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How to Write, Save, and Edit a LinkedIn Post Draft on the Mobile App?

Discover LinkedIn's mobile app for quick updates and staying informed, while uncovering its limitations with drafting more complex posts.

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Even if you’re committed to leveraging LinkedIn to your professional advantage, you’re probably heavily using the mobile app.

It’s perfect for browsing your feed wherever you are and keeping up with your contacts and industry news. 

But what about creating LinkedIn posts?

Well, yes and no. 

The LinkedIn mobile app is certainly indispensable for sharing updates on the go. 

For more elaborate posts, it can get inconvenient pretty fast. 

This is mostly due to its inflexibility with drafts. 

Let’s take a closer look to understand it more in-depth.

Why Is Saving Drafts on LinkedIn Important?

Saving drafts on LinkedIn is a crucial element in optimizing your posting strategy and creating a LinkedIn content calendar that brings real growth. 

This feature holds significant importance for several reasons:

👉 A Fresh Perspective - Saving drafts on LinkedIn provides an opportunity for a fresh perspective on your content. By revisiting your drafts with a clear mind, you can identify areas for improvement, refine your message, and ensure that your ideas resonate effectively with your audience.

👉 Flexible Time Management - The ability to save drafts allows for flexible time management. You can work on your posts in intervals that suit your schedule, ensuring that you have the time and focus needed to create high-quality content. This flexibility enables you to balance your professional commitments with your LinkedIn presence.

👉 More Freedom in Your Personal Schedule - Saving drafts grants you more freedom in your personal schedule. Whether you're a morning person or a night owl, you can work on your LinkedIn posts at times that align with your peak creativity and productivity. This freedom ensures that your content creation process is not bound by rigid time constraints, allowing for a more personalized and effective approach.

How Do I Write a Post on the LinkedIn Mobile App?

Creating a LinkedIn post draft on the mobile app is fairly straightforward. 

Pick up your preferred mobile device and open the LinkedIn app. 

You should automatically see your “Home” page and your feed.

Now look to the bottom of your screen, and you will see a "+Post" button. 

Tap on it, and the mobile editor will open up, along with the standard “What do you want to talk about?” prompt.


Choose whether you want to add anything to your post (e.g., images, video, and so on). 

Then write out the text you want and apply your chosen formatting. 

From there, you can either post the content immediately or save it as a draft, which we’ll further discuss.

How Do I Write a Post on the LinkedIn Mobile App?

The short answer is: just like you would on almost any other platform

Write a post in the text editor and save it as a draft instead of publishing it immediately. 

Here’s a more detailed look at how to go about that:

  1. Go to your homepage.
  2. Click “Start a post.” On mobile, this is on the bottom center of the screen, right next to the “My Network” button.
  3. Write your post in that prompt field.
  4. Find the “X” button in the upper left and click on it.
  5. Another popup window will come up with the prompt “Save for later?
  6. Click on “Save,” and your draft is now saved successfully.
  7. Once you want to access your draft again, just revisit the LinkedIn editor, and your draft will be there.

Remember that all of this applies to text content only. 

You cannot edit any photos or videos once you draft a LinkedIn post. 

Instead, you need to delete the visuals, make the desired edits in a separate program, and re-upload those new versions into your LinkedIn post draft.

Can I Autosave Post Drafts on LinkedIn?

Unfortunately, you cannot natively save a post draft on LinkedIn in the middle of writing. 

If anything happens, your work is gone.

That's why the LinkedIn feed is full of stories like this, where people invest a lot of time and then lose everything in a second.

What is the best way to prevent that from happening?

Use a tool that can autosave drafts on LinkedIn for you.

Pro tip

AuthoredUp is an excellent choice for drafting ideas and saving them for later. 

It was built specifically for LinkedIn, so it has all the capabilities that you wish LinkedIn natively had. 

This includes:

  • Autosaving hundreds of LinkedIn post drafts while you work without losing any input.
  • Writing your post in the extension’s editor and saving it as a draft.
  • Coming back later for an unlimited number of revisions until you’re satisfied with your post. 

Once you are happy with the post, you can publish it immediately or schedule it for later.


Note: This fix currently applies to desktops only.

How Do I Find My Draft Posts on the LinkedIn Mobile App?

Sadly, LinkedIn allows you to save only one draft on mobile and on desktop. 

And you will see them when you open a post editor from the mobile app.

LinkedIn drafts in the app behave exactly the same as those on the desktop. 

When you start a post in the mobile app, you can tap on the “X” in the corner to leave the editor, and it will prompt you to either go back to typing, save the post as a draft, or discard it entirely.


If you choose to save the post as a draft, it will be there when you open the editor next time - on mobile. 

It will not be available via LinkedIn desktop. 

Likewise, whatever ideas for LinkedIn posts you were developing via the site in-browser will not be accessible in the app. 

In other words, the feature doesn’t synchronize.

So, if you want to put together, format, or preview a post on LinkedIn on the go, you need to do it in the app from start to finish. 

Note: You can save only one draft. There is no “Publishing menu”, and consequently, there is no “My drafts” depository.

Sum up

Working with a LinkedIn post draft on the mobile app is still a far cry from the desktop experience. 

The biggest issue is that the two don’t synchronize.

Both on desktop and in-app, the draft you save will wait for you when you open the editor next time. 

Furthermore, you can save only one draft at a time in both cases.

The best you can do, at least for now, is to get a tailored extension like AuthoredUp

Split your content strategy between your devices. 

Write and format your post drafts on your desktop, and save multiple drafts for later use.

Schedule the posts a stretch of time in advance, and relegate the app to just browsing your feed and posting simple updates on the go.

Ready to give it a try?

Sign up now and transform your ordinary posts into compelling LinkedIn content that makes a real impact!


Does LinkedIn Keep Draft Posts?

LinkedIn retains draft posts temporarily, allowing users to continue working on unfinished content. However, drafts may be deleted automatically after a certain period or if not finalized and published.

How Do You Edit a Draft Post on LinkedIn?

To edit a draft post on LinkedIn, locate the "Drafts" section on the LinkedIn publishing platform. Open the specific draft, make your desired edits, and save the changes before publishing.

How Do I Delete a Draft on LinkedIn?

To delete a draft on LinkedIn, go to the "Drafts" section, find the draft you want to remove, and look for the delete or discard option. Confirm your decision, and the draft will be permanently deleted.

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