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How to Calculate Engagement Rate on LinkedIn?

Discover the steps to calculate your engagement rate on LinkedIn easily and learn proven methods to measure your LinkedIn engagement effectively.

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Have we talked about how important it is to understand engagement?

Before you start working on boosting engagement, you need to know how to monitor it.

But blindly relying on numbers isn't smart—we should concentrate on the correct performance indicators.

Today, we'll discuss why monitoring engagement is important and how to calculate engagement rates to help you make better decisions.

Let's get going!

What Is the Engagement Rate?

The engagement rate is a metric that shows how many people engaged with your posts compared to your audience size.

It includes likes, shares, comments, and reactions to your content.

Think of it as translating your everyday interactions with friends, family, and colleagues into social media language and numbers.

The rule is straightforward: higher engagement equals greater visibility on the platform, and lower engagement means less visibility.

How Important Is Engagement Rate on LinkedIn?

Engagement rate is quite important when you want to become recognized on the platform.

How are these two connected?

It means that the engagement rate indicates how effectively you are connecting with your audience.

Furthermore, it speaks about the quality of your LinkedIn presence.

Explore these insightful points highlighting the significance of fostering LinkedIn engagement.

1. Quality over Quantity 🌸

Receiving numerous likes on a post is nice, but if there aren't any thoughtful comments or meaningful discussions, its significance is limited.

By monitoring engagement quality, you can fine-tune your content to better connect with your audience.

2. Content Resonance 🌸

Boosting meaningful engagement leads to improved brand awareness.

What does that mean in practice?

You must craft content that aligns with your audience's interests and preferences so that you can motivate them to follow you in the future.

3. Brand Perception 🌸

All of the above will shape how others perceive you.

If you aim to reach an audience that engages with your content regularly, it will be reflected in a positive engagement rate number.

This will portray your brand as valuable and trustworthy.

Additionally, this can assist you in maintaining regular interaction with your audience, which can help you establish your credibility in your field.

Now that we have a better understanding of engagement let’s explore how to calculate engagement rate on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn Engagement Rate Formula

To calculate your engagement rate, you need to collect these numbers for your posts:

  • Impressions
  • Shares
  • Reactions
  • Number of comments

The formula for calculating the LinkedIn engagement rate is as follows:

Engagement rate = (Total engagement/ Total impressions) * 100


In this context, "Total Engagement" refers to the combined number of reactions, comments, and shares that your posts have received.

To illustrate different scenarios for calculating the engagement rate, let's consider another example with varying figures.

Engagement Rate on an Example

Imagine a post with the following metrics:

  • Reactions: 2,500
  • Comments: 800
  • Shares: 200
  • Total Impressions: 150,000

Using the formula for Engagement Rate (ER) we discussed, let's calculate the engagement rate for this example:

👉 First, we add up all forms of engagement.

👉 Then, we divide this total engagement by the total number of impressions and multiply by 100 to find the percentage.

👉 And finally, we can now calculate the actual engagement rate.


The engagement rate for this post would be approximately 2.33%.

This demonstrates how different combinations of reactions, comments, shares, and total impressions can affect the overall engagement rate of a post.

Looks overwhelming, right? Don't worry.
Shortly, we'll demonstrate an easier way to calculate the engagement rate.

What Is a Good Engagement Rate?

A reasonable LinkedIn engagement rate can vary based on:

✔️ Industry,

✔️ audience size, and

✔️ content type.

Let's take a look at how marketers interpret and use engagement rate figures.


How to Increase Engagement Rate on LinkedIn?

Increasing the engagement rate on LinkedIn is not a one-day job.

We have a few tips that are useful to apply to your LinkedIn strategy and increasing engagement rate:

1. Become a Myth-Buster

Debunking common myths or misconceptions in your industry can boost your brand visibility and attract attention from your target audience.

Consider addressing topics that people frequently discuss but understand poorly.

💡 Pro Tip

If you spot a trending myth you'd like to debunk for your audience, AuthoredUp's drafts feature comes in handy.Create and save a draft, then switch between notes and prepare your posts for the ideal publishing moment.


2. Post at the Right Time

Choosing the right time to post is key to boosting your engagement rate, as it ensures your content is out there when your audience is most active.

To engage early risers, aim to post between 8AM and 11AM in your time zone.

Remember to consider your audience's time zones and demographics when scheduling posts.

💡 Pro Tip

Explore your LinkedIn content's engagement trends with AuthoredUp's reaction timeline.

This feature highlights the posts that resonate most with your audience by displaying various reactions, including likes, insights, support, etc.

Choose the specific reactions you're interested in for a customized analysis, and let AuthoredUp handle the details.


3. Post Regularly

Consistently posting relevant content can help increase exposure. The general advice is to post daily if it is possible.

Creating a content calendar and a regular posting schedule can help establish your brand as an authority in your industry.

💡 Pro Tip

AuthoredUp's calendar view simplifies tracking and managing your LinkedIn posts.

This feature can help you enhance engagement by allowing easy scheduling, rescheduling, or deletion directly from the calendar.

It also offers a scheduling feature that supports various content types like PDFs and polls, making your profile more dynamic and engaging.


4. Include Others by Mentioning and Tagging

When we mention and tag others in our posts, we invite them to join the conversation

This practice encourages that person to engage with our post and attracts others in our target audience to react and participate.

In the end, it boosts engagement not just from our followers but also from your audience.

5. Ask Questions

Encouraging questions motivates people to share their thoughts and comment on interesting posts, which gets more people involved.

And remember, responding quickly to comments on your post makes the LinkedIn algorithm happy and your post more visible.

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Moreover, it enriches your posts with over 200 hooks and more than 150 call-to-action (CTA) templates, enhancing engagement effortlessly.

And now, it is time to talk about engagement rate numbers!

Relevant Engagement Rate Statistics

Here's a breakdown of relevant engagement rate statistics that show how different content types and strategies can impact engagement levels on LinkedIn.

They offer valuable insights for marketers looking to optimize their approach.


Remember when we mentioned showing you an easier way to calculate the engagement rate? Meet AuthoredUp!

How AuthoredUp Can Help You Monitor Your LinkedIn Engagement Rate?

AuthoredUp is more than a mere navigation tool for LinkedIn—it's a game-changer for those looking to improve their LinkedIn presence.

While it does calculate your engagement rate, its true power lies in enhancing your overall strategy on the platform.

Let's look at how AuthoredUp can be pivotal in increasing your engagement rate and why it stands out as a smart choice.

AuthoredUp Analytics Capabilities

The Analytics tool is at the heart of AuthoredUp, designed to give you a detailed breakdown of your LinkedIn activities.

When it comes to individual posts, this tool reveals the engagement rate for each one, including specific counts of:

  • reactions,
  • comments,
  • shares,
  • total engagements, and
  • impressions.

Monitoring these rates over time can unveil trends and pinpoint precisely where your content can improve.


Here's a breakdown of AuthoredUp's analytics features, designed to be both powerful and user-friendly:

👉 Profile Growth Timeline—Monitor the evolution of your LinkedIn presence, tracking important growth milestones.

With the ability to compare data over a span of 7 to 365 days and customize views (total, average, or median), this tool helps you refine your content and networking approach for peak effectiveness.

👉 Post Highlight—Focus on the performance of specific posts using multiple graphs. Compare two posts side by side, examining stats, mentions, hashtags, and links for an in-depth look.

👉 Correlation Plot—Explore the connections between different performance indicators, such as impressions, reactions, comments, shares, and overall engagement. This feature offers a holistic perspective on what drives your content's success.

👉 Post Types—Determine which types of posts garner the most attention to better tailor your future content.

How to collect your data with AuthoredUp?

Just scroll through your posts! It is that simple.

Need additional feature recommendations to enhance engagement on your posts?

AuthoredUp also simplifies content repurposing.

Select a post that resonated well in the past, and with a few clicks, reuse it with fresh insights or updates.


Wrapping Up

Engagement rate is key on LinkedIn, but truly thriving on the platform means looking beyond just one metric.

Sure, you could crunch those numbers daily or lean on tools to ease the burden, but the real magic happens when you embrace the full spectrum of content creation and sharing.

This is where AuthoredUp steps in as your trusted partner, offering features that polish and perfect your posts, such as:

🚀 Adding flair to your posts with bold text, bullet points, and emojis.

🚀 Ensuring your posts look great on any device with versatile previews.

🚀 Keeping a treasure trove of inspirational posts at your fingertips for easy reference.

🚀 Boosting the clarity of your message with a readability checker.

🚀 Making collaboration a breeze with shared drafting capabilities.

🚀 Sharpening your strategy with detailed hashtag analytics.

🚀 And so much more.

Eager to see how detailed analytics can transform your LinkedIn strategy?

Jump into AuthoredUp and watch your LinkedIn influence soar in no time!

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