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13 Awesome Weekend LinkedIn Post Ideas

Wondering what to post on LinkedIn over the weekend? Check out these 13 engaging ideas that will help you boost your reach and ignite engagement!

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Are you a weekend warrior on LinkedIn?

If you've been navigating this professional platform for a while, you've probably noticed that weekends are not just for relaxation—they're also buzzing with people and engagement.

It's a golden opportunity to take your LinkedIn game to the next level, capturing more eyeballs, kindling conversations, and expanding your network.

Now, the million-dollar question: What should you be posting on LinkedIn during those precious weekends?

That's precisely what this blog post is all about.

So, get ready for a dose of inspiration as we share 13 fantastic ideas to ignite engagement and supercharge your LinkedIn presence.

But, before diving into the list of weekend LinkedIn post ideas, let's kick things off by understanding what they are and the advantages they offer.

Let’s start! 🔥

What are Weekend LinkedIn Posts?

Weekend LinkedIn posts, shared mainly on Saturdays and Sundays, are a savvy way to connect with a different crowd.

By going live during leisure hours, you reach professionals who might miss out on workweek action due to their busy schedules.

Benefits Of Weekend LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn posts offer a multitude of benefits for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their professional presence and network effectively.

Here are some key advantages:

✔️ Reach a Diverse Crowd — With only 8% of LinkedIn posts published on weekends, you can introduce your content to a fresh audience, including weekend users.

✔️ Weekend Spotlight — Higher engagement and reach, less competition. Posts on weekends have 50% more visibility and engagement due to reduced competition.

✔️ Viral Potential — With fewer distractions, your posts might just go viral, attracting a wider circle of connections.

✔️ Algorithm's Friend — Consistency makes the LinkedIn algorithm your buddy, boosting your post visibility.

✔️ Expertise Showcase — Show off your skills, share industry smarts, and become a go-to expert in your field.

✔️ Connect with Your Network — Keep in touch with your LinkedIn gang and have some meaningful chats.

✔️ Networking Made Easy — Attract folks with similar interests or potential job offers by sharing your insights.

✔️ Personal Branding — Shape your professional image, let your personality shine, and make a lasting impression.

✔️ Educational Goodies — Share trends, tips, and how-tos to position yourself as an industry leader.

✔️ Learn from Comments — Engage with your audience and discover what floats their professional boat.

Now is the ideal moment to unveil our list of the top 13 ideas for your weekend LinkedIn content.

13 Fantastic Ideas for Your Weekend LinkedIn Posts

1. Weekend Recap Post

A weekend recap post is your chance to sum up your recent days, both in work and play.

Share about a new project, a fresh client, an event you attended, or the fun moments with family and friends.

These posts offer a personal touch, letting your audience get to know you better and building trust and credibility.

Spice them up with photos and videos to make them visually appealing – after all, people enjoy content that's easy on the eyes.


🎯 Expert Tip

To make your weekend recap post even more engaging, consider adding a brief reflection or takeaway from your weekend experiences.

Share what you learned or how it contributed to your personal or professional growth.

This extra layer of insight can resonate with your audience and spark meaningful discussions.

To do it effectively, you can leverage the Rich Text Editor feature of AuthoredUp tool to bring a creative and polished look to your weekend recap post.


Use formatting tools like bold, italics, and bullet points to emphasize key points and organize your content for easy reading.

2. Weekend Recommendation Post

If you've stumbled upon a fantastic book, caught an amazing movie, or savored a delightful meal over the weekend, why not share the love with your LinkedIn connections?

People are always on the lookout for fresh reading, viewing, and dining experiences.

Thus, a weekend recommendation post is the perfect way to spread the word and give them some fantastic suggestions.

The best part?

Since you're endorsing things you've personally tried and enjoyed, your recommendations carry weight and trustworthiness, strengthening your credibility with your network.

As an example, take a cue from Rajul Kastiya’s LinkedIn post, where she not only shared her opinion but also included a carousel with 9 key lessons from the Atomic Habits book.


🎯 Expert Tip

When creating a weekend recommendation post, go the extra mile by explaining why you enjoyed the book, movie, or restaurant.

Share specific highlights or key takeaways that made it memorable for you.

This might chime in with your audiences’ thoughts or similar experiences.

Sharing your personal insights can make your recommendation even more compelling.

To streamline your creative process, utilize AuthoredUp’s Draft Wizardry feature to efficiently manage your post drafts.


This allows you to store and refine your ideas over time, ensuring that each recommendation you share is not only compelling but also well-crafted and deeply personal.

Additionally, you can use tags for your Drafts to neatly categorize them, ensuring they are easily retrievable.

3. Weekend How-To Post

Did you uncover a fresh approach to tackle a pesky problem or master a challenging task?

It's time to spread the knowledge!

Craft a weekend how-to post on LinkedIn to share your newfound wisdom with your connections.

People are eager to learn new skills, especially if it can boost their professional endeavors.

By creating a how-to post, you not only provide value but also position yourself as an expert in your field.

It signals to your network that you're committed to staying current and continuously expanding your knowledge.


🎯 Expert Tip

When crafting a weekend how-to post, break down the steps or instructions into a clear and concise format.

Use bullet points or numbered lists to make it easy for your audience to follow along. Additionally, consider creating a short video or including images to visually demonstrate the process if applicable.

Making your how-to guide user-friendly enhances its effectiveness and engagement.

4. Weekend Poll

Engagement alert!

Polls on LinkedIn are like magnets, drawing people in because they're quick, easy, and a whole lot of fun.

Tailor your weekend poll to be light, breezy, or even a touch quirky.

Wondering about favorite chill-out activities or go-to relax-and-unwind rituals?

That's perfect poll material.

Or, if you're after some audience insights, ask about the content they're craving or the challenges they're facing.

Either way, it's a win-win: you get engagement and valuable insights, and they get a fun break in their feed!


🎯 Expert Tip

Craft your poll to be engaging yet insightful.

While keeping it light-hearted, aim for questions that can provide valuable insights into your audience's preferences or challenges.

Engage with participants by responding to their choices or comments, and use the results as a springboard for future content or discussions.

This way, your poll is not just fun, but also a strategic tool for understanding and connecting with your LinkedIn community.

5. Weekend Project Post

Just like a weekend recap, sharing your weekend project is an awesome way to let people know what you've been up to lately.

The twist is, with a project post, you dive a bit deeper into what the project's all about, its purpose, and how you're tackling it.

It's a cool way to flaunt your skills and know-how.

Plus, it opens the door for some solid feedback from your LinkedIn connections.

You might even pick up a few tips or fresh ideas you hadn't considered before!


🎯 Expert Tip

Instead of merely describing your project, try to visually showcase it. Use high-quality photos, short videos, or even infographics to bring your project to life.

Visual content tends to engage viewers more and can make your post stand out in a busy LinkedIn feed.

Showing tangible progress or results can validate your skills and expertise more effectively than text alone.

For this, you can use AuthoredUp's Attach feature to include relevant carousels, videos, or GIFs.


For example, adding GIFs is an effective method to enhance engagement and alleviate text-heavy content.

AuthoredUp simplifies this process and allows you to preview your post before publishing.


6. Weekend Rant Post

Got something on your chest you're itching to get off?

Whether it's about the latest in politics, trending events, or just some industry buzz, a weekend rant post can be your outlet.

It's the perfect time to share your take on things you're passionate about.

Just a heads up – remember to keep it classy and considerate.

You'd want to spark a conversation, not a confrontation, so make sure your rant doesn't step on any toes!


🎯 Expert Tip

When crafting a Weekend Rant Post, focus on turning your passion into a constructive conversation.

Instead of just venting, present your thoughts in a way that invites dialogue and reflection.

Start by stating your perspective clearly, then back it up with facts or experiences.

Encourage others to share their viewpoints by ending your post with a thought-provoking question or a call to action.

To grab attention right from the start, tap into AuthoredUp’s Hooks feature, selecting from over 200 options to create an opening that's both captivating and contextually fitting.


Use AuthoredUp's Endings feature to choose from a variety of compelling Calls to Action (CTAs), prompting readers to reflect, respond, or take specific actions.


7. Weekend Insight Post

Ever had a lightbulb moment on a topic you care deeply about?

Share that eureka in a Weekend Insight Post!

It's a fantastic way to flip the script and get folks to see things from a fresh angle.

Stir the pot of thoughts and kickstart some hearty discussions and debates.

Just a tip: anchor your insights with solid data or real-life examples.

It adds weight to your words and shows you're not just tossing ideas into the wind.

And hey, it seems Miracle Okonkwo, the LinkedIn ghostwriter, is onto something with this insight!


🎯 Expert Tip

When sharing your Weekend Insight Post, aim to pique curiosity and encourage exploration, not just nodding heads.

Present your insight in a way that challenges conventional thinking or sheds light on overlooked aspects of a topic.

Use compelling questions or surprising facts to grab attention.

Then, weave in your personal perspective or unique experience to add authenticity and depth. The most engaging posts often leave the audience with something to ponder, sparking not just a conversation but a journey of reflection and discovery.

8. Weekend Question Post

Got a burning question that's been playing on your mind?

Why not throw it into the digital arena with a Weekend Question Post?

It's an excellent way to get the conversational ball rolling and tap into the collective wisdom of your network.

Dive into topics, seek advice, or just see where people stand on certain issues. 

Just a little nudge – tailor your question to resonate with your industry or target audience.

That's the secret sauce for sparking meaningful engagement and ensuring your post doesn't just echo into the void.


🎯 Expert Tip

Make your Weekend Question Post not just a broadcast but a conversation starter by engaging actively with the responses.

Acknowledge replies with likes, comments, or even follow-up questions to show you value the input and keep the discussion lively.

Personalize your interactions—a generic 'thanks for your input' is less impactful than addressing contributors by name and commenting on specific parts of their responses. This approach fosters a genuine community feel and encourages even more participation, turning your post into a vibrant discussion hub rather than a one-off question.

With AuthoredUp’s Reaction Timeline feature, you can track the reactions and engagement your Weekend Question Post receives over time.


This data helps you gauge the effectiveness of your engagement strategies and see how your personalized interactions impact the post's overall engagement.

9. Weekend Wisdom Post

Got some nuggets of knowledge or little life lessons tucked up your sleeve?

Share them in a Weekend Wisdom Post on LinkedIn! It's the ideal format for those bite-sized bits of brilliance – quick, impactful, and just right for weekend browsing.

Everyone loves stumbling upon those gems of guidance, especially when they pack a punch of practicality for personal or professional growth.

Pair your post with a striking image or a relatable story, much like what Lara Sophie Bothur does with her mental health posts, and you've got a winning combo that resonates and inspires.


🎯 Expert Tip

Share wisdom grounded in your personal experiences or real-life lessons learned.

Authentic stories resonate deeply, fostering a genuine connection with your audience. 

Aim for relatability and simplicity, ensuring your insights are both impactful and easily digestible.

Remember, the most memorable wisdom often comes from a place of sincerity and shared experiences.

When sharing your wisdom, you'll find AuthoredUp's Readability feature to be immensely helpful.


This way, you can ensure that your insights are not only authentic but also easily comprehensible to your audience.

Aim for a readability score between 1 and 6, which indicates that your text is easily digestible.

10. Memory Post

Switching it up from the weekend vibe, how about a stroll down memory lane?

Share a blast from the past with a Memory Post.

It could be a cherished childhood moment, a pivotal high school event, a memorable college experience, or something that recently made you proud.

Memory posts draw people in, offering a glimpse of the personal journey behind the professional facade.

To really make your memory pop, sprinkle in some photos or videos.

Visuals breathe life into your stories, transforming your post into a vivid, relatable, and engaging snippet of your life's tapestry.


🎯 Expert Tip

When crafting your Memory Post, weave in vivid details and emotions to transport your audience right into the moment.

Paint your memory with the colors of your feelings, the textures of the setting, and the essence of the experience.

This storytelling approach not only captivates your audience but also fosters a deeper, more emotional connection, making your post a memorable and engaging piece of content on their feed.

To effectively express your emotions, consider beginning with the inclusion of emojis in your posts!

Explore our article on that topic to find out the impact they can have on your content's performance.

11. Rejection Post

Ready to shake things up on your feed?

Share the flip side of success with a Rejection Post.

Social media often feels like a highlight reel, but life's tapestry is woven with threads of both triumphs and setbacks.

Sharing your own story of rejection or failure isn't just brave, it's a beacon of authenticity in a sea of curated perfection.

It reminds everyone that behind every success is a trail of 'nos' and 'not yet.' 

Being open about your challenges humanizes you, bridges connections, and might just be the dose of reality someone needs to keep pushing forward.

So, if you're up for it, bear a piece of your journey – it could resonate, inspire, and comfort more than you imagine.


🎯 Expert Tip

In your Rejection Post, balance raw honesty with a message of resilience or a lesson learned.

Sharing the struggle is just one part of the narrative—guiding your audience toward the silver lining or the growth that came from it completes the story.

This approach not only validates the shared human experience of failure but also inspires and encourages your network.

It's your openness and the hopeful takeaway that will turn your story of rejection into a powerful and relatable piece of content.

12. Client's Success Story

Sure, you've heard it a dozen times, but a Client's Success Story post is a classic for a reason!

It's not just about tooting your own horn — it's a celebration of your client's journey and your collaborative triumphs.

Dive into their achievements and highlight how your partnership played a role.

But here's the twist: enrich your post with personal insights and learnings from the journey.

Share those golden nuggets that you picked up along the way, making your story not just a testament to success but also a reservoir of wisdom.

And remember, giving your client a shout-out not only shows appreciation but can also widen your post's reach.

So, go ahead, share that success saga, and let the good vibes ripple out!


🎯 Expert Tip

Craft your Client's Success Story by focusing on the personal journey, not just the outcomes.

Highlight the challenges overcome and the growth experienced by both you and your client.

This humanizes the narrative and makes it more relatable.

Additionally, ensure the story reflects the collaborative spirit of the partnership, emphasizing the mutual respect and learning that took place.

This approach not only showcases success but also demonstrates the value of your relationship-based approach, resonating deeply with your audience.

13. Announcement Post

Got some exciting news to trumpet?

An Announcement Post is your spotlight moment on LinkedIn

Whether it's a career leap, a fresh venture, or a shiny new offering, this is where you let the world in on your latest and greatest.

Keep your message crisp and engaging – a teaser, not a tell-all.

And don't leave your audience hanging—guide them with a clear call to action.

Whether it's a link to purchase, sign up, or just learn more, make it easy for them to take the next step.

Take a leaf out of Matija Golubovic's post – when he launched his YouTube channel, he made sure to include that crucial video link.

That's how you turn announcement buzz into action!


🎯 Expert Tip

Turn your Announcement Post into a narrative that connects with your audience on a personal level.

Start with a hook that draws readers in, perhaps a short story or an intriguing question.

Then unveil your announcement as a pivotal moment in that narrative.

This storytelling approach captures your attention and makes your news more memorable.

And, of course, pair your story with a strong call to action, making it crystal clear what you want your audience to do next.

This way, your announcement isn't just heard — it's felt, remembered, and acted upon.

And for that purpose, you can try AuthoredUp’s Snippet Vault feature.


It can streamline the process of adding engaging hooks, calls to action, and signatures to your narrative-based Announcement Post.

This can save you time and ensure consistency in your storytelling approach.


Don't fret about what to share on LinkedIn this weekend.

Instead, try one of these 13 ideas and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the engagement they bring.

And, if all else fails, there's always the option of memes and gifs to fall back on. 🙂

But jokes aside, we genuinely hope these post ideas have ignited your creativity and provided you with a clear direction for your weekend LinkedIn posts.

Remember, discovering what resonates best with your audience often requires a touch of experimentation and a willingness to try new approaches.

However, it's worth mentioning that if you're looking for a little extra motivation to take that initial step and gain an advantage in your LinkedIn content creation journey, we recommend giving AuthoredUp a shot.

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