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How Do You Make Good Content on LinkedIn in 2024?

Learn how to make good and effective content on LinkedIn with our expert tips and strategies, elevating your professional presence and engagement.

Linkedin Growth
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Want to get ahead on LinkedIn and really get noticed?

It's all about sharing content that's worth seeing and, even better, worth sharing.

And sure, it sounds like a challenge, but it's quite doable with the right approach.

In this article, we'll review the top 5 straightforward tips for making good LinkedIn content.

We'll also provide some helpful pro tips to help you maintain a solid content strategy for this platform.

Now, let's dive into how you can maximize the impact of your content on LinkedIn.

5 Steps for Creating Impactful LinkedIn Content in 2024

1. Be Clear about What You Want to Achieve

To set your goals for LinkedIn content, it is always smart to start by pinpointing exactly what you're after.

Your goal sets the stage for everything you'll share with your audience.

  • Is your aim to ramp up your visibility to ease your job hunt?
  • Maybe you're looking to enhance your brand's image and boost sales?
  • Or perhaps you want to position yourself as a standout employer to attract top talent?

Knowing what you want to achieve is crucial.

It guides the direction of your content and ensures every post serves a specific purpose.

Let's explore some targeted content ideas that align with your goals.

Goal #1: Lead Generation

If you're aiming to drum up more business, focus on crafting content that both current and potential customers will want to engage with.

Think of each like or comment as an opening for a conversation

When you interact with those who engage with your posts, you're not just responding—you're making them feel recognized and valued.

This approach positions your business as approachable and grateful, which can:

foster customer loyalty,

encourage recommendations, and

✅ ultimately lead to more successful transactions.

Where to Start From?

For lead generation goals, ask yourselves these questions:

Is my content directly addressing the needs and interests of both my current and potential customers?

How can I encourage engagement (likes, comments) that facilitates a natural and meaningful conversation with my audience?

In what ways can I respond to engagement in a manner that makes my audience feel valued and increases their loyalty to my brand?

💡Pro Tip

AuthoredUp empowers you with the insights you need to supercharge your LinkedIn profile's performance.

It offers a comprehensive view of your LinkedIn content's track record, helping you make well-informed decisions to drive your content strategy forward.

With AuthoredUp analytics, you can:

  • Dive into your profile's performance for specific time frames, allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and base your decisions on these invaluable insights.
  • Conduct side-by-side comparisons of your posts to discern which ones hit the mark and which ones miss it. Discover what content types resonate best with your audience, enabling you to fine-tune your content strategy for optimal results.
  • Chart the growth trajectory of your LinkedIn profile, pinpointing key milestones along the way. This data-driven approach equips you to adapt your content and networking tactics, effectively propelling you toward your professional goals.

What sets our analytics apart:

AuthoredUp compiles all your LinkedIn posts and their performance data, providing you with a comprehensive historical perspective.

Goal #2: Followers and Connections

When your objective is to expand your reach and connect with a broader audience, it's all about crafting content that resonates.

Dive into understanding your target demographic and what they're interested in.

This might mean experimenting with different types of content, topics, and styles to see what really clicks.

Your goal here is to become a favorite of the LinkedIn algorithm, ensuring that your posts get wider visibility.

It's a marathon, not a sprint, so gear up for a journey that requires patience and ongoing commitment.

Where to Start From?

For increasing followers and connection goals, ask yourselves these questions:

What types of content, topics, and styles are most likely to resonate with my target demographic?

How can I optimize my content for the LinkedIn algorithm to maximize visibility and reach?

What long-term strategies can I implement to maintain engagement and consistently grow my network?

💡Pro Tip

AuthoredUp's analytics also unveil your most resonant post types.

Gain insights into which content formats strike a chord with your audience, providing valuable clarity on the effectiveness of your content strategy.


Goal #3: Impression Ratings

Impressions on LinkedIn refer to how many times your content is viewed.

They're a key indicator of your content's visibility and, by extension, your overall reach on the platform.

If your goal is to amplify your presence, focusing on increasing your impression ratings is a smart strategy.

This involves creating content that captures attention and encourages broader visibility, helping you make a more impactful mark on LinkedIn.

Where to Start From?

For boosting impression ratings goals, ask yourselves these questions:

What kind of content is most likely to capture immediate attention and get viewed multiple times?

How can I leverage LinkedIn features and trends to increase the visibility of my posts?

What measures can I take to ensure my content has a broad appeal and reaches a diverse audience on LinkedIn?

💡Pro Tip

In addition to the other Analytic features, AuthoredUp enables you to delve into your reaction timeline.

Explore how various post styles connect with your audience and the emotions they trigger, enabling you to grasp which content types evoke specific reactions from your followers.

2. Always Deliver Value to Your Audience

Unless you're in the entertainment industry, avoid posting things just for the sake of getting easy likes.

While it might give you a quick popularity boost, it can also pigeonhole your profile, especially if you consistently share such content.

When you shift your focus to more meaningful and industry-specific topics, you might lose some followers along the way.

LinkedIn could then categorize your content as something people aren't interested in, which can limit your visibility in people's feeds.

So, how can you provide value on LinkedIn?

Share content that aligns with your goals and resonates with your target audience.

The key is to maintain a steady stream of valuable posts that build a community of engaged followers you can connect with and market to.

Where to Start From?

What unique expertise, skills, or knowledge do I possess that I can share on LinkedIn to provide value to my network?

How can I tailor my content on LinkedIn to address the specific challenges or interests of my target audience?

Are there any recent industry trends, news, or developments that I can leverage to create timely and valuable content for my LinkedIn connections?

💡Pro Tip

One of the great aspects of LinkedIn is that it allows you to constantly try out different content formats, subjects, and more based on the feedback you receive from analytics.

AuthoredUp has just the tool you need for this journey called "Drafts."

When you stumble upon a post idea while browsing, this feature lets you effortlessly create a draft and save your idea for a future post.

You can easily switch between drafts, jot down notes, or prepare posts for publishing whenever it suits you.

3. Ensure Your Posts are Reader-Friendly

While content may be the king on LinkedIn, the way it's presented matters too.

Take some time to master the art of formatting for different types of content and consider various display options.

It's crucial that your posts look appealing across various platforms, browsers, and devices, including the mobile app.

Besides, there are plenty of online tools available to help you preview how your post will appear on LinkedIn, so make good use of them.

Where to Start From?

A general guideline is to prioritize mobile devices because if your content looks good on a phone, it's likely to look good on a desktop too.

✔️ Consider that many people access the web and social platforms on the go using phones or tablets.

✔️ Learn how to break up paragraphs effectively, structure your content into sections, create organized lists, highlight key points with bold or italics, and sprinkle in emojis for engagement.

✔️ To go the extra mile, adapt your content to dark mode as it's not just about aesthetics but also accessibility in today's digital landscape.

💡Pro Tip

AuthoredUp's TextEditor is your creative playground, equipped with a variety of tools to supercharge your content.

You can effortlessly incorporate bold or italic text, use bullet points, sprinkle in emojis, and more to elevate the visual appeal and engagement of your posts.

Furthermore, AuthoredUp lets you preview your posts before publishing, ensuring you can fine-tune and perfect your content with ease, whether you're working on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.


As a little extra bonus, AuthoredUp has also introduced a dark mode feature for its users, making the platform even more accessible and comfortable for your content creation journey.

4. Grab Attention with Catchy Hooks

In the blink of an eye, you've got just a few lines (up to 3) of text to captivate your audience and entice them to read more.

We've all encountered that pesky "See More" button in our feeds, right?

Consider this your elevator pitch zone.

Direct questions, intriguing statistics, and offering actionable advice all prove effective.

Just keep in mind the importance of delivering on the promise made by your opening lines. Failing to do so may result in your audience swiftly scrolling past, the algorithm labeling you as clickbait, and your reach taking a hit.

Where to Start From?

Here are three questions to help you brainstorm engaging openers for your LinkedIn posts:

What is the most compelling aspect of my content that would instantly grab someone's attention in just a few lines?

Are there any intriguing statistics or data points related to my topic that can serve as an attention-grabbing hook?

How can I frame a direct question or offer actionable advice at the beginning of my post to pique curiosity and encourage readers to keep scrolling?

💡Pro Tip

In AuthoredUp, you'll discover a treasure trove of over 200 meticulously designed hooks, each accompanied by examples to ignite your creative spark.

These hooks are strategically crafted to draw in readers and encourage their active engagement.

Simply pick the one that suits your storytelling context best and tailor it to your liking.


But that's not all – AuthoredUp also offers more than 100 customizable CTAs (Call to Actions) through Endings.

You can filter these based on your content type and post objectives.

These CTAs serve as powerful tools to motivate your audience and enhance your conversion rates effectively through your posts.


5. Stick To Simple and Straightforward Language

Make each post easily digestible. Use clear, concise language. Replace complicated words with everyday versions. Especially stay away from niche jargon. Use the readability score for your posts to make the most out of your writing.

Try to stick to an active voice as much as you can. The point is to be direct, dynamic, and understandable. Smaller chunks are better than blocks of text.

To sum up, “top quality” for LinkedIn means “targeted, strong, and clean”. Tailor your posts to your specific goal. Focus on simplicity and value, and grab attention with strong opening lines. Utilize formatting tools like AuthoredUp to make your content easily accessible to all platform users.

Ensure that each post is easily digestible by using straightforward and concise language.

Opt for everyday words over complex terminology, and avoid using niche jargon that might confuse your readers.

Leverage the readability score feature for your posts to enhance the effectiveness of your writing.

Strive to maintain an active voice whenever possible, aiming for direct, energetic, and comprehensible communication.

Remember, it's often better to present information in smaller, bite-sized chunks rather than lengthy blocks of text.

Where to Start From?

And a final question set to get you moving forward:

What is the primary message or information I want to convey in my LinkedIn post, and how can I express it in the simplest way possible?

Is there any industry-specific jargon or terminology that I should avoid in my posts to ensure they are easily understandable to a broad audience?

Have I considered using the readability score feature or other writing tools to evaluate and improve the clarity and simplicity of my LinkedIn content?

💡Pro Tip

AuthoredUp's readability score feature offers you a quick and convenient way to gauge how easily your content can be understood.

While crafting your post within AuthoredUp, you'll find the readability score displayed on the right side, providing you with immediate feedback on the clarity of your writing.


Aim for a readability score between 1 and 6, which signals that your text is easily digestible and accessible to a broad audience.

How to Make Good Content on LinkedIn With AuthoredUp?

In summary, on LinkedIn, "top quality" equates to content that is targeted, robust, and easily understandable.

Tailor your posts to align with your specific goals, prioritizing simplicity and value.

And why not get started with LinkedIn tried-and-true content solutions such as AuthoredUp to ensure your content is accessible and engaging for all platform users?

AuthoredUp’s Additional Features

In addition to capabilities we already covered in this article, AuthoredUp offers more features to enhance your LinkedIn content creation and management, such as:

🌸 Snippet Vault — Save and reuse hashtags and signatures with a single click, saving you time on repetitive tasks.

🌸 Post Analytics —- Monitor your LinkedIn activity and dive into detailed post analytics to improve your content strategy.

🌸 Effortless Reposting — Quickly repost your most successful LinkedIn posts with just one click to boost your growth.

🌸 Account Orchestrator —- Manage content for multiple LinkedIn accounts efficiently from a single platform.

🌸 Analytics Suite —- Gain deep insights into your content's performance and overall LinkedIn growth with comprehensive analytics.

🌸 Post Comparator —- Compare the performance of your posts in a side-by-side analysis to identify areas for improvement.

🌸 Content Calendar —- Easily schedule, reschedule, or delete LinkedIn posts directly from the calendar for effortless content management.

🌸 Profile & Page Alliance —- Enjoy support for both individual profiles and multiple LinkedIn pages within a single AuthoredUp account.

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AuthoredUp is perfect for individuals and teams, offering full support for profiles and LinkedIn pages.

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