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6 LinkedIn Post Trends to Inspire You in 2024

Optimize your B2B lead generation on LinkedIn through insights, thought leadership, and trending content strategies to elevate your presence.

Linkedin Growth
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Did you know that approximately 40% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn their most effective B2B lead generation channel?

Consistently posting on LinkedIn can help you build your personal and company brand by sharing insights, thought leadership, and industry-specific knowledge.

Although your content's value will remain the pinnacle of your posts, it doesn’t mean you can’t enhance your posts by following the latest trends on LinkedIn.

Unsure where to start from? No worries - We’ve handpicked 6 LinkedIn post trends to ignite your content creation.

Let’s dive in!

Why is Posting on LinkedIn Beneficial for Your Brand?

Posting on LinkedIn allows you to connect with professionals in your industry, showcase your expertise, and stay top of mind with your network. 

Furthermore, a well-crafted LinkedIn post can drive engagement and exposure, leading to increased visibility and new opportunities.

Investing time in developing a strong presence on LinkedIn can help you:

  • establish credibility, 
  • build relationships, and 
  • ultimately achieve your professional and business goals.

6 LinkedIn Post Trends to Enhance Your LinkedIn Presence

1. Posts Sharing Knowledge and Advice

As of recently, LinkedIn has changed its algorithms because users started complaining they’d like to see more professional and less personal content.

Furthermore, users wanted content based on expertise and actionable advice

Thus, the quality of your content will be able to reach out to the audience outside of your network.

And how does LinkedIn decide which posts share knowledge and advice?

  • The post must speak to a distinct audience.
  • The post author writes in their core subject area.
  • The post needs to have meaningful comments - LinkedIn checks who the commenters are and looks for comments actually responding to the content of the post.
  • The post must show an author’s perspective and insights that reach and resonate with the target audience.

📌 Note

Did you know that LinkedIn introduced the Top Voice badge for contributors, showing the value of insightful expertise and experience, sharing a different opinion, expanding on an idea, etc?


2. Posts Containing Polls

Polls are a powerful feature on LinkedIn that can help you engage your network and gain insights.

They are surveys with limited answer options, allowing you to quickly and easily collect feedback from your connections. 


Add an image or a graph depending on your poll’s topic to make your polls more visually appealing.

Besides being invaluable regarding engagement, polls are also easy to create and can be about anything, from industry-specific questions to fun trivia.

📌 Note

Try to publish a poll during the weekend, but don’t create more than one per week. Moreover, don’t include more than 3 answers.

3. Posts Leveraging The Power of Employee Advocacy

According to LinkedIn, employees’ networks have 10x more reach than a company's.

In other words, employee-shared content receives 8x more engagement. Employees are the best brand ambassadors you can get.


Thus, encouraging them to add their unique perspectives when sharing your content will spark authenticity.

They should amplify your message, making it more relatable and trustworthy to their networks.

4. Carousel posts

Carousels are a great way to share multiple pieces of content in a single post

You can include various images, videos, or other media to tell a story, highlight a product, or provide a tutorial.


Furthermore, carousels help you break your content into more digestible chunks, providing more value to your audience while keeping them engaged.

Moreover, carousels are still the best way to boost impressions.

5. Live Streams

Although they aren’t traditional text-only posts, live streams show more engagement due to their interactive and personal format. 

Seven times more than regular videos, to be more precise.

Therefore, your audience can immediately engage with you, ask questions, and exchange thoughts and opinions.

For you, live streams can be a great way to tackle a hot topic, provide authentic insight, or solve major pain points for your target audience.


📌 Note

If you want to go one step further, organize a native "LinkedIn Audio Events." You can easily get to 100s, if not 1000s of people. 

6. Automation and AI Adoption

Automation and AI are becoming more and more prevalent in the marketing world, and LinkedIn is no exception. 

AI-powered tools can help you create compelling hooks, endings, content, etc., for LinkedIn posts. 

Furthermore, most of them can help you optimize your LinkedIn articles and provide additional tools to polish your content's grammar, style, tone of voice, readability, etc.

Moreover, you can use AI to personalize your LinkedIn content for different audience segments.

For example, by analyzing user data and behavior, AI can help identify the topics, formats, and delivery methods that are most likely to resonate with specific groups.

You can reuse or repurpose your evergreen content - the options are limitless.

Regarding automation tools, they analyze data on user engagement patterns to determine the optimal times to post your content.

This way, it reaches the right audience at the right time.

🎁 Bonus Tip

You may be surprised, but Gen Z is one of the fastest-growing demographics on LinkedIn.

Many are already thinking about their professional career and development and prefer platforms like LinkedIn over the “thirst traps and FOMO characteristics” of other platforms.

Thus, if you create hiring posts, you may want to keep Gen Z in mind.

Wrapping It Up

Trends on LinkedIn come and go, but one thing that always remains relevant and paramount is high-quality content.

However, even the best-crafted content will lose its edge if it lacks visual appeal and a clean and comprehensive layout. 

Luckily, there is a solution that can streamline content creation on LinkedIn and help you increase engagement.

Enter, AuthoredUp! 🚀

How Can AuthoredUp Boost Content Creation on LinkedIn?

AuthoredUp is an all-in-one LinkedIn content creation tool that provides robust features and tools to facilitate content generation.

Rich text editor - Provides advanced formatting features like bold, italics, numbers, and bullet points to make your post more visually appealing.

Hook and CTA Library - Gives you access to over 200 hooks and 100 CTA templates to help you with the toughest post parts: beginning and endings.

Snippet Vault  -  Saves your time by storing hashtags and signatures at the end of your posts. You can access them in one click.

Readability Radar - Make sure your content is engaging and easy to digest.

Draft Wizardry - You can seamlessly manage multiple drafts, store ideas for future use, and schedule posts with simplicity.

Calendar View - Provides a clear layout of all your scheduled posts and allows you to edit and modify them.

Analytics tools - An advanced set provides insights into post performance, your content's performance and overall LinkedIn growth, post comparator, etc.

Post Preview - Eliminates the guesswork and enables you to see what your post will look like on various devices.

Easy Reuse - Enables you to reuse and repurpose your evergreen content and top-performing posts.

✨ And so much more.

Top Benefits of Using AuthoredUp for Your LinkedIn Posts

Thus, with AuthoredUp, you can:

🔥 Facilitate and accelerate the content creation process.

🔥 Ignite the brainstorming process and explore fresh content ideas.

🔥 Make data-driven decisions thanks to advanced analytics tools.

🔥 Boost your LinkedIn presence by being consistent in your posting.

Enticed to dig deeper?

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and boost your LinkedIn post performance in no time.

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