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5 Best Employee Advocacy Tools

Boost your B2B social media game with our guide to the top employee advocacy tools for maximum marketing success.

Tools & Alternatives
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Did you know that 90% of B2B firms incorporate employee advocacy initiatives into their social media marketing plans?

It seems like everyone these days is chatting about how employee advocacy can assist their company in growing.

If your employee campaign isn't yielding the expected results, you may be questioning what's missing and why you're not achieving the targeted results.

Many people share the same worry, and using a tool for assistance appears to be highly advantageous.

The main goal of this article is to explain the characteristics of the 5 best employee advocacy tools.

Join us as we examine how to implement an advocacy plan for the best outcomes.

Now let's get started!

1. AuthoredUp


AuthoredUp is a LinkedIn content creation tool that helps individuals make unique LinkedIn posts whether from personal profiles or company pages.

All the features are consolidated into a single dashboard, and you can use it directly when on LinkedIn, saving you time from switching between tabs and navigating.

It comes as an app or as a Chrome Extension, depending on your preference.

AuthoredUp makes it easier to use the features for everything that needs to be done on LinkedIn, including employee advocacy activities.

Key Features

Let’s take a look at the most efficient feature this tool offers when it comes to employee advocacy strategy.

✅Post Statistics

When you scroll down your posts, you can click to open AuthoredUp and view all the relevant statistics, including text metrics, shares, reactions, and comments.


The readability score proves particularly helpful, showing the readability of your text with each number between 1 and 14.

Each number has an accompanying color; green signifies understandable text, and the text requires more work as the color becomes more red.

✅Analytics Dashboard

Using AuthoredUp’s analytics you can locate and get insights into the metrics of your profile  and examine all necessary posts right here get.

For example your engagement rate and the total amount of likes, comments, and other important metrics.


Instead of examining each post separately, you can see how your content is now performing when it's all in one location.

✅Text Editor

Make sure everything is flawless before publishing anything. This entire section is dedicated to revising and formatting your writing until you're happy with it.


Italic, bold, and emoji pickers are among the most frequently used features on LinkedIn that you can access with a single click.

✅Calendar View

Effective employee advocacy begins with early planning.

You can use the AuthoredUp calendar view to display the prepared posts clearly and easily stay aligned with your company’s activities.


Providing your staff with access to this calendar is crucial. It helps each member understand their responsibilities for the upcoming period, ensuring timely completion of tasks


This is a handy feature if you want to be recognizable as a company.

Each employee can have their unique snippet, or your whole team can have the same.


AuthoredUp offers 100+ snippets that you can filter down by keyword.

✅Reuse Posts

Occasionally, certain posts become highly popular, sparking significant engagement and excitement among the audience.

Instead of searching through the numerous posts for the special one, you can find it with the help of AuthoredUp and reuse it in a few clicks.


It might be a good idea to periodically highlight these posts to maintain interest and keep the audience engaged.


Nobody is constantly near a phone or computer. Additionally, you should use caution when publishing at busy times. It implies that in order to reach a larger audience when everyone is online, you should have your post ready for publication.

Simply select the time you want it uploaded by clicking on the little clock in the tool tab's right section, set the date and time and you’re ready to go.


Benefits of Using AuthoredUp

✨Well-structured content plan - Using AuthoredUp’s calendar provides you with an overview of your complete content plan so you can see all your teammates scheduled posts, and align your activities with it.

✨Formatted Content - It’s hard to reach good engagement and make your strategy work if you do not have a nice stylized post that catches an eye. You want to reach the most people possible, and rarely will people be drawn to content that looks badly formatted.

✨Complete Analytics - AuthoredUp offers comprehensive analytics, starting with comparing your content to different engagement metrics. Perhaps the most beneficial thing is to have all of your stats in one place.

AuthoredUp: Pricing

AuthoredUp offers three different plans and 14 free trials each.


2. Sociabble


Sociabble commits to transforming employees into real teams within businesses. Their goal is to assist employers in providing knowledgeable and motivated staff.

Users might utilize it as an internal tool or one they have created.

It gives top priority to the mobile experience, which all staff members can use—even front-line staff members who don't communicate with the rest of the organization on a regular basis.

Key Features

Let’s check how exactly Sociabble is useful when it comes to employee advocacy.

✅Sharable Content

This feature enables your employees to find each post and content needed in one place. In one click, they can reshare the brand’s chosen content or admin-approved.

This feature includes videos, audio, and photos.

✅Available User Generated Content

Employees themselves can enrich a sharable content library with content suggestions. They also can ask for approval from the employee advocacy managers, all in one dashboard.

✅Collaborative Feature

The agenda view increases collaboration between people. All scheduled content and ideas can be found in the same place.

Furthermore, you will avoid any type of repetition, and only quality content remains.

✅Reward Feature

It can be a struggle sometimes to come up with rewards for your employees, especially if you are remotely working.

This feature motivates employees to proceed with employee advocacy with badges or real-life prices.

✅Accessible Content

This feature ensures that every piece of information in the tool library is accessible to all employees, as not all of them have access to Google or Microsoft Office licenses.

Benefits of Using Sociabble

✨Better Marketing Strategy

The concept of employee advocacy is the same as any other marketing tactic. Promoting your brand and raising brand recognition are the goals of marketing. Sociabble is wholly committed to promoting your message and improving the tone of your business.

✨Curate Content

You may locate all the information you need to come up with fresh ideas for future blogs by employing filters. Additionally, there is a library with a ton of stuff from other sources. Content that is new and creative is essential to the strategy's success.

✨Builds Strong Employee Culture

Small gestures of appreciation and gratitude go a long way. It is simple to award your staff because the platform makes it possible for you to monitor their performance.

A cohesive team creates more value and generates superior content than an undervalued one.

Sociabble: Pricing

Prices are not made available to the public, therefore you must speak with them directly.

3. EveryoneSocial


As its name implies, this tool is entirely focused on involving every employee in the organization in advocacy.

They operate under the premise that anybody can take on leadership roles and that everyone should participate in social media marketing for their business.

Features are aimed to increase market competition by generating organic traffic and engagement. They consider ROI and how their product might help you boost it.

Key Features

Let's examine what makes EverybodySocial special.

✅Support From the Tool

Every member of the EveryoneSocial team is available to assist you along the process. From the beginning, you receive professional assistance to use and explore the platform's features.

✅Employee Advocacy Plan

You can get a whole customized plan on how to conduct employee advocacy, making it a less daunting process.

What's more, your launch plan can come with up to three mini-guides and worksheets.

✅Exclusive Content

Anyone who uses EveryoneSocial has access to their material and live events. It is a sort of training on how to do everything to enrich your brand awareness.

✅Customer Service Management

Related to the member support, this is also insight into how well your strategy performs and how your statistics work.

Benefits of Using EveryoneSocial

✨Brand Awareness

You can support your brand according to the team's guidelines, as the entire tool is made to entice users to visit your website or profile.

✨Centralized Dashboard

Everyone has access to the same dashboard where ready-made content is available. This reduces the likelihood that consumers will overlook any information and saves some time.

✨Increase Team Alignment

Once you use features among the team members that encourage them to work together, you will have a compatible team that functions together over time.

EveryoneSocial: Pricing

Simply request a price quote from EveryoneSocial, and they will produce a unique price for each individual.


4. HotSuite Amplify


HotSuite is a social management tool that handles a lot of the facets of using social media on seven well-known social networks.

Although HotSuite Amplify wasn't initially intended exclusively for employee advocacy, they launched it after seeing its significance.

Every component is created with an advocacy strategy in mind, allowing staff members to collaborate on a single dashboard.

Key Features

Let’s see the main features HotSuits has on its sleeve.

✅Team Dashboard

Anyone can access an all-in-one dashboard. If you would like to leave a prepared message or important note for each employee individually, you may do so here, and the tool will let them know.

✅Integrates With Other Tools

HotSuite is integrated with Slack, UpContent, Microsoft Teams, and so on. You can use them together, including all your employees.

✅AI Content Creation

This feature instantly generates post captions, offers content ideas, and allows you to review and edit them.

✅Peak Times Suggestions

The tool has independent thought. It recommends peak and optimal periods for you to publish your content. Although it varies depending on the social media platform, this tool is useful in calculating it for you.

Benefits of Using HotSuite Amplify

✨Extends Social Reach

You will progressively broaden your social circle by utilizing its capabilities and adhering to its recommendations.

This is especially crucial on LinkedIn, where producing high-quality material is frequently the greatest approach to attracting more attention.

✨Organic Promotion

In addition to providing the advantages of algorithms, organic traffic also reduces expenses.

In this way, you can avoid paying for advertisements or running sponsored initiatives to market your company.

✨Attracts Top Talents

One of the good things about employee advocacy is finding and attracting talented people to start working in your company.

People commonly trust the ones who positively speak about the company they work in rather than trusting the company itself.

HotSuite Amplify: Pricing

HotSuite Amplify has three different plans. If your primary focus is on employee advocacy, you should choose the Enterprise Custom plan, which will be tailored to your specific needs.


5. Clearview Social


Finally, we would like to introduce you to Clearview Social.

This platform is mostly used for account management on social networks.

The primary objective of this tool is to help you develop a plan and increase organic traffic. However, they also provide special tools for staff advocacy.

Additionally, using the webinars and e-books,  you can also access the knowledge they've accumulated over time.

Key Features

✅Help In Content Creation

This tool offers a ton of ideas for creating engaging content. You can make videos, e-books, blogs, and more.

✅Email Access

Your staff can receive the entire queue via email, and they can then click to share the necessary content with others.

✅Schedule Posts

In addition to following their advice on when to publish, you may schedule posts using their calendar.

✅Measurable Results

This application will generate comprehensive reports with all the data displayed in a unique chart after you have played with it for some time.

Benefits of Using Clearview Social

✨Saves Time

Anybody who supervises employee advocacy may complete tasks quickly and efficiently with the help of choices like One email for everyone, One click to share, and others.

✨Offer Quality Content

If you do not provide individuals with information and motivation through your brand content, it is highly unlikely that you will accomplish anything with your campaign. When used in tandem, all functions facilitate the content creation process.

Clearview Social: Pricing

Clearview offers three distinct plans, all of which involve customization, so the actual cost may vary.


Which Tool Is the Best for Employee Advocacy?

We have reviewed 5 Employee Advocacy tools today, but many more are certainly available.

Choosing the ideal tool and employee advocacy are ongoing processes that take time to complete.

Take into account the nature of your business and the kind of material you provide to make the right decision.

Think about the things you really need to work on and how these tools may help.

The decision-making process is ultimately driven by your tastes and the needs of your firm.

But what if AuthoredUp can cover almost everything you need?

Why AuthoredUp?

The AuthoredUp crafted itself just for LinkedIn.

In order to distinguish AuthoredUp from other solutions, it changed each element to be in line with the LinkedIn algorithm.

In addition to what we've shown, the platform has a ton of capabilities and focuses on producing content that is specific to your LinkedIn audience.

Take advantage of a free trial of AuthoredUp to discover if it meets your needs.

Join AuthoredUp today and discover how to navigate your employee advocacy strategy easily!

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