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8 Expert Tips to Write a Viral LinkedIn Post [+ Examples]

Learn how to write a viral LinkedIn post that attracts high impressions and engagement in record time.

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Do you ever encounter posts with high numbers and wonder why your posts aren't as popular?

Even when you cover the same topics as those successful posts, a missing element in your content hampers it from being viral.

Experiencing this sensation is like being the outsider at school, where everyone engages in a conversation, yet no one bothers to fill you in on the details. 

Acknowledging that many people face challenges with the LinkedIn algorithm, we've crafted this guide to help you join the ranks and create some viral LinkedIn posts more easily!

Let’s begin!

What is a Viral LinkedIn post?

Typically a post exceeding 100 thousand impressions and garnering over 500 likes in the first few hours is a good indicator that it will be viral.

Although there are rare instances when a viral post achieves millions of reactions, this occurrence is more of a phenomenon than a typical viral post.


So, the question remains: Should you pursue a viral post with the expectation of gaining extensive sales reach and numerous business offers?

Certainly not, as a single viral post can only address some of your challenges.

Now, let's shift perspectives.

Achieving virality on LinkedIn is remarkable, but perhaps not for the reasons initially coming to mind. 

What Are the Benefits of Viral LinkedIn Posts?

Here’s what a viral post on LinkedIn can bring to you:

✅ Visibility and Reach - Appearing in people’s feeds and notification tabs can generate a high number of impressions and bring you closer to your target group.

✅ Networking Opportunities - Obtaining more valuable connections involves connecting with individuals from your niche who share common interests.

✅ High Engagement - Viral posts often generate high levels of engagement, including likes, comments, and shares, providing an opportunity to interact with a diverse audience and gain insights into different perspectives.

✅ Content Amplification - A viral post can boost your other content, increasing your profile's and other posts' visibility and creating a ripple effect that extends beyond the initial viral content.

✅ Career Advancement - The increased visibility can positively impact your professional reputation, potentially leading to job offers, speaking engagements, or other career advancement opportunities.

This serves as a broad introduction to the various benefits that virality can offer. 

Now, let's delve into specific tips on how to create a viral post.

8 Expert Tips to Write a Viral LinkedIn Post + Best Examples to Inspire You

Tip 1: Craft a Captivating Hook

If you aim to capture someone's interest with your LinkedIn post, the Hook and the initial lines of your text wield significant influence.

The objective is to entice readers to click the elusive "See more" button, enticing them to delve deeper into your content.

This action sets the stage for increased reactions and impressions.

The delightful outcome? 

If your audience finds your content pleasing, there's a potential surge in its popularity.

Returning to the core concept, a captivating hook is the key to seizing people's attention. However, the responsibility doesn't end there.

Once users click on "See more," you must deliver on your promise.


To resume, quality content is crucial, especially in this context.

The LinkedIn algorithm is adept at discerning clickbait, emphasizing the importance of authenticity.

To navigate this, the strategy is clear - captivate your audience with a compelling hook and initial lines, and then substantiate your narrative with knowledge-based content.

This approach not only keeps your audience engaged but also establishes your post as a trustworthy source of valuable information, enhancing its potential for wider visibility and, ultimately, virality.

💡Pro Tip

In case you need inspiration, AuthoredUp provides you with over 200 Hooks whenever you need compelling hook ideas.

Just simply scroll through the array of optional Hooks and pick the one that perfectly complements your content.


These hooks are designed to elevate the visibility of your posts, increasing the chances of your content making a lasting impression and making users click that “See more” button.

Whether you're searching for a catchy opening, an intriguing question, or a captivating statement, AuthoredUp ensures you have the variety you need to kickstart your next viral post.

Tip 2: Ensure Your Post is Easy to Read

Ensuring clarity in your writing is essential. 

When you use complex language, it might unintentionally give the impression of a superiority complex.

Instead, aim for universal understanding in your content - catering to beginners, those adjacent to your niche, seasoned professionals, and any reader who comes across your post. 

As demonstrated in our example, strive for brevity—if two sentences can be combined into one without losing meaning, go for it.


Additionally, you should avoid vagueness. Keep your communication simple and direct to establish trust.

Before publishing, give your post a thorough read to catch and correct any grammatical errors.

For added effectiveness, consider having a colleague review it before the final publication.

Remember, if you're aiming for virality, avoid sounding overly academic or professorial, as it may hinder your reach to a broader audience.

💡Pro Tip

AuthoredUp’s readability score feature allows you to promptly assess the readability of your content, ensuring it's clear and easy to understand.

As you compose your post in AuthoredUp, the readability score will be displayed on the right side, giving you instant feedback on the readability of your writing.

Ensure your readability score is between 1 and 6, indicating your text is easily digestible.


However, if your score is over 8, you should optimize your text once again and make necessary improvements for better readability.

Note: To solve that make sure to create shorter sentences and a bigger number of paragraphs for better performance.

Tip 3: Choose Impactful Topics

It’s hard to predict which type of LinkedIn post will go viral and which won’t.

You don’t know how exactly your audience will react to your post.

While there's no magic formula or one-size-fits-all topic for guaranteed virality, there are some tips for choosing the relevant topic.

Guide on selecting topics that resonate with your audience and spark discussions.

And what’s more important, it should not only be relevant but wide enough and attractive to get massive reactions from your network.

Think about: What everyone from my field is interested in or has an opinion about?

Here are some specific ideas of topics that are usually getting viral:

  • Success stories of startups and solopreneurs 
  • Remote work-related topics
  • Candidate experience and hiring process 
  • Worklife balance
  • Innovation, New discoveries, AI, etc.

But regardless of the content and the topic, the key is repetition - it must consistently resonate with people in your niche.

Note: Writing about a topic that is too specific won’t bring you virality because many people who understand more general posts won’t understand this, and they won’t react to it.

💡Pro Tip

AuthoredUp is designed mainly for content creation, offering a range of formatting options like bold, italic, underline, bullet points, and numbered lists to enhance the visual appeal of your text. 


This way, with AuthoredUp, you can edit your posts and make them more appealing. 

Additionally, it enables the inclusion of various multimedia elements like carousels, polls, and videos in your LinkedIn posts.

Besides, don’t forget that formatting affects how your text looks in its final form.

Small edits affect the bigger picture - do not overlook them.

Tip 4: Share Personal and Relatable Stories

The power of personal storytelling is creating an emotional connection with the audience.

You aim to resonate with people and stir their emotions, and sincerity is paramount for this tip. 

Being genuinely honest is crucial because people can easily detect clickbait or a fabricated emotional story.

For instance, your personal story is a great start — it should tie back to a significant business milestone or a noteworthy achievement related to your profession.

Details like your engagement ring might not garner much attention, as they might be better suited for other social media platforms.

Jasmin, for instance, shares his LinkedIn journey and what it has brought him.


Additionally, by including his picture, the story swiftly becomes personal and humane, which makes it go viral much easier.

And it doesn’t even have to be about you. 

It can be someone else's personal story(your family, employees, colleagues, etc.).


Tip 5: Create Actionable Content That People Love

Crafting a viral LinkedIn post involves more than just clever wording or striking visuals.

To maximize the viral potential of your LinkedIn post, it's essential to create actionable content and strategically encourage resharing within the platform.

How to accomplish that?

By making your content so compelling that readers want to share it with their network.

Whether it's offering practical tips, sharing industry insights, or posing thought-provoking questions, actionable content compels your audience to react, comment, and share


The key is to create posts that go beyond passive consumption, encouraging your connections to participate actively. 

Here’s another one:


Don’t forget to infuse your content with a CTA that attracts users to share the post with their community.

By fostering a sense of community and encouraging engagement, you increase the likelihood of your post gaining traction and going viral.

You can include CTA such as: “If you like this post, share it with your community by reposting it.

Need more ideas for your CTAs?

💡Pro Tip

Alongside Hooks, AuthoredUp provides you with over 150 Endings that can truly add a special touch to your post, make people react to it, and potentially share it with their audience.

Located right next to the Hook tab, the principle is the same—simply scroll until you find the one that suits you, click on it, and adapt it to your topic.


Even if you're not fond of using pre-made endings, they can be excellent inspirations for crafting amazing CTAs.

Looks quite handy, isn’t it?

Tip 6: Utilize Newsjacking for Timely Relevance

First, what is newsjacking?

Newsjacking is the marketing and communication strategy that involves capitalizing on current events or news stories to gain attention for your brand or message.

The idea behind newsjacking is to piggyback on the popularity and widespread attention that major news events receive and use them as a platform to create timely, relevant content.

The goal is to leverage the public's existing interest and engagement with the news to draw attention to your brand, product, or viewpoint. 

Here’s an example to put it more into perspective.


So how to include this within your posts and make them go viral?

The process typically involves quickly identifying a breaking news story relevant to your industry or audience and then crafting content.

Are there any big changes that are currently happening within your niche?

Think about how you can use those current events and tie them to future trends.

It’s totally fine to include your opinions, points of view, critiques, etc.

That makes your content alive and unique.

Here’s another example:


Effective newsjacking requires agility, creativity, and an understanding of how to connect your content seamlessly to the current news cycle. 

When done effectively, newsjacking can result in increased visibility, social media shares, and media coverage, helping you stay relevant and top-of-mind within your audience.

Tip 7: Use Content Curation To Attract Your Audience

Yes, this is how you can get viral as well. 

The strategy behind content curation is to combine knowledge that is hard to find and present it in the LinkedIn post format.

By sharing curated content that aligns with your professional niche, you position yourself as a valuable resource and thought leader within your industry.

Your goal is to choose what knowledge you’ll share to make people’s lives easier. 

It can be a topic focused on: “Top 20 Podcast Episodes That Startup Founders Must Listen,” for example.

You want to make them click “Save this post for later” as a CTA in your LinkedIn post since they cannot consume all the content that you shared instantly. 

Here’s an example:


Making a portion of people save your LinkedIn post is a great signal for LinkedIn that the post is valuable and will probably boost your post in the Feed section.

Need more inspiration?

Here it goes:


Using this technique not only demonstrates your expertise but also nurtures a community of engaged followers who appreciate the curated insights you bring to their feeds.

Tip 8: Avoid Most Common Mistakes

Crafting a viral LinkedIn post requires a balance of strategy and finesse, and one of the key factors in achieving it is steering clear of common pitfalls.

So here are the most common ones you should avoid:

  • Using LinkedIn Pods or paying for reactions and comments - LinkedIn hates that, and people will see it as a negative which can cause your profile to be banned.
  • Trying too much - Virality doesn’t only depend on you. It depends a lot on the LinkedIn algorithm and your audience. And other posts that are published at the same time. 

Wrapping Up

We've delved into the fascinating world of LinkedIn virality, uncovering its unique flavor compared to other social platforms.

Remember, we've only scratched the surface of LinkedIn's rich landscape.

Our tips for viral triumph aren't magic spells - they thrive on your relentless energy and daily commitment.

But fear not!

With AuthoredUp in your arsenal, you're well-equipped to conquer LinkedIn's challenges and celebrate your journey with posts that resonate and inspire.

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