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What Makes LinkedIn Posts Go Viral?

Discover what makes LinkedIn posts go viral, its winning ingredients, and how to boost your content to the top of feeds.

Linkedin Growth
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Many content creators want to know the secret to making their posts go viral on LinkedIn.

This is a reasonable concern, since achieving viralality can significantly expand your audience, benefiting both your business and personal brand.

So what do you think: Is this a matter of luck, or is there a replicable science behind it?

To answer this, we conducted research analyzing the profiles of 30 individuals whose content frequently goes viral on LinkedIn, examining over 120 of their posts.

Our findings revealed common elements and factors among these viral posts and their creators.

So, whether you aim to boost brand awareness, generate leads, or simply stir up some buzz, understanding what makes posts go viral on LinkedIn can enhance your chances of success.

Let’s dive in!

6 Elements of a Viral LinkedIn Post to Implement in Your Content

Here you can find the segmented version of each relevant element of viral LinkedIn posts, grouped into distinct sections for each key point.

1. Viral Topics on LinkedIn

When we began our research, we quickly observed that the most viral LinkedIn posts often focus on specific topics.

These subjects are evergreen and broad, relevant across different industries and businesses.

The reason these topics gain so much traction is simple: they resonate with a wide audience.

The more relatable your content is, the greater the likelihood of it going viral.

Here are eight topics that frequently go viral on LinkedIn:

1.1. Career Advice Topics

Career advice is one of the most popular topics on LinkedIn, and understandably so.

People continually seek ways to enhance their careers and progress in their fields.


This holds true regardless of whether someone is just beginning their career or has years of industry experience.

Therefore, it's no surprise that posts offering career guidance tend to perform exceptionally well on LinkedIn.

1.2. Candidate Experience Topics

Almost everyone has been a job candidate at some point in their lives.

That's why posts about candidate experience usually do pretty well on LinkedIn.

People want to know what companies are doing right and wrong, hear about other people's experiences, and learn from both the good and the bad.


So, if you have some insights, tips, or stories to share about candidate experience, there's a good chance your post will be well-received by LinkedIn users.

1.3. Content Creation Topics

Content creation is a hot topic on LinkedIn for several reasons. Firstly, in today’s digital world, successful content creation is essential.

This explains why so many LinkedIn users are eager to learn more about it and why posts on this topic often go viral.

Additionally, a large portion of LinkedIn's audience includes content creators, many of whom are professional marketers or have experience with marketing and copywriting.


If you have useful tips, tricks, or advice on content creation, sharing them on LinkedIn could be highly beneficial to others.

1.4. How (I/ We/ They) Made It Topics

Success stories are captivating, drawing us in with narratives of personal and business victories.

We're naturally intrigued by the strategies and tactics that drive these successes, eager to discover insights we can use in our own pursuits.

LinkedIn users are particularly interested in such stories.


If you have a success story about yourself or your company, highlight the specific strategies and tactics that led to your success and explain why they worked effectively.

1.5. Topics on Side Hustles

The traditional job market has undergone significant changes, inspiring many to pursue a side hustle that brings joy, creativity, and additional income.

As a result, side hustles are a popular topic on LinkedIn, with related posts often gaining viral attention.


If you have a successful side hustle you're passionate about, be sure to share useful tips and advice based on your experiences to help others.

This not only provides value to your readers but also enhances the visibility of your post.

1.6. Topics on Mindset

Mindset is a widely discussed topic, resonating deeply with LinkedIn users due to its significant impact on both professional and personal lives.


Sharing your insights on this topic could make a meaningful difference in someone's life.

1.7. Work-Related Topics

Work occupies a significant part of our lives, so naturally, we're constantly seeking ways to improve it.

Thus work-related topics can include insights on:

  • remote work,
  • hybrid models,
  • four-day workweeks,
  • paid time off, and
  • company culture.

When you share your insights and experiences on these subjects, you're likely to engage other LinkedIn users and spark meaningful discussions.

1.8. Network-Related Topics

LinkedIn is primarily a social media platform, meaning content that resonates with your network tends to receive more attention.

Our research confirms that creators of viral LinkedIn posts focus on topics their network cares about, which is hardly surprising.

For example, if your network consists mainly of programmers, a post about programming is more likely to go viral.


This principle applies to any topic.

Therefore, to increase your chances of going viral on LinkedIn, it's crucial to write about subjects that interest your network; otherwise, engagement may be minimal.

2. The Importance of Clarity in Viral LinkedIn Posts

It might seem obvious, but it bears repeating: clarity in writing is crucial.

Every viral post we analyzed on LinkedIn featured:

  • well-crafted text with correct grammar,
  • clear sentences, and
  • a coherent overall message.

Each post focused on a single topic and delivered a clear takeaway.

The narrative was straightforward, with no unresolved issues or unnecessary details.

The writing was direct and concise, enabling readers to easily remember the post’s main idea from start to finish.


3. Unique Perspectives in Viral LinkedIn Posts

The majority of the posts we analyzed offered a fresh perspective on their chosen topics. Take this example: 


The content wasn't merely a repetition of common ideas.

Instead, it presented a new viewpoint, a unique way to consider the subject.

It was the kind of insight that prompts readers to think, "Hmm, I've never seen it like that before." However, these insights weren't so unconventional as to be unbelievable—they were logical and supported by data, stories, and examples.

Often, these posts challenged mainstream beliefs.

For instance, if the general understanding is that side hustles are beneficial, the post might highlight the difficulties and argue that side hustles aren't suitable for everyone.

Similarly, against the popular notion that unlimited PTO is advantageous, it could discuss the potential downsides and why the concept might be flawed.

This approach is effective because:

👉 it encourages readers to pause and reconsider their views,

👉with a clear opinion presented, it also naturally invites comments and sharing of personal experiences and opinions on the topic.

This engagement can lead to one comment sparking another, potentially setting off a chain reaction that catapults your post to viral status.

4. Captivating Opening Lines in Viral LinkedIn Posts

One key element we've noticed in all the viral posts we analyzed is their captivating opening lines.

This is crucial because for a post to go viral, it must first be read. Thus, an engaging opening line is essential to draw readers in. 

Two experts known for their compelling openers are Jed Mahrie and Nicolas Cole. Their opening lines immediately grab attention, prompting you to read further.

👉 Jed Mahrie’s opening line example:


👉 Nicolas Cole’s opening line example:


Once readers are intrigued, they are more likely to:

  • continue reading,
  • engage with the content by liking or commenting, and
  • share it with others, which is how the viral effect begins.

💡 Pro Tip

To craft such engaging openers, you can seek help from LinkedIn content writing tools such as AuthoredUp.

This free Google Chrome extension previews how your post will appear in the LinkedIn feed before you publish it.

This allows you to ensure that your opening lines are visible and enticing in the feed.


You can use AuthoredUp's Preview Post tool for free by following this link.

This tool is a great resource for refining your opening lines and increasing the chances that your post will engage and attract readers.

Furthermore, if you need assistance with customizing your opening lines, AuthoredUp enables you to explore over 150+ hook templates.


5. Type of Viral LinkedIn Posts

When analyzing the most viral posts on LinkedIn, we discovered that the majority are:

  • simple text-only posts,
  • lacking images,
  • videos, or
  • links.

Surprisingly, we didn’t find a single viral post that included a link, contrary to the common belief that multimedia elements are necessary for virality.

Why is this the case with types of viral LinkedIn posts?

👉 Text-only posts dominate because they are straightforward and require minimal effort from readers.

👉 While images and videos can enhance a post, they also make it more complex and demanding. Even a few extra seconds of effort can deter potential readers.

👉 Interestingly, most viral posts are lengthy, typically between 800 and 1500 characters.

These longer posts delve deeper into topics, offering more detailed explanations and adding value, encouraging more comments and interactions.

If you aim to create a viral post, consider writing more extended entries of at least 800-1000 characters.

This approach enriches the content and increases the likelihood of engaging more readers, enhancing your chances of going viral.

6. Formatting and Structure in Viral LinkedIn Posts

Another key observation from our analysis of viral LinkedIn posts is their exceptional formatting. These posts are:

  • visually appealing,
  • easy to read, and
  • well-spaced, making them stand out in the feed.

Proper sentence length and paragraph spacing are crucial elements noted in every viral post.

For instance, Erin Balsa is known for her excellent post formatting skills.


It might seem trivial, but many people overlook proper formatting.

They create long, unbroken paragraphs without adequate spacing, resulting in posts that look cluttered and uninviting in the feed.

It’s no surprise that these posts rarely capture attention.

When was the last time you engaged with a post that resembled a wall of text?

Probably never, right?

Posts that are hard to read and visually unappealing are often ignored.

💡 Pro Tip

If you’re aiming for virality on LinkedIn, focusing on formatting is essential. Here is where AuthoredUp can be a valuable asset as well.

It allows you to format and preview your post while providing features to make it look appealing in the feed with options such as bold, underscore, bullet and number list, emojis, etc.

Simply enter your text on the left side of the screen, and see a live preview on the right.


Additionally, AuthoredUp makes it easy t add images, videos, and even GIFs to your posts. 


How to Make a Viral LinkedIn Post With AuthoredUp?

In summary, while the allure of going viral on LinkedIn is undeniable, the true measure of success lies in consistently delivering quality content that provides genuine value to your audience.

With the strategic content insights discussed, you're well-equipped to enhance your content's reaction and reach.

But how can the AuthoredUp tool take your LinkedIn presence to the next level?

AuthoredUp simplifies content creation with features like:

🌸 Preview Posts: Check how your post will look in the feed before publishing.

🌸 Custom Formatting: Apply bullet points, bold text, and strategic spacing to improve readability.

🌸 Idea and Draft Organization: Keep your drafts and ideas neatly organized for easy access.

🌸 Reuse Your Old Posts: Recycle and refresh content that has performed well in the past.

🌸 Plan and Schedule Your Content: Manage your posting schedule with an easy-to-use calendar view.

🌸 Monitor Your Performance: Gain valuable insights with detailed analytics on post-performance.

🌸 Manage Saved Posts: Easily access and organize your saved content for inspiration.

Getting started with AuthoredUp is straightforward:

  1. Install the AuthoredUp extension.
  2. Connect your LinkedIn account.
  3. Explore all features with a 14-day free trial.

Ready to maximize your LinkedIn presence?

Start with a free tour of AuthoredUp and begin executing your content strategy with greater effectiveness today. 🚀

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