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9 Recruiters Post Ideas to Help You Stand Out on Linkedin

Learn more about boosting your LinkedIn presence with top recruiter post ideas, meticulously tailored to distinguish you and enhance your professional visibility.

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The job market has seen its highs and lows, with recent downturns leading to layoffs and hiring freezes, even within Big Tech.

Yet, the competition among recruiters for top talent remains as fierce as ever.

The question for 2024 is clear: How do you stand out in a crowded field of recruiters?

The answer lies in leveraging LinkedIn not just for presence, but for impact.

This guide offers you 9 strategic post ideas to:

From sourcing more candidates and improving candidate experiences to winning more business for external headhunters, this article is your go-to resource.

Stay ahead with our regularly updated insights and examples from the recruitment industry.

9 Recruiters Post Ideas To Inspire You in 2024

Recruiter Post Idea #1: Common Misconceptions

Kicking off with our first recruiter post idea: let's tackle the myths surrounding the recruiting world.

There's a swirl of misconceptions about what recruiters do, leading to a lot of unfounded beliefs about the profession.

By shedding light on these myths, you not only educate your audience but also position yourself as a knowledgeable insider.

A friendly tip?

Consider crafting posts that debunk these myths. Here are some ideas:

👉 Why do some recruiters don't list their jobs?

👉 Why may they specialize in certain industries or roles?

👉 The rationale behind not always providing feedback to candidates?

Dive into the daily grind of a recruiter, the effort it entails, and the strategic decisions behind their actions.

There's a rich vein of content here waiting to be explored.

Inject your personality and expertise into these discussions, and you'll not only enlighten your audience but also entertain them.

This approach, mixing myth-busting with a peek behind the curtain, mirrors the insightful style of posts like those by Stephanie Yu. Enjoy the creative process and make these topics your own.


Another excellent example is how Adam Karpiak tackled the common misconception around salary ranges with a humorous twist.


Recruiter Post Idea #2: Ideal Hiring Process

In the world of hiring, confusion often reigns supreme, leaving companies stumbling through the process and candidates feeling overlooked.

This disconnect not only breeds frustration but also casts doubt on the recruiters' ability to facilitate successful hires.

As a recruiter, you're equipped with insider knowledge on the nuts and bolts of effective hiring practices.

Sharing this expertise can be incredibly valuable to companies looking to refine their hiring processes.

Imagine guiding them through a seamless journey from onboarding to the final offer, outlining:

👉 the optimal number of interview stages,

👉 the types of questions that reveal true candidate potential, and

👉 the kind of feedback that fosters growth and understanding.

Discussing the varied interview formats—behavioral, technical, and panel interviews—can offer companies a blueprint for extracting the best from their candidates.

Your posts could serve as a beacon, illuminating the path to a more streamlined and impactful hiring process.

Additionally, by sharing your insights, you not only aid companies in honing their recruitment strategies but also establish yourself as a go-to expert in the field.

This is the essence of what Allison Davidson discusses, especially concerning the often-overlooked potential of internal candidates within the recruitment process.


Recruiter Post Idea #3: Industry News

The recruiting landscape is ever-evolving, marked by new laws, emerging trends, technological advancements, and pivotal studies that shape your industry.

As recruiters, staying abreast of these changes is not just beneficial—it's essential.

It ensures you can offer your clients and candidates the most current advice and strategies.

Your LinkedIn posts can offer a powerful platform to share your perspective on these updates.

Whether you discuss the ramifications of new recruitment laws, evaluate novel technologies like the latest Recruiting CRM, or analyze recent industry research, your insights can lead the conversation.

Take, for example, legislative changes that alter candidate sourcing strategies. 

By sharing your thoughts and inviting discussion, you inform your audience and foster a community dialogue.

Highlighting new tools and technologies underscores your role as an innovator keen on enhancing recruitment processes for efficiency and effectiveness.

Engagement on these topics can help you elevate your profile and transform you into a hub of industry news and discussion, attracting more views and interactions.

Let’s reflect on this post addressing the Tesla layoffs:


Recruiter Post Idea #4: Tips for Candidates

Navigating the job market can be a daunting task for candidates, with challenges at every turn.

As a recruiter with a wealth of knowledge and experience, why not leverage your LinkedIn platform to offer guidance and support?

Through your posts, you have the opportunity to share:

valuable advice on job hunting,

👉 interview preparation,

👉 standing out from the competition,

👉 engaging with recruiters,

👉 securing that crucial first job

👉 tackling tough interview questions, and

👉 understanding what recruiters truly seek in candidates.

Consider tailoring your content to address the specific needs of diverse job seekers, such as those just starting out, seasoned professionals, or international applicants.

By providing targeted insights and practical tips, you not only assist candidates in their job search journey but also position yourself as a trusted expert in the recruitment field.

Take inspiration from Adam Broda, who offers practical advice on negotiating terms for returning to the office.


Another notable example is a LinkedIn post by Leah Cohen, where she discussed how to apply for a job using a LinkedIn profile.


Recruiter Post Idea #5 Future of Recruiting

Talking about the future of recruiting is a really engaging topic.

Everyone's curious about what's next, from businesses planning their strategies to job seekers thinking about their next moves.

You could dive into this by sharing your predictions and insights. Think about:

👉 where recruiting is headed,

👉 potential changes in the industry,

👉 upcoming technologies,

👉 how the role of recruiters might evolve, and

👉 possible shifts in the hiring process.

This approach not only highlights your forward-thinking attitude but also demonstrates a deep understanding of the recruiting landscape.

Plus, it opens the floor for lively discussions with peers, who likely have their own forecasts and opinions on the matter.

These conversations can boost engagement, as lively debates often do.

Here's what Andrew L. says about effective hiring:


Recruiter Post Idea #6: Stories from Your Recruiting and Business Journey

Everyone loves a great story, including your clients, candidates, and fellow recruiters.

Why not spice up your posts with tales from your experiences in recruiting or business?

Your stories can really connect with your audience, whether it's the heartwarming story of:

👉 helping someone secure their dream job,

👉 a hilarious mishap during the recruitment process,

👉 an inspiring account of going the extra mile for a client, or

👉 a clever solution to an unexpected challenge.

These narratives entertain and offer insights into your personality and approach as a recruiter.

They show you're more than just a professional; you're someone who cares, thinks creatively, and is willing to put in the effort where it counts.

Sharing these experiences can also underscore your expertise and values, especially if they align with important industry themes like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), as Jermaine L. Murray exemplified.


And this is the post about salary negotiation and Jessica Williams's story:


Recruiter Post Idea #7 Company Chronicles of Triumphs and Trials

Sharing your company's stories on LinkedIn is a fantastic way to highlight your corporate culture and achievements and offer your audience a glimpse into what makes your business unique.

Consider crafting posts about:

👉 your company's origins,

👉 detailing an innovative project you're spearheading,

👉 recounting a memorable corporate gathering or

👉 explaining why your approach sets you apart from competitors.

Including updates like product launches, company expansions, or notable contract acquisitions can also captivate your followers.

Furthermore, tales that underscore your company's culture, principles, or objectives can significantly enhance your brand's image.

Take a cue from Amy Miller, who excels in showcasing what makes Amazon stand out.


Recruiter Post Idea #8: Answer Common Questions

If you're scratching your head over what to post on LinkedIn, tackling a common question is a smart move.

You probably get bombarded with a bunch of repeat questions from clients, hiring managers, and job seekers. 

Dropping a post that clears up one of these mysteries can be a real win for your followers.

You’ll not only be tossing them some seriously useful info but also flexing your expertise in the process.

To get the ball rolling, think about the questions you hear on repeat from your clients and candidates.

Pick one that feels like it would really hit home for your audience and get to writing.

If your inbox isn’t exactly overflowing with queries, or if nothing jumps out at you as "post-worthy," a quick online search can uncover what people are buzzing about on Google or LinkedIn.

For instance, Natisha Willis knocked it out of the park by addressing a question on setting healthy boundaries in DEI initiatives.


Recruiter Post Idea #9: “We are Hiring” on Linkedin

Your LinkedIn profile can turn into a powerhouse for sourcing and recruiting.

It's not just about boosting the number of applicants—a well-crafted profile can also lead to a higher response rate for your LinkedIn InMails and cold emails, not to mention attracting better-quality candidates.

But to really leverage your LinkedIn, you should be strategic about sharing job ads.

Before diving into the dos and don'ts, it's crucial to remember that even seasoned recruiters can slip up.

Here's what you should absolutely avoid:

🚫 Dropping a link to your website or ATS without adding any context.

🚫 Using generic calls to action like "We're hiring" or "Join our team".

🚫 Boasting about your company without providing substance.

🚫 Focusing solely on what you want from candidates.

🚫 Simply copying and pasting a job description.

Instead, always keep your ideal candidates in mind when crafting a job promotion post. Address their potential questions and concerns.

Remember, today's job seekers are looking for more than just perks and flexibility—they're after meaningful work, too

Aim to touch on as many of these aspects as you can in your LinkedIn post.

If you're looking for inspiration on how to grab attention effectively, take a look at Mick Griffin's approach.

He went the extra mile by incorporating a video in his job post. A few days later, he shared a follow-up post on LinkedIn featuring a direct message he received, showcasing the impact of his unique strategy.


Other Post Types for Recruiters on Linkedin

Exploring different types of LinkedIn posts can significantly enhance your engagement with your network.

For instance, asking questions or conducting polls is an excellent way to spark interest and gather insights. 

Take Ben White’s approach as an example.

He ran a poll about the topic of accepting counter offers, which not only engaged his audience but also provided valuable insights based on the feedback and opinions shared by his network.

These kinds of posts often receive a lot of attention, as evidenced by impressive engagement figures, like receiving 531 votes.


The other post type that almost always works is newsjacking.

For example, the quiet quitting debate was all over the Internet, and Lindsay Dahl's opinion went viral on Linkedin:



Leveraging these strategies can significantly enhance your LinkedIn content, opening up a world of possibilities for anyone involved in the hiring process.

While these 9 recruiters' post ideas serve as a great starting point, embracing your creativity to tailor content that aligns with your unique insights and experiences can truly make a difference.

The ultimate goal is to craft compelling, valuable content that resonates with your audience, offering them both immediate and lasting insights.

Achieve this, and you'll not only stand out but also become a go-to source of inspiration and information on LinkedIn.

How to Write Recruiters Posts With AuthoredUp

Figuring out what to write is just the first step. The real challenge often lies in crafting the post itself.

This is where AuthoredUp comes in as a game-changer for your LinkedIn content creation. 

With AuthoredUp, you get access to a suite of features designed to enhance your writing process:

🌸 Preview your posts on different devices to see how they'll look.

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🌸 Easily manage and switch between drafts, take notes, or schedule posts for the future.

🌸 Access over 200 hooks and 150 call-to-action (CTA) templates in English, Dutch, and German.

🌸 Save text snippets for repeated use in various posts.

🌸 Organize and analyze your LinkedIn posts along with their performance metrics, including historical data.

🌸 Reuse any previous post with just a click.

🌸 Check your content's readability score to ensure it's engaging and easy to understand.

🌸 Manage multiple LinkedIn profiles from one central location.

🌸 Explore in-depth content analytics and compare the performance of two posts side-by-side.

🌸 Offers comprehensive support for both individual profiles and LinkedIn pages.

Interested in giving AuthoredUp a try?

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