these questions, we've developed an advanced content analytics tool.

With us, it's not about a one-size-fits-all solution. We give you the keys to customizing and focusing on the insights that matter to you. Because when it comes to analytics, it's personal.

Here's what it includes:

  • Performance Snapshot: A snapshot of your key metrics
  • Dynamic Visual Insights: Three interconnected graphs paint your growth story.
  • Post Spotlight: Every post, dissected. Pin, compare, and deep dive into each post.
  • Hashtag Impact: Find out the ones turbocharging your engagement and the topics your audience can't get enough of.

Snapshot of Your Content Results

First things first. How are your posts performing? Are you gaining traction or hitting a plateau?

Our aggregated data shows you key metrics for your posts over a chosen time period, compared (or not) with the previous one.

We've colour-coded the data for easier understanding. The new data is always shown in blue, while data from the previous period is in yellow.

And remember, we're not just throwing numbers at you.

These metrics are broken down into total, average, and median values:

  • The total is your impact score, the sum of everything you've achieved.
  • The average gives an expectation, a benchmark for your usual post-performance.
  • The median is the middle ground, the value with the highest probability for your next post.

Post Highlight

Our Post Highlight feature is like a magnifying glass for your content performance.

Pin a post on one graph, and it pops up across all three.

Even better, you can directly compare two posts. Blinking green for effortless tracking.

Dig deeper into each post with comprehensive statistics, mentions, hashtags, and links. Then, with a single click, open the post on LinkedIn, view it on the AuthoredUp platform, or reuse it.

Want to go a step further? Compare two posts side by side. Pin one post, hover over another, and see the statistics for both in the Post Highlight section.

Interconnected Graphs

Our new analytics feature boasts three interconnected graphs. Each offers unique insights to supercharge your content strategy.

Growth Timeline

Our growth timeline graph visualises the impact of each post you published within a time period. It shows you how your posts drive your content performance. The Y-axis variables are customizable: you can track impressions, reactions, total engagement, engagement rate, comments, and shares.

Correlation Plot

Have you ever wondered what would happen to one variable if another one changes? That's precisely what our Correlation Plot helps you visualize.

It showcases the relationship between two variables for your posts within a specified timeframe.

We've predefined a few pairings:

  • Impressions and Reactions
  • Impressions and Comments
  • Total engagements and Readability index
  • Comments and Reactions

but you can also create your custom graphs.

By comparing two different variables, you can spot patterns and relationships that would otherwise remain hidden. This insight can help you to make strategic decisions about your future content.

Reaction Breakdown

Your audience's reactions to your posts are an invaluable source of feedback. Our Reaction Breakdown visualizes this data, providing a snapshot of your community's sentiment.

Each bar represents a post, with different colours showing the types of reactions it received: likes, loves, insights, and more. You have the freedom to include or exclude specific reaction types as per your preference.

By understanding your audience's reactions, you can gauge the sentiment and engagement of your posts at a glance. Read their emotions, shape your posts, drive engagement.

Hashtag analysis

Hashtags aren't just trendy. They're crucial markers of your content's themes and performance. Our new feature analyzes all posts within a timeframe, extracting the hashtags you've used.

We then offer a comprehensive table showing:

  • Hashtag name
  • Frequency of use
  • Comments
  • Reactions
  • Shares
  • Engagement rate

You can choose to see these as total, average, or median numbers.

Through these hashtag analytics, you get a clear idea of which hashtags - and, by extension, which topics - are performing best for your profile.

Unleashing the Power of Analytics

Now that you're fully equipped with the ins and outs of our new analytics feature, it's time to put it into action.

Step 1: If you haven't already, start collecting your posts. It's the first step to unlocking these invaluable insights.

Step 2: Dive into the analytics. Try out the interactive graphs, dissect your posts, and uncover the power of your hashtags. Make each feature work for you.

Remember, all this power is available both on the AuthoredUp platform and via the Chrome extension. So, whether you're on the go or settled at your desk, your content analytics are just a click away.

For those of you managing multiple profiles, you can slice and dice the data per person. Know what works for each individual, and tailor your strategy accordingly.

Capitalizing on Our Free Beta

And the best part?

We're still in our FREE BETA. You get to enjoy these insights at no cost. So, why wait?

And while you're at it, why not invite your fellow LinkedIn content creators to join in and amplify their content game?

This is the moment to level up your LinkedIn content.

With AuthoredUp's analytics, you're not just creating content. You're creating impact.

See you in the feed.