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How Often to Post on LinkedIn for High Performance?

Discover the key to high-performance on LinkedIn through effective posting frequency and audience engagement strategies.

Linkedin Growth
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Did you know that out of LinkedIn's 260 million monthly users, only about 1% actively share posts?

Yet, these 3 million users collectively rake in a staggering 9 billion impressions.

This brings us to an important question: How often should you post on LinkedIn?

It's a valid concern.

Many users grapple with finding the right balance in their posting frequency, worried about either overwhelming or not engaging their audience enough.

So, in this article, we'll tackle this question head-on, offering you insights on content recommendations and crucial factors to consider when formulating your LinkedIn posting strategy.

Let's dive in!

LinkedIn Posting Strategy — 4 Key Milestones for Expanding Your Reach

1. The Most Frequent Types of LinkedIn Posts

When discussing the frequency of posting on LinkedIn for high performance, it's important to first understand the most common types of LinkedIn posts.

These types vary in format and purpose, and knowing which ones resonate with your audience can help determine an effective posting schedule.

Here are the most frequent types of LinkedIn posts:

✍️ Text-Only Posts

Text-only posts are simple, straightforward posts without any images or videos.

They rely solely on the strength of the written content, which can range from thought leadership pieces to industry insights, personal stories, or professional updates.


✍️ Image Posts

Posts with images tend to capture more attention in the feed. These can include infographics, photographs, or custom graphics relevant to the post's content.


✍️ Video Posts

Videos are highly engaging and can range from short clips to longer, more informative content. They can be professional productions or casual, authentic snippets shots on a smartphone.


✍️ Articles

LinkedIn allows users to write and publish articles directly on the platform.

These are longer-form contents that provide in-depth insights or opinions on a particular topic.


✍️ Shared Content

This includes posts where users share external links, such as blog posts, news articles, or resources from other websites, often accompanied by a personal comment or professional take on the topic.


✍️ Polls

LinkedIn polls are a way to engage your network by asking for their opinions on a topic.

This type of post can generate high levels of interaction and is useful for gathering insights from your audience.


Different post types have their own unique impact on your audience.

Getting a feel for these various formats and playing around with them can help you craft a more varied and engaging LinkedIn posting strategy.

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2. Posting Schedule

When determining how often to post on LinkedIn, the frequency largely depends on the type of content you are creating and your specific goals on the platform.

Here's a general guideline:

🕜 Daily Posting

Ideal for creators looking to rapidly build personal brands and followings.

This approach requires a significant time commitment and a constant stream of content ideas.

Statistics indicate that 09:00 AM is often the prime time to post on LinkedIn for maximum reach, performing better than the next best time at 08:00 AM.

However, this highly depends on your specific goals.

On the other hand, posting at 10:00 PM tends to be the least effective.


📆 Weekly Posting

This is a more manageable and still very effective frequency.

Posting 3 to 5 times a week can significantly enhance your visibility and engagement, and is more sustainable for most LinkedIn users.

It strikes a good balance between maintaining a consistent presence and not overwhelming your audience.

When planning your weekly posting schedule, here's what the best practices say:


💎 Posting Quality over Quantity

For time-intensive content like carousels, which can take several hours to create, a lower frequency (like 2 posts per week) can still be very effective.

This approach focuses on delivering high-quality, value-rich content.

An example of this strategy in action is Matt Barker, who successfully uses this method.


It's important to note, however, that this strategy tends to be more effective for those who have already established their personal brand.

Matt himself was more frequent with his posts, publishing daily during his initial growth phase to reach 3,000 followers.

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3. LinkedIn Post Strategy

Incorporating a variety of content types into your LinkedIn post strategy is yet another key to maintaining high engagement and reaching your target audience effectively.

Here are some elements to consider including in your strategy:

⚡ Include Polls for Engagement

Polls can be a powerful tool for engagement.

While they became extremely popular in 2021, leading to an abundance of basic polls like “coffee or tea,” they can still be effectively used.


Utilize polls to:

✔️ engage with your targeted audience,

✔️ gather feedback, or

✔️ learn about their preferences.

This strategy also includes the types of topics your audience wants you to cover.

The key is to make your polls relevant and insightful.

⚡ Leverage Carousels for Information Sharing

Carousels are excellent for engagement and often receive a high number of shares.

They allow you to present information in a visually appealing, easily digestible format.

Carousels can be used to tell a story, break down complex information, or share step-by-step guides.


⚡ Carefully Plan Your Posting

The timing of your posts should align with the habits of your target market.

During working hours, focus on professional content like:

✔️ reports,

✔️ carousels, and

✔️ testimonials.

These types of LinkedIn content are more likely to engage professionals who are in a work mindset.

In non-working hours, consider lighter content such as:

✔️ GIFs,

✔️ funny videos, and

✔️ casual polls.

These types of posts can capture attention when users are browsing LinkedIn for leisure or informal networking.

⚡  Diversify Your Content

In addition to the above, don’t hesitate to experiment with different types of content like:

✔️ thought leadership articles,

✔️ industry updates,

✔️ personal stories, or

✔️ behind-the-scenes peeks into your business.


This variety keeps your feed fresh and interesting for your followers.

Keep in mind, the aim here is to craft a post strategy that's not just about getting likes and comments, but also about really giving your audience something valuable and insightful.

If you mix up various kinds of content and tailor them to what your audience likes and does, you're set to really amp up your impact on LinkedIn.

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4. Engagement With LinkedIn Audience

Finally, interacting with your audience after posting on LinkedIn is just as crucial as the content itself.

Engagement plays a big part – your content won't just perform well on its own without some good old conversation and connection with your followers.


Here are some strategies to help you maximize engagement:

📪 Stay Active After Posting

Not scheduling your posts?

Then it's a smart move to stay active on LinkedIn right after you post.


Quickly replying to the initial comments can really ramp up the engagement.

Plus, it lets your audience know you're not just there to post – you're there to interact and value their responses.

📪 Encourage Deeper Conversations

When you're responding to comments, try to keep the conversation going.

Throw in some follow-up questions or thoughtful replies that invite more chat.

Getting deep into comment threads is really key.


It does more than just boost engagement – it also signals to LinkedIn's algorithm that your content is sparking genuine, meaningful interactions.

📪 Comment on Peers’ Posts

Make sure you're also engaging with posts from others in your industry or those who have a similar audience.


Doing this is a great way to expand your network and establish a stronger presence in your professional circle.

📪 Target Mid-Level Creators in Your Industry

Don't just zero in on the big names.

Try connecting with mid-level creators who have a bit more followers than you do.


Say you've got 2,000 followers, aim for those with around 4,000 to 8,000.

These folks are more likely to notice and value your interaction, plus their audience is within a more reachable range for you to engage with and grow your own following.

📪 Provide Value in Your Comments

When you drop a comment on someone else's post, make sure it's something worthwhile and on-topic.


Putting in thoughtful and insightful comments is a smart way to draw attention to your profile, which can open doors to new connections and followers.

By actively participating in the LinkedIn community and fostering genuine conversations, you not only increase your visibility but also build stronger relationships with your audience and peers.

This is essential for long-term engagement and growth on the platform.

Final Word on How Often to Post on LinkedIn

We trust that this article has shed light on the optimal posting frequency on LinkedIn for peak performance.

Clearly, it's not a straightforward answer, but more of a crossroads where multiple factors intersect to effectively reach your audience and build a robust presence.

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Let's dive into the advantages of integrating this tool into your LinkedIn content strategy:

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