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9 Free LinkedIn Scheduling Tools in 2024

Explore the latest free LinkedIn scheduling tools to streamline your social media strategy and stay ahead of the competition.

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Navigating the world of LinkedIn content creation isn't just about crafting engaging posts or keeping an eye on how they perform—it's also about planning ahead.

Let's face it, juggling content creation with a hectic schedule can feel like a chaotic scramble.

This is especially true when you're writing content at the last minute.

Fortunately, there are tools out there that let you schedule your posts in advance and offer handy features like saving multiple drafts and organizing your calendar more efficiently.

In today's article, we've rounded up 9 free LinkedIn scheduling tools to make your publishing calendar management a breeze in 2024.

Let's dive in!

The List of 9 Best Free LinkedIn Scheduling Tools to Consider Today

1. AuthoredUp


AuthoredUp stands out as an all-encompassing tool designed for LinkedIn content writing and management, offering a wide array of features to assist users in:

✔️ crafting,

✔️ organizing, and

✔️ tracking their LinkedIn content effectively.

The platform’s primary aim is to simplify the process of LinkedIn optimization for optimal performance.

AuthoredUp is tailored to meet the demands of both newcomers and seasoned professionals on the platform.

Its availability as both a web app and a Chrome extension enhances ease of use, contributing to its popularity among over 2,000 companies and various industries.

How to Get Started With AuthoredUp?

AuthoredUp offers seamless integration with LinkedIn's native scheduling feature, allowing users to schedule their posts directly from the app onto the platform.

After signing up and linking your LinkedIn account, you have the choice to work either from the web app or within LinkedIn via the Chrome extension.

For easier navigation, the extension is recommended.

How Scheduling LinkedIn Posts Works with AuthoredUp?

With the AuthoredUp extension, the logo appears on the right side of your window, serving as a gateway to various functionalities, including:

✨ Text Editor — A versatile editing space with formatting options, ending and call-to-action templates, snippets, and real-time post previews.

✨ Drafts — A section for labeling, sorting, organizing and accessing unfinished posts for further editing or future scheduling. You can also invite other people to contribute to your drafts.

✨ Calendar View — Offers a calendar overview of your scheduled posts, where you can easily reschedule or delete them. This feature supports management across all your LinkedIn profiles, including personal, company pages, or groups.

✨ Posts — Allows you to review, export, or repurpose your previous posts.

✨ Analytics — Provides insights into your posts' performance through various metrics, enabling a deeper understanding of engagement trends.

✨ Saved Posts — A place to access, review, or export posts you've saved.

Step #1: To schedule a post, start in the Text Editor by clicking the “Start a post” button.

Step #2: The outline will change from green to blue, indicating you can begin composing your post.

Step #3: After refining your content with formatting options or adding media through the “Attach” button, preview your post on different devices.

You can include in your post animated GIFs, documents, images or videos, and more.


Step #4: Once satisfied, you can either save a post as Draft or proceed with scheduling. To do so, click the clock icon to choose a publishing date and time.


Step #5: After setting the date, a final click on the “Next” button and a visit to the Calendar view allows you to preview or adjust your scheduled post.


Free Option Details

AuthoredUp offers a 14-day free trial.

2. Sendbile


Sendible stands out as a comprehensive platform tailored for enhancing social media management.

Designed to help users broaden their audience, attract new clients, and achieve their social media goals, Sendible integrates a full range of tools for scheduling, monitoring, and analyzing social media content with precision.

Key Features

✨ Image Editor — Sendible's in-app image editor allows for the optimization of visuals across various platforms, boosting engagement with eye-catching posts.

✨ Canva Integration — Effortlessly create striking designs with Canva integration, enabling users to produce social media graphics and blog visuals directly within the platform.

✨ Media Sharing Integrations — Access and share visual content through integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, GIPHY, and Pexels, enriching posts with diverse visual elements.

✨ Content Sharing and Bulk Import — Enhance your content strategy by adding RSS feeds or Google Alerts for automatic updates and utilize the bulk scheduler for efficient campaign planning.

Free Option Details

Sendible allows you to take advantage of a 14-day free trial for its Creator and Traction premium plans.

3. Buffer


Buffer stands as a tool committed to helping users organically grow their audience through straightforward and effective marketing solutions.

Recognized for its values-driven approach, this tool offers solutions tailored for individuals and teams eager to expand their reach.

One of Buffer's effective features is its scheduling option, which enables you to post frequently and enhance visibility and engagement on LinkedIn..

Key Features

✨ Advanced Scheduling — Schedule your LinkedIn posts in advance to ensure consistent engagement and reach all your followers, optimizing for the best times and dates.

✨ Visual Post Integration— Enhance your LinkedIn posts with visuals (photos, infographics, or videos) to significantly increase comments and engagement.

✨ Hashtag and Mentions — Amplify your reach beyond your immediate network by incorporating hashtags and mentioning other pages in your scheduled posts.

✨ Bulk Scheduling — With the capacity to schedule up to 2,000 posts across major platforms, Buffer helps maintain a steady content stream without constant manual input.

✨ Performance Insights — Access personalized tips for improving your content strategy and download detailed reports to track your social media performance.

Free Option Details

Buffer provides a free account option that lets you link up to 3 channels.

4. Loomly


Loomly stands out as an intuitive all-in-one social media management tool, designed to simplify content creation, team collaboration, and success tracking for social media, including LinkedIn. It enables users to craft and schedule content swiftly, ensuring that every post is poised to make an impact.

With features aimed at enhancing visibility and engagement, Loomly provides a comprehensive platform for managing your LinkedIn strategy.

Key Features

✨ Post Preview — Check how your posts will look before they go live, allowing for last-minute adjustments to perfect your content.

✨ Automated Reports — Schedule reports to automatically update your team or clients on campaign performance, maintaining transparency and collaboration.

✨ Content Library — Access a vast library of free images through Unsplash, and import assets from Canva and Google Drive, enriching your content variety.

✨ Loomly Studio — Edit images and videos directly within Loomly, ensuring your visuals are captivating and on-brand.

✨ Video Slideshows — Create dynamic video slideshows from multiple images, adding variety to your content strategy.

✨ LinkedIn Analytics — Track your content's performance effortlessly, identifying what resonates most with your audience for strategic planning.

Free Option Details

Loomly comes with a 15-day free trial for all premium tiers.

5. Sprout Social


Sprout Social offers an integrated platform that elevates your social media management to impact marketing strategies and various organizational areas.

With its focus on intuitive planning and scheduling tools, Sprout Social ensures your content reaches and resonates with your audience at the most impactful times.

It simplifies creating and sharing engaging content, making it a vital tool for teams aiming to maximize their social media presence.

Key Features

✨ Optimal Send Times — Analyzes 16 weeks of audience interaction data to pinpoint the best posting times for maximizing engagement.

✨ SproutLink — Utilizes a link-in-bio solution to drive traffic to your website or landing pages, enhancing your profile's effectiveness on platforms like Instagram.

✨ Collaborative Scheduling — Facilitates seamless collaboration within teams and with external stakeholders, ensuring content is approved unanimously before posting.

✨ Content Calendar Sharing — Allows for easy sharing of your content calendar, complete with notes and real-time internal conversations for efficient teamwork.

✨ Content Suggestions — Provides quick access to brand-relevant content, making it easier to keep your audience engaged with fresh material.

✨ Asset Library — Offers a centralized location to create, import, edit, and publish new assets with integrations from Canva, Bynder, and Google Drive, streamlining asset management.

Free Option Details

Sprout Social offers a 30-day free trial.

6. Agorapulse


Agorapulse is a comprehensive platform designed to simplify social media management.

It is helping users to save time, stay organized, and drive tangible business outcomes from their social campaigns.

With a suite of tools tailored for maximizing the effectiveness of your LinkedIn company page, Agorapulse facilitates content scheduling, interaction management, and campaign impact analysis, all within a unified interface.

Key Features

✨ Flexible Scheduling — Automatically publish your content with a variety of scheduling options tailored to maximize reach and engagement.

✨ First Comment Feature — Enhance post visibility by adding a first comment as you schedule your posts, a strategy to increase reach.

✨ Bulk Scheduling — Streamline your content strategy with the option to schedule multiple posts at once, saving valuable time.

✨ Performance Analytics — Gain insights into content performance, identifying what works best and the optimal times for posting on social media.

✨ Digital Media Asset Library — Draft posts and store assets within a digital library, ensuring ready access to your content materials.

✨ Shared Calendars — Facilitate content approval processes by sharing your LinkedIn content calendar with internal and external stakeholders.

Free Option Details

Agorapulse offers a free version for one user, allowing management of up to 3 social profiles and the scheduling of 10 posts. Additionally, it provides a 30-day free trial for its premium tiers.

7. CoSchedule


CoSchedule is a comprehensive solution that assists with the often chaotic nature of marketing management.

Through its Calendars feature, this tool provides a unified platform to organize and streamline every aspect of your marketing strategy—from social media planning to content creation and campaign execution.

Plus, CoSchedule enhances visibility, efficiency, and collaboration within marketing teams, offering solutions for the diverse needs of today's digital marketers.

Key Features

✨ Social Calendar — Facilitates the creation, scheduling, publication, and measurement of your social strategy in a single, robust calendar.

✨ Content Calendar — Offers a fully customizable marketing calendar, granting complete visibility into tasks, projects, and campaigns for seamless management.

✨ Hire Mia — Introduces a novel approach to scaling your marketing efforts with the world's first Collaborative AI-editor, aimed at multiplying creative output.

✨ Marketing Suite — Includes a series of unique workspaces within the CoSchedule Marketing Suite, allowing for tailored organization of projects and campaigns to best suit team workflows.

✨ Actionable Marketing Institute — Provides an on-demand marketing course library, enabling marketers to swiftly acquire new skills with confidence.

Free Option Details

CoSchedule provides a forever free account that allows you to connect up to 2 social media accounts.

8. Crowdfire


Crowdfire simplifies the task of discovering and scheduling content across various social platforms, allowing for efficient management of all social accounts from a single interface.

It supports scheduling for major networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, offering a streamlined process to plan your content calendar.

Crowdfire stands out by ensuring that each post is automatically tailored to suit the format and norms of each social network, enhancing the effectiveness of your social media strategy.

Key Features

✨ Multi-Platform Scheduling — Schedule and publish content across different social media channels from one centralized dashboard.

✨ Advanced Post Scheduling — Pick dates and times in advance to schedule your content, allowing for efficient weekly planning and execution.

✨ Post Customization and Preview — Automatically tailor each post for different social networks and preview them before publishing to ensure perfection.

✨ Optimal Posting Times — Customize your posting schedule for each day or utilize Crowdfire’s recommendations for the best times to post on each of your accounts.

✨ Queue Meter — Ensure your social media profiles stay active and engaging by keeping track of scheduled content with the queue meter.

Free Option Details

Crowdfire comes with a freemium account that allows up to 3 linked accounts for LinkedIn, Instagram, X/Twitter and Facebook.

9. MeetEdgar


MeetEdgar offers a straightforward solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and social media teams to manage their online content efficiently.

This tool stands out by automating daily content scheduling, publishing, and recycling on LinkedIn, effectively functioning as an ever-vigilant social media assistant.

With MeetEdgar, users can import content into a library, from which the tool automatically selects posts to publish.

This ensures your LinkedIn profile remains active and engaging without constant manual input.

Key Features

✨ Automatic Posting — MeetEdgar posts to your LinkedIn from your content library on a daily basis, keeping your feed lively without manual intervention.

✨ Content Importation — Easily import your evergreen content into Edgar’s library or have Edgar generate post variations for you, optimizing your content creation process.

✨ Scheduling Flexibility — Schedule your LinkedIn posts effortlessly and select the accounts you wish them published on, simplifying your social media strategy.

✨ Category Selection — Choose categories for Edgar to pull posts from, ensuring that your content remains relevant and targeted.

✨ Content Library — Save content in the Content Library for future use, allowing for efficient management and repurposing of posts.

✨ Engagement Growth — By republishing your best evergreen content, MeetEdgar helps maintain engagement and visibility on your page, maximizing the lifespan of your posts.

Free Option Details

MeetEdgar offers a 7-day free trial.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, as we navigate through the vast array of scheduling tools available in 2024, our list aims to guide you toward the ideal solution for your content strategy needs.

Whether you're seeking to streamline your workflow, enhance engagement, or simply save time, we hope that one of these top 9 free LinkedIn scheduling tools can significantly improve your LinkedIn presence.

Wondering where to start?

Consider kicking off your journey with AuthoredUp. Here are five compelling reasons to give AuthoredUp a try:

🎀 Ease of Use — AuthoredUp's intuitive interface simplifies the scheduling process, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

🎀 Advanced Scheduling — Plan your posts in advance with precision, ensuring consistent content delivery.

🎀 Analytics — Gain insights into your post performance, allowing for data-driven decisions to enhance engagement.

🎀 Content Library — Store and manage your evergreen content efficiently, making it easy to repurpose your best work.

🎀 Collaboration Features — Collaborate seamlessly with your team, streamlining content creation and approval processes.

Ready to take your LinkedIn strategy to the next level?

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