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What's the Best Time to Post on LinkedIn?

Discover what is the best time to post on LinkedIn and optimize your engagement strategy for maximum impact.

Linkedin Growth
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Hey there, fellow writer! Ever wonder what sets a great content writer apart?

Well, in my book, it's all about creativity, curiosity, and staying organized.

But when it comes to being a LinkedIn content guru, there's an extra ingredient: knowing your audience inside and out.

So, what's the scoop?

It means diving deep into:

  • how folks on platforms like LinkedIn hunt for content,
  • what they prefer, and maybe most importantly,
  • when they're most engaged.

Once you've got your target audience nailed down, the rest falls into place.

Luckily for you, today we're diving into the best time to post on LinkedIn for maximum impact.

And hey, we've got some golden nuggets to help you fine-tune your scheduling strategy.

Ready to dive in? Let's go! 🚀

Crafting the Perfect LinkedIn Posting Schedule: A Strategic Guide

Navigating the optimal times for posting on LinkedIn can feel akin to reading the stars—except, in this case, the stars are your audience, and their alignment dictates the success of your content.

With the platform bustling from the early hours of 7:00 AM stretching all the way to 9:00 PM, capturing attention requires a blend of timing, consistency, and content type awareness.

The Prime Time Blueprint

Understanding your audience is the first step in this intricate dance.

For those targeting local markets, the early bird approach of morning postings can ensure your message rides the wave of a full day's engagement.

👉 For a more global audience, aiming for 8:00 to 11:00 AM in your time zone might just catch the early risers and the night owls alike, sparking conversations across time zones.


But timing is just one piece of the puzzle.

👉 The rhythm of your posts, a consistent beat of 3 to 4 times a week, can harmonize with LinkedIn’s algorithm, ensuring your content is served up fresh to your followers without overwhelming them.

Rushing in with a new post within 24 hours can divide your reach, diluting the impact of your efforts.

A Time for Every Post Type

Now, let's dive into the optimal times for posting different types of content for maximum engagement on LinkedIn.


Beyond the Post: Engaging for Reach

LinkedIn’s shift from a purely post-centric to an engagement-focused platform underscores the importance of active participation in your content’s lifecycle.

No longer is the "golden hour" the sole make-or-break moment—the platform rewards creators who cultivate discussions, responding and interacting well beyond the initial post.

Whether it’s the sharp insights of a text post at breakfast, the engaging story of a carousel by lunch, or the reflective poll as the day winds down, mastering the art of timing on LinkedIn ensures your message not only lands but resonates, day after day.

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Since we're on the topic, why not share some insights into the most effective LinkedIn post formats?

Let's delve into it!

Mastering LinkedIn Post Formats: A Blend of Art and Strategy

While LinkedIn offers a variety of post formats (too many to cover in one go), let's focus on the top 2 formats that can significantly contribute to your growth momentum.

1. The Power of Text + Single Image Posts

Imagine scrolling through your LinkedIn feed, bombarded by an endless stream of content.

What catches your eye?

According to the 5th LinkedIn Algorithm report, the answer might be simpler than you think: a well-crafted text coupled with a single engaging image.

This classic combo has proven its mettle, standing tall amidst the ever-changing online landscape as a beacon of user engagement.


Digging into the data, we find that nearly half of the posts on LinkedIn adopt this format, placing them third in terms of reach, with a notable increase over the average.

But what makes these posts truly stand out?

Based on the same report, it seems the magic lies in the choice of image.


So, what's the secret recipe according to LinkedIn's algorithm?

👉 The optimal text length hovers between 900 to 1,200 characters. Stray beyond this, and you risk a 10% drop in reach for every additional 300 characters.

👉 Keep it concise, make every word count, and remember, less is more when it comes to sentences.

👉 A sprinkle of brevity, with sentences under 12 words, can enhance performance by 20%.

2. LinkedIn Carousel: The Storyteller’s Spin

Now, let's turn the page to LinkedIn Carousels.

These interactive slideshows offer a dynamic way to tell your story, but there's a twist - finding the sweet spot for the number of slides.


Data suggests aiming for around 12.4 slides.

Stray too far from this number, and you might see your reach dwindling, with a steep 45% decrease looming for those venturing beyond 200 slides.

But it's not just about the slides.

The accompanying text plays a pivotal role, with less than 500 characters being the gold standard for maximizing reach.

Each step beyond this threshold can chip away at your content's reach, reducing it by 10% for every 500 additional characters.

Crafting Your Masterpiece

Both formats, be it the straightforward allure of text with a single image or the engaging narrative of a carousel, share a common thread - the importance of authenticity and precision.

Whether you're aiming for the simplicity and direct impact of a single image post or the layered storytelling of a carousel, the key lies in balancing creativity with strategic insights.

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Golden Gems for a Relevant LinkedIn Feed

While about 40% of your LinkedIn feed may be dedicated to advertisements and LinkedIn's own content, you still have significant control over the remaining 60%.

Here's a breakdown of factors that can shape your LinkedIn feed, along with some insights based on social media trends.


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Unveiling LinkedIn's Audience Through Numbers

Now it's time to take a peek at what's happening with the folks tuning in on LinkedIn.

1. Active Content Creators

Here is the lowdown: More and more content creators are getting in on the action.

The report says the percentage of creators who've been busy posting at least once in the past three months has shot up from 5.4% to 7.1%.

And if we count those "Instant Reposts," that number climbs even higher to 8.9%.

Looks like the creator scene is buzzing with activity!

2. Engaged Content Ambassadors

Now, let's talk about the folks sparking up conversations.

Content Ambassadors—yeah, those who are all about sharing and engaging—are on the rise too.

Their numbers have bumped up from 21.3% to 23.1%.

Seems like there's a lively bunch out there driving the chatter.

3. The Silent Community

But hey, what about those who prefer to hang back and take it all in without saying much?

Well, turns out their numbers are slightly dipping.

The "Silent Community," as they call it, used to make up 61% of the audience.

Now, they're down to 57%.

Looks like more folks are feeling the urge to join the conversation.

4. Growth in Company Page Engagement

Lastly, let's talk about the little guys—the smaller Company Pages.

They're stepping up their game too.

The report shows that the percentage of these pages sharing weekly content has jumped from 57% to 62%.

Seems like they're starting to see the value in keeping their audience engaged with regular content updates.


So, there you have it—a quick snapshot of what's going on with the LinkedIn crowd.

However, it's crucial to tune into your audience's behavior patterns. Doing so will empower you to tailor your content for the broadest possible reach.

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The Reaction and Growth Timelines offer a dynamic view of audience engagement and your content's impact over time.

⭐ Finally, refine your strategy with Post Type Analysis to focus on what truly resonates with your audience, ensuring every post contributes to your growth and engagement goals.

Understanding Your LinkedIn Audience's Habits

LinkedIn's audience behavior reflects a shift towards mobile usage, with 65% of engagement now happening on mobile devices, compared to 35% on desktop or laptop.


This trend is particularly evident in feed browsing and interaction, where mobile usage dominates at 88%, compared to just 12% on desktop or laptop.

The numbers suggest that LinkedIn users prefer the convenience of mobile devices for browsing and interacting with content on the platform.

However, when it comes to tasks requiring more in-depth input, such as post creation and profile editing, desktop or laptop usage remains more prevalent, comprising 38% and 83% of activity.

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Before hitting publish, preview your content on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices to guarantee a flawless presentation across all platforms.

This attention to detail can significantly enhance user experience and engagement with your content.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the nuances of the best time to post on LinkedIn is just one piece of a much larger puzzle.

It's clear that a winning strategy on this platform goes far beyond merely adhering to recommended time slots.

Crafting a successful LinkedIn strategy is indeed a labor of love, requiring not only your time and patience but also a hefty dose of creativity.

Yet, rest assured, it's not all about the grind.

Enter AuthoredUp, your secret weapon for making the LinkedIn content creation journey not just bearable, but enjoyable.

With this solution at your side, you're equipped with a sophisticated toolkit designed to streamline every aspect of your content strategy.

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👉 Add to that a plethora of formatting options to captivate your audience and in-depth analytics to monitor and hone your strategy, and you've got a game-changer.

But don't just take our word for it!

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Discover firsthand how creating, managing, and scheduling your LinkedIn content can transform from a daunting task into an exciting part of your day.

Trust us, with AuthoredUp, finding the best time to post is just the beginning.

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