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10 Linkedin Company Posts Ideas With Examples

Discover engaging LinkedIn Company Posts ideas and examples to optimize your online presence with our curated list of top effective content suggestions.

Linkedin Growth
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LinkedIn is a goldmine for businesses, but only a handful seem to be digging deep and hitting the jackpot.


Well, it mostly boils down to not knowing what to throw out there.


Without a clue about what grabs attention, many posts once in a blue moon or just ghost the platform entirely.

That's a bummer because LinkedIn can do wonders when used right.

It's like a secret weapon for snagging top-notch talent, raking in leads, and making meaningful connections—all of which are pretty much the bread and butter of growing a successful business.

So, if your company's LinkedIn game has been more of a snooze than a boom, or you're just hunting for some new ideas to shake things up, here are 10 LinkedIn post ideas that'll get your company noticed, boost your brand, and help you win big in business.

Time to make LinkedIn work for you!

Note: Before you begin with your activities make sure you have a great company description.

Our free "About me preview" tool can help you with this.

1. Share Company News

Kicking things off with company news is a no-brainer. Sharing these milestones is a surefire way to catch eyes and create some positive chatter whether you're:

  • celebrating a recent award, 
  • buzzing in the media spotlight, 
  • sealing new partnerships, 
  • securing funding, or 
  • welcoming a high-profile executive to your team. 

Remember, though, the key is in the delivery.

Ditch the snooze-worthy press release format. Spice things up by infusing personality into your posts.

👉 Got an award? Share not just a snap of the trophy, but also a bite-sized story about what this achievement means to your team and the journey to bagging it. 

👉 Featured in the news? Don't just link the article—add a dash of your own commentary or takeaways.

👉 Onboarding a renowned executive? Craft a brief intro highlighting their expected impact and why their addition excites you.

This approach doesn't just boost your visibility—it positions you as an industry trailblazer with a vibrant company culture, far removed from the dull corporate stereotype.

Want to dial up the engagement even more?

Leverage the power of video.

As one of the most compelling content forms out there, a well-crafted video can dramatically amplify your message's reach.

Integrating video into your LinkedIn strategy can make your news impossible to ignore.

If it's a dynamic announcement of a new partnership, consider the example shared by the RevGenius community.


Here is another example of how Scratchpad had a proud moment, and they showcased their achievements creatively.


2. Spotlight Your Employees

Put your team front and center on your LinkedIn company page!

Celebrating your employees is not just a way to garner positive attention—it's a powerful strategy to strengthen your employer brand.

When potential hires see your employees thriving and engaged, they're more likely to want to join the team.

Here's how you can do it with flair:

👉 Share Their Stories — Craft a brief post highlighting an employee, their role, and their impact at the company. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the diversity and talents within your team.

👉 Visual Celebrations — Post photos or videos of your employees in action—be it tackling a project, attending a corporate event, or just enjoying their time at the office. These visuals speak volumes about your workplace vibe.

👉 Authenticity is Key — Keep it real. Authenticity resonates with audiences far more than any polished, insincere content ever could. Celebrate your employees because you truly value their contributions and personality.

For a bit of inspiration, look at Swiggy's approach—they know how to do it right!


This kind of content not only boosts your visibility but also showcases your company as an attractive place to work.

Want to elevate your game even further? Utilize the employee spotlight series.

Feature a different team member each week to keep your content fresh and give your audience something exciting to look forward to. 

This series is an excellent opportunity to highlight your company culture and the people who make it special.

Feeling adventurous? Why not launch a themed series?

Perhaps spotlight employees with unique hobbies or those with the company for years.

The sky's the limit, so let your creativity run wild and have fun celebrating your team!

3. Share Your Company's Culture and Values

Your company's culture and values are the secret sauce that sets you apart. Why not flaunt that uniqueness on your LinkedIn company page?

Whether your vibe is more chill or strictly business, your company culture and the values you uphold play a pivotal role in shaping your identity in the professional world.

How to share your culture?

👉 Talk About It—Dive into why your company's culture rocks and how it's fueling your success. Share stories or instances that paint a vivid picture of what life inside your organization looks like.

👉 Highlight Your Values—Your company's values are its north star. If "customer first" is your mantra, share anecdotes of times when you went the extra mile for a customer or made a hard choice for their benefit.

Tips for making it stick?

👉 Keep It Consistent—Infusing your culture and values into your LinkedIn content shouldn't be a one-off. Weave these themes across your posts to make them a recognizable part of your brand's narrative.

👉 Be Real—Authenticity resonates. Show genuine examples of your culture and values in action, rather than just talking about them.

Remember, consistently showcasing your company's culture and values helps cement your brand's identity in the minds of your audience.

It's not just about telling people who you are—it's about showing them through every interaction they have with your brand on LinkedIn.

For inspiration, look at how startups like Smallpdf take a stand on important issues, like their "Stand with Ukraine" initiative.

It’s a powerful way to communicate values beyond business, connecting with audiences on a deeper level.


Another example is the marketing company Edit, which posted about World Mental Health and how it supports its editors.


4. Announce New Happenings and Innovations

Got something fresh and exciting on the horizon? Your LinkedIn company page is the perfect platform to drum up enthusiasm!

Whether you're rolling out a new product, service, or planning an event, let your LinkedIn community in on the excitement.

What to include in your post?

👉 Details, Details, DetailsWhat's the scoop? Is it a groundbreaking product, a must-attend event, or a pioneering service? Spell out the what, when, and how, so your audience is in the loop.

This is the post for a Linkedin live event hosted by Reveting:


👉 Call-to-Action (CTA)—Guide your audience on their next steps. Encourage them to sign up, give feedback, or simply learn more about your offering. A clear CTA can significantly boost engagement and response.

And how to boost engagement?

👉 Visuals Are Key—Catch eyes with compelling images, infographics, or videos. Visual content not only grabs attention but also enhances recall, making your announcement more memorable.

Additionally, it conveys your message quickly and effectively, potentially increasing your reach. Let’s take a look at Product Hunt's mobile app reveal.


Remember, the goal is not just to inform but to engage and invite your audience to be a part of your company's journey.

By using attractive visuals and providing clear CTAs, you can turn casual viewers into active participants or even advocates for your brand.

5. Cultivate and Share Industry Thought Leadership

Want to elevate your company's status and stand out in a crowded market?

Diving into thought leadership is your golden ticket.

It's all about enriching your audience with deep insights and fresh perspectives on industry trends, challenges, and innovations.

This approach not only showcases your expertise but also cements your position as an industry frontrunner.

Why does it work?

✔️ Builds Credibility—Sharing sharp, insightful content positions your company as a knowledgeable authority.

✔️ Educates Your Audience—You provide value by illuminating complex industry topics or introducing novel ideas.

✔️ Fosters Trust—When audiences view you as a source of wisdom, they're more inclined to engage with your business.

The pitfall to avoid?

In the race to be seen as thought leaders, many fall into the trap of echoing what's already out there, failing to stand out.

True thought leadership requires originality and a profound understanding of your field. Anything less is just noise.

So, how can you enhance your thought leadership through a company post like this?

👉 Offer Unique Insights—Ensure your content is rooted in genuine expertise and offers something new.

👉 Leverage Expert Interviews—Engaging with industry experts not only enriches your content but also broadens your network and perspective.

👉 Research and Reflect—Dive deep into your industry's latest research, trends, and discussions to inform your content.

For instance, platforms like Bravado shine by providing actionable tips for sales professionals, leveraging their deep understanding of the sales industry to offer genuine value.


This strategic approach fosters a community of engaged followers and potential clients who see your company not just as a service provider but as a vital source of knowledge and innovation in your field.

6. Share Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peeks

There's something irresistibly captivating about peeking behind the curtain, whether it's the making of our favorite films or the inner workings of beloved companies.

Letting your LinkedIn followers in on the behind-the-scenes action at your company can add a layer of relatability and transparency that strengthens your brand connection.

Why is it effective?

✔️ Humanizes Your Brand—It turns your company from a faceless entity into a group of passionate individuals working towards a common goal.

✔️ Builds a Closer Connection—By sharing your behind-the-scenes moments, you invite followers into your company’s day-to-day, fostering a sense of inclusivity and belonging.

✔️ Enhances Engagement—These glimpses can spark curiosity, encourage interaction, and make your audience look forward to what you'll share next.

Possible content ideas for this type of LinkedIn company post?

👉 Event Preparations—Snapshots from team members setting up a booth at a conference or engaging with attendees can offer a dynamic view of your company culture.

👉 Product Development—Tease upcoming products with images or clips of the creation process, highlighting the innovation and hard work of your team.

Remember, the goal is to share moments that underscore the essence of your company, showcasing the dedication, creativity, and teamwork that propel your business forward.

For instance, Zendesk’s behind-the-scenes content not only captivates their audience but also deepens the connection they have with their brand by revealing the real people and efforts behind their success.


If you're ever in doubt about what to post, just look around. The day-to-day activities and milestones that seem routine to you could very well be the engaging content your followers are eager to see.

7. Promote Customer Success Stories

Sharing the triumphs and testimonials of your satisfied customers is an incredibly effective way to showcase your product or service in action.

It's more than just self-promotion—it's concrete proof of your value proposition at work, directly from those who've experienced it firsthand.

This not only illuminates the benefits of what you offer but also significantly boosts your credibility and trustworthiness.

How to do it?

👉 Reach OutConnect with customers who've seen great results from your offerings. Their enthusiasm and willingness to share can turn into compelling stories.

👉 Craft the Narrative—Whether you choose to write their stories or invite them to contribute, ensure the narrative is focused and highlights the tangible outcomes they achieved thanks to your product or service.

👉 Incorporate Visuals—Enhance the story with photos or videos. Visual elements add depth and authenticity, making the success story more engaging and relatable.

Key focus?

🎯 Showcase tangible results!

Detail the specific benefits and improvements your customers experienced.

This solidifies your reputation as a solution provider that delivers on its promises.

Take inspiration from Aspireship, which effectively uses testimonials from their tech career accelerator students.

They not only showcase a happy customer but also add their commentary and relevant hashtags to widen their reach.


Similarly, Re:signal, an SEO company, proudly shares their nominations for six Global Search Awards alongside their clients.

This not only celebrates their success but also highlights the strength and effectiveness of their services.


By sharing customer success stories, you not only affirm the value of your offerings but also create an aspirational narrative for potential clients.

It's a powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction and the impactful results your company can deliver.

8. Highlight Engaging and Humorous Company Stories

Everyone enjoys a good laugh or an intriguing tale, and your company is likely full of them!

Sharing these stories on your LinkedIn page not only entertains your audience but also strengthens their connection to your brand.

It humanizes your company, making it more relatable and approachable.

Why does this type of LinkedIn company post work?

✔️ Builds Connection—Sharing stories fosters a sense of intimacy and familiarity, making your audience feel closer to your brand.

✔️ Enhances Engagement—Interesting or humorous content tends to capture attention, encouraging likes, shares, and comments.

✔️ Shows Personality—It's a chance to showcase your company's culture and personality beyond the professional facade.

Story ideas?

👉 Origins and Milestones—How did your company come to be? Any funny mishaps along the way?

👉 Day-to-Day Anecdotes—Perhaps a light-hearted moment during a team meeting or an unexpected event that brought the team closer.

👉 Employee Spotlights—Stories focusing on the fun or unique aspects of your employees’ personalities or their contributions.

A prime example is how Semrush captivated their audience with Boo memes, striking a perfect balance between relevance and humor.


And how to find your story?

Look for moments that sparked laughter or joy among your team. These instances are gold when it comes to engaging content.

Don't shy away from less-than-perfect situations.

Often, the best stories come from overcoming unexpected challenges or humorous setbacks.

By sharing these gems, you not only entertain your audience but also invite them to see the human side of your business. 

It's a powerful way to bolster loyalty and warmth towards your brand, encouraging not just business transactions, but genuine relationships.

9. Dispense Valuable Advice and Tips

Standing out in your industry and drawing in potential clients can significantly benefit from sharing expert advice or practical tips.

By offering your insights, you not only cater to the curiosity and needs of your audience but also establish yourself as an authority in your field.

This not only attracts attention but builds trust—a key factor in fostering business relationships.

How to share your expertise?

👉 Listicles and How-tos—Break down your advice into digestible, actionable steps or listicles. This format is reader-friendly and highly shareable.

👉 Address Common Questions—Think about the frequent inquiries you receive from clients or customers. Addressing these questions publicly can provide value to a broader audience with similar concerns.

👉 Stay Current—Keep an eye on trending topics within your industry. Offering your take on these discussions can position you as a thought leader.

How to find inspiration?

🔎  Research—Use search engines, industry blogs, and forums to discover what your audience is curious about.

🔎  Listen to Your Audience—Engage with your community on social media or through comments on your posts. Their questions can inspire valuable content.

🔎  Crafting Your Content—Once you've identified potential topics, focus on providing detailed, practical advice. The goal is to offer solutions that your audience can apply, thereby enhancing their trust in your expertise.

🔎  Be Specific and Helpful—Your advice should be actionable and precise. The more specific your tips, the more beneficial they will be to your audience, which in turn, enhances engagement and visibility for your content.

Companies like Chili Piper and Lavender serve as great examples.

Chili Piper shares insights on optimizing landing pages.


On the other hand, Lavender offers tips on crafting effective emails. Both demonstrate their deep understanding of their fields and provide tangible, useful advice to their followers.


By sharing specialized knowledge and actionable tips, not only do you provide value, but you also build a rapport with your audience, setting the stage for lasting engagement and potential business opportunities.

10. Highlight Job Openings and Talent Search Efforts

In the competitive landscape of today's job market, securing top talent is as crucial as landing new clients.

With the current candidate-driven market, standing out is key to attracting the right individuals to your team.

LinkedIn, known for its professional network, is the ideal platform for showcasing your job openings and recruitment drives.

It's not just about filling positions—it's about communicating your brand's growth, culture, and values to prospective employees and the wider market.

Why is this type of LinkedIn company post effective?

✔️ Reach Passive Candidates—LinkedIn allows you to connect with professionals who might not be actively job hunting but are open to compelling opportunities.

✔️ Brand Visibility—Promoting jobs and recruitment initiatives enhances your visibility not only to potential candidates but also to clients and partners by demonstrating your growth and dynamism.

How to do it right?

👉 Craft Compelling Job Descriptions—Go beyond the basics. Ensure your listings convey the essence of your company culture and the specific benefits of joining your team.

👉 Showcase Your Culture—Use your job posts and recruitment content to highlight what makes your company a great place to work. This can include employee testimonials, benefits, and unique aspects of your work environment.

👉 Leverage Employee Networks—Encourage your current employees to share job openings. Their endorsement can add credibility and widen your reach to potential candidates in their networks.

Consider how Reddit showcases their job openings, effectively utilizing their platform to highlight their culture, mission, and the unique opportunities they offer.

This approach not only draws attention to their specific vacancies but also enhances their overall brand as an employer.


How about an extra tip?

Ensure your job postings resonate with the caliber of talent you wish to attract.

Avoid generic descriptions and focus on creating engaging, precise, and reflective content of your company's culture and values.

This can boost your brand's reputation as a forward-thinking and desirable employer.

Conclusion & A Handy Tool for Elevating Your LinkedIn Strategy

And there you have it—10 creative and effective LinkedIn post ideas to make your company shine and connect with your audience.

The essence of a successful LinkedIn strategy is crafting posts that are insightful and engaging and add real value to your followers.

However, the impact of your LinkedIn strategy isn't just in the ideas but in their execution.

Your content must be polished, engaging, and tailored to your target audience.

To achieve this, consider leveraging tools to enhance your content creation process. In that spirit, we're introducing you to AuthoredUp.

About AuthoredUp

AuthoredUp is a cutting-edge tool for creating LinkedIn content. It assists in writing, formatting, and previewing posts to ensure they look impeccable on your feed.

With features like draft saving and editing, AuthoredUp simplifies the content creation process, making it easier to maintain a consistent and professional presence on LinkedIn.

AuthoredUp Feature Highlights

💮 Engage Your Audience—Easily create captivating text featuring bold, italic, and bullet formatting to grab attention.

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💮 Simplified Content Scheduling—Automatically view all your scheduled LinkedIn posts in one convenient calendar after setting them up through AuthoredUp.

💮 Efficient Content Management—Directly reschedule or delete posts from the calendar, streamlining your content strategy and ensuring flexibility.

💮 Organizational Ease—The Calendar View tool enhances your ability to track and manage LinkedIn content, making maintaining a consistent posting schedule easier.

💮 Optimize Calls to Action—Access over 200 hooks and 150+ CTA templates in English, Dutch, and German to drive engagement.

💮 Reusable Content Snippets—Save text snippets for consistent messaging across posts.

💮 Comprehensive Post ManagementCollect and analyze all your LinkedIn posts, including historical data, in one place.

💮 One-Click Post Reuse—Effortlessly recycle your best content with a single click.

💮 Content Quality Assurance—Use the readability score to ensure your posts are clear and easily understood.

💮 Multiple Profile Management—Centralize the management of several LinkedIn profiles to streamline your social media strategy.

💮 In-depth Analytics—Dive deep into your content's performance with detailed analytics and compare the effectiveness of posts side by side.

💮 Support for Various LinkedIn Accounts—Full support for individual profiles and company pages enhances your presence across the platform.

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