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13 LinkedIn Trends to Inspire You in 2024

Discover the top LinkedIn trends for 2024 and gain invaluable insights to ensure your relevance and visibility, empowering your professional journey.

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Welcome to the pulse of professional networking!

If you've landed on this article, you're probably not just playing the LinkedIn game but aiming to master it.

In the ever-shifting sand of LinkedIn trends, staying ahead isn't just an advantage—it's a necessity to remain relevant and visible on this sprawling platform.

Good news in the block!

We've rolled up our sleeves to bring you the most pertinent insights and trends for 2024.

So, without further delay, let's plunge into the numbers and facts that will chart your course to success on LinkedIn this year!

13 Top LinkedIn Trends To Keep In Mind in 2024

1. LinkedIn Audience Behaviour

LinkedIn's move towards mobile supremacy is reshaping how users interact on the platform.

With 65% of engagements now happening on mobile, there's a notable change in user behavior.

Mobile dominates feed browsing and interactions at 88%, while desktop usage mainly centers around profile editing (83%).

Additionally, 62% of posts are created on mobile, underlining the importance of mobile-friendly content.

Despite shorter average mobile sessions (1.39 minutes), total monthly engagement time is higher (19 minutes), indicating more frequent but brief interactions.

This shift underscores the significance for marketers and content creators to prioritize mobile optimization to effectively connect with LinkedIn's evolving audience.

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This feature enables you to preview how your posts will appear across devices—desktop, tablet, or smartphone—before publishing.

2. LinkedIn Content Trends

LinkedIn's content scene is growing more diverse, featuring:

  • text and image posts,
  • carousels,
  • polls, and
  • videos.

All these formats contribute significantly to visibility and engagement.

Furthermore, each content type brings distinct advantages and requires tailored strategies to enhance reach and interaction with the audience.

This trend highlights the importance of strategic planning in content creation, harnessing the strengths of each format to optimize reach and engagement on LinkedIn.

Post Formats on LinkedIn: Essential Insights


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Simply click "Start a post" and choose the "Attach” option for easy inclusion.


This approach helps make your posts more engaging and visually appealing, catering to audience preferences for interactive content.

3. LinkedIn Posting Strategy

Optimizing your LinkedIn posting schedule is key to maximizing content visibility and engagement.

Adhering to a few strategic guidelines can significantly enhance your content's performance.

  • Firstly, maintaining a consistent posting rhythm of 3 to 4 times per week strikes the right balance between engaging your audience and not overwhelming them.
  • Timing is also crucial—it's advisable to wait at least 24 hours after a previous post before publishing new content.

This approach gives each post enough space to breathe and capture attention, particularly if the preceding post is still garnering engagement.

However, this pacing can be adjusted based on the performance and engagement levels of your posts.

Strategic Content Mix for Sustained Engagement


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For efficient LinkedIn content management, leverage AuthoredUp's Calendar View.

This tool simplifies tracking your scheduled posts by displaying them in an easy-to-navigate calendar.


With the ability to reschedule or delete directly from the calendar, managing your content strategy becomes more straightforward.

Additionally, AuthoredUp's scheduling option integrates smoothly with LinkedIn, allowing for the scheduling of various post types, including PDFs for carousels and polls.


This feature ensures that your content aligns with your strategy and audience engagement patterns, enhancing your LinkedIn reporting and analytics approach.

4. LinkedIn Reposting Strategy

LinkedIn's recent enhancements, such as the ability to turn comments into standalone posts and the introduction of 'Repost' functionalities, signify a significant leap forward in its content sharing capabilities.

These innovations, including options like "Instant Repost" and "Repost with your Thoughts," aim to elevate user engagement and broaden content reach across the platform.

The impact of these tools is evident:

  • Instant reposting can amplify the original post's growth by up to 40%.
  • Interestingly, reposting with added personal insights is significantly less effective in expanding the original post, about 12 times less effective than instant reposting.

Moreover, instant reposting contributes to a 4% increase in reach for the original content creator, underscoring the value of these features in boosting content circulation and visibility on LinkedIn.

Reposting from the Original Author’s Perspective


Reposting from the Reposter's Perspective


💡 Pro Tip

To capitalize on the LinkedIn reposting trend, consider using AuthoredUp's Reuse feature.

This tool allows you to effortlessly gather all your previously published posts, enabling you to identify high-performing content for repurposing.

Without the need for cookies or automating LinkedIn activity, you can quickly find successful posts and hidden gems.


By restructuring and updating proven content, you can republish it in seconds, ensuring your content strategy remains robust and effective.

This approach is a practical way to maintain engagement and visibility on LinkedIn.

5. LinkedIn's Engagement Strategy

LinkedIn's strategy underscores the significance of active content management, shifting away from the "post and ghost" approach to optimize content reach.

This approach recognizes that continuous creator interaction throughout a post's lifecycle is key to boosting visibility on the platform.

The lifecycle is divided into 3 crucial engagement phases, each playing a distinct role in influencing a post's visibility:


Publishing & Nurturing Strategies for Enhanced Reach


💡 Pro Tip

To enhance LinkedIn engagement, utilize AuthoredUp's Growth and Reaction Timelines.

The Growth Timeline offers a graphical view of your performance, tracking metrics such as impressions, reactions, comments, shares, and engagement rates.

This visual tool helps you assess the effectiveness of your content strategy over time.


Meanwhile, the Reaction Timeline allows you to analyze how different post types resonate with your audience, identifying which styles trigger specific reactions.


Together, these features provide valuable insights into your content's impact, guiding you to tailor your approach for improved engagement.

6. LinkedIn Hashtags

The role of hashtags in expanding content reach on LinkedIn is undergoing a notable evolution, suggesting a shift in their effectiveness.

Traditionally, it was recommended to include 3 to 5 hashtags to optimize post visibility and engagement.

This advice stemmed from the idea that hashtags are valuable for categorizing content and improving its discoverability among specific audiences on LinkedIn.

However, recent observations indicate a nuanced alteration in how hashtags impact content reach and engagement.

This transformation mirrors broader shifts within LinkedIn's platform, such as updates to its algorithm and the introduction of new features, which could influence how content is prioritized and presented to users.

Current Hashtag Insights


💡 Pro Tip

To optimize your LinkedIn hashtag strategy, leverage AuthoredUp's hashtag analytics.

This feature presents a comprehensive table detailing each hashtag's frequency, comments, reactions, shares, and engagement rate.


Such insights guide you to identify which hashtags resonate most with your audience.

7. LinkedIn Commenting

Comments on LinkedIn are increasingly acknowledged as a powerful tool for improving visibility and establishing professional authority.

The platform's algorithm now prioritizes commenting as the highest form of engagement.

Taking a strategic approach to commenting not only fosters interaction but also facilitates community building.

Notably, engaging with 10 quality comments daily for a month can:

To leverage this, ensure your comments are insightful, contributing substantive value to discussions.

Strategies for Maximizing Impact Through Comments


8. LinkedIn External Links

The inclusion of external links in LinkedIn posts significantly impacts their reach, reflecting a preference for keeping users within the platform's ecosystem.

This trend, likely influenced by user behavior and LinkedIn's algorithm, can lead to a deprioritization of posts with external redirects to encourage on-site engagement.

Statistics show a significant difference in how external links affect personal profiles versus company pages:

This difference emphasizes the importance of aligning content strategy with LinkedIn's preference for internal content consumption.

For businesses and professionals aiming to maximize visibility on LinkedIn, understanding and adapting to this trend is crucial.

It underscores the need for creative approaches to integrate external content indirectly, ensuring broader reach and engagement on the platform.

Strategies to Incorporate External Links Effectively


9. LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn Company Pages have become vital for brand engagement, with specific content types and strategies playing a crucial role in enhancing reach and interaction.

👉 Introducing diversity in content through polls and documents can significantly boost engagement, underscoring the importance of a varied content strategy.

👉 Leveraging weekend posting takes advantage of less crowded streams, enhancing visibility in a less competitive environment.

👉 Encouraging employee advocacy tackles the challenge of declining organic reach, fostering follower growth through personal networks.

👉 Tailoring strategies to fit company size and dynamics ensures content diversity and optimizes performance.

These insights illuminate the evolving landscape of LinkedIn for companies, emphasizing the importance of:

  • strategic content diversification,
  • timing, and
  • community engagement in maximizing page impact and audience growth.

Content Performance Insights


Overall Performance and Impact of Algorithm Updates


Optimal Posting Times

Mid-week posts dominate, but weekends see a 50% boost in reach and engagement, presenting a strategic opportunity for visibility.

Strategic Insights for Optimizing Company Page Presence


10. LinkedIn Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy on LinkedIn is transforming how companies enhance their online presence and credibility.

By empowering employees to serve as brand ambassadors, businesses unlock a potent strategy to:

  • expand their reach,
  • deepen engagement significantly,
  • surpass the constraints of company pages.

This approach not only nurtures a more authentic brand image but also fosters genuine connections.

Is transforming employees into valuable assets for cultivating and sustaining a vibrant online presence.

As organic reach on LinkedIn faces decline, effectively involving employees in the advocacy process becomes a crucial tactic.

This strategy ensures companies maintain a meaningful presence on the platform, harnessing the collective influence of their workforce to address the challenges of diminishing visibility.

Additional Insights and Statistics


Challenges and Solutions


New Strategies for Enhanced Engagement


11. LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is quickly becoming an essential asset for fostering engagement in professional networking and content creation.

Available to users with Creator Mode enabled and specific Company Pages, it represents a notable evolution in how professionals connect with their audience, prioritizing real-time interaction.

Since 2022, the platform has seen a substantial surge in live streaming, resulting in significant boosts in user engagement.

This trend underscores the power of live streaming in cultivating vibrant online communities, indicating a growing preference among professionals for immediate, interactive communication channels.

LinkedIn Live Key Insights


12. LinkedIn Audio Events

Launched in January 2022, interactive audio discussions have become a dynamic way for LinkedIn users with Creator Mode and at least 150 followers to engage in live professional conversations.

These events are proving to be a valuable tool for fostering real-time exchanges, significantly enhancing user engagement.

A key statistic to note is that interactive elements within these discussions can boost engagement by 40%.

However, the optimal duration for such events is between 30 to 60 minutes, as audience attention tends to wane after the 45-minute mark.

This insight is crucial for maximizing the impact and effectiveness of interactive audio discussions on LinkedIn.

Strategies to Maximize Impact of Audio Events


13. LinkedIn and the AI Revolution

LinkedIn's integration of AI is reshaping user behavior and content standards, presenting both opportunities and challenges.

The efficiency and personalization benefits of AI are clear, with a significant increase in new users posting and existing creators' activity rising by 15%, indicating a notable reduction in barriers to content creation.

Moreover, there's a 28% increase in text length, showcasing AI's role in enriching content.

However, this transformation has its drawbacks:

These numbers are highlighting potential negative effects on user engagement.

Additionally, the overuse of AI in content creation, as seen in AI-generated images receiving 70% fewer clicks, suggests a decline in content uniqueness.

These trends emphasize the need for a balanced approach to AI to preserve the authenticity and effectiveness of professional content on LinkedIn.

AI & LinkedIn: Impact on Engagement and Networking


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Final Thoughts

Heading into 2024, LinkedIn is evolving, and staying on top of these 13 trends could really boost your game.

Think of them as your guide to making a bigger splash and getting more eyes on your content. Dive into these insights to keep your LinkedIn strategy fresh and effective.

Still, let’s not make this journey tougher than it needs to be!

Tools like AuthoredUp are here to speed up your content creation, keeping it top-notch.

Plus, we’ve got some extra features you might find handy as you navigate your way through LinkedIn:

🌸 Editor—Enhance your posts with bold, italic, bullet points, and emojis for more engaging content.

🌸 Analytics—Get insights into how your posts perform to help guide your content strategy.

🌸 Saved Posts—Manage and analyze your saved content on LinkedIn, easily introduced in version 4.4.0.

🌸 Drafts—Save post ideas and drafts to work on your content whenever you're ready.

🌸 Hooks—Access over 200 content starters to grab your audience's attention, perfect for any story.

🌸 Endings—Choose from 150+ customizable CTAs to boost engagement and conversions, tailored to your content's aim.

🌸 Snippets—Save and reuse text segments for quick, effective CTAs in your content creation.

🌸 Post Highlight—Compare post performances in detail with statistics for a thorough analysis.

🌸 Correlation Plot—Analyze how different content metrics relate to each other for a full view of your content's impact.

🌸 Readability—Check your content's clarity with a readability score to ensure it's easy to understand.

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