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How to Increase Likes on Your LinkedIn Posts (Beyond Just Writing Well)

Learn how to get more likes on your LinkedIn posts, boost engagement, and maximize your reach on the platform.

Linkedin Growth
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You've likely heard the saying: "Content is king!"

While that is true, the real fact is: That is not all there is to it!

Without a proper strategic approach to managing, showcasing, and maximizing the impact of your content, you have zero chances to increase likes on your LinkedIn posts.

And how do you fix that?

I'm glad you asked!

In today's article, we'll provide you with practical strategies for boosting your visibility and engagement on LinkedIn, which can ensure your success.

Let's dive in!

Understand What LinkedIn Likes

Before diving into the bustling world of LinkedIn content creation, it's crucial to grasp what really tickles LinkedIn's fancy.

1. Know LinkedIn's Preferences

First things first, if you're aiming to be a hit on LinkedIn, you must embrace consistency.

Most advice will hammer home the importance of a realistic and regular posting schedule—and for good reason.

Think about it: nobody wants to follow a page that posts as unpredictably as a cat on catnip.

Your followers want the comfort of knowing what and when to expect content from you.

💡 Pro Tip

Make the most of LinkedIn's scheduling feature to align with the platform's preferences.

Seamlessly schedule different types of posts, including PDFs and polls, to ensure your content goes live at the optimal time.


This strategic planning helps maintain a consistent presence on LinkedIn, catering to your audience's expectations and increasing engagement.

2. Mix Up Your Content

Regarding what to post, variety is your best friend.

Still, it should be a carefully curated variety.

How about kicking off the week with educational articles every Monday?

It sets a productive tone.

Wednesdays could be for something fun yet insightful, keeping the mid-week blues at bay.

And Fridays?

Perfect for a light celebratory post to cheer on the week's achievements and sail into the weekend.The 5th Algorithm report by Richard Van Der Blom outlines the optimal times to post various types of content, as detailed below.


Noticed something?

Yes, the golden thread here is consistency. It's the secret sauce that the LinkedIn algorithm loves!

💡 Pro Tip

Leverage AuthoredUp's Calendar View to diversify your content strategy effectively.

This feature simplifies content management by automatically displaying your scheduled posts, allowing you to easily reschedule or delete them directly from the calendar interface.


This tool ensures that you can maintain a varied and dynamic posting schedule that keeps your audience engaged.

3. Engage Fully with the Platform

But, wait! There's more to “what LinkedIn likes” than just posting to the digital void.

LinkedIn, like any good relationship, REQUIRES engagement.

Think of it as nurturing a garden:

  • Connect with new people.
  • Follow relevant pages.
  • Comment on posts.
  • Don't forget to sprinkle some likes around.
  • Also, sliding into DMs isn't just for Twitter—having direct conversations can also boost your LinkedIn presence.

4. Manageable Steps to a Robust Strategy

Achieving consistency on LinkedIn doesn't just mean sticking to a posting schedule.

It means consistently adding value in every interaction you have on the platform.

This comprehensive approach ensures that you're not just another face in the crowd but a memorable presence driving meaningful engagement.


So, let's recap:

  • maintain a steady posting rhythm,
  • diversify your content while keeping it regular, and
  • interact genuinely and frequently.

Follow these guidelines, and you'll be well on your way to mastering LinkedIn's likes and leveraging them for your success.

Let's roll up our sleeves and turn these insights into action!

Optimize Your Posts to Get More Likes

To stand out on LinkedIn, it's crucial to fine-tune your posts for maximum engagement.

Let's dive into how you can enhance your content for better reach and impact.

Step #1: Refine Your Content Before Publishing

Before you even think about hitting 'Publish,' take a step back.

Writing and publishing in one fell swoop may seem efficient, but it often leads to content cluttered with unnecessary fluff.

After drafting your content, let it sit for a bit, and then do this:

  • Revisit your post with fresh eyes. This allows you to streamline your message, removing any extraneous words and ensuring clarity.
  • Focus on maintaining a single coherent train of thought.

💡 Pro Tip

When refining your content before publishing, it's essential to maintain focus and clarity in your current draft.

If new and exciting ideas come to mind while writing, use AuthoredUp's Drafts feature to save these ideas for future posts or a series.

This allows you to organize your thoughts without cluttering your current content, ensuring your message remains clear and targeted to your audience.

Step #2: Craft a Compelling Opening

Your opening line is crucial—it must grab attention immediately.

Ask yourself: If this were someone else's post, would the opening line make me want to click "See More"?

Then what? Well, 2 things:

  • Develop a hook that's both engaging and genuinely interesting.
  • Write your opening line last—once your entire post is laid out before you, crafting an enticing introduction becomes much easier.

💡 Pro Tip

To craft a compelling opening for your LinkedIn post, take advantage of AuthoredUp’s extensive library of over 200 handcrafted hooks.

These engaging templates are designed to attract and captivate readers right from the start, perfectly tailored to suit various storytelling contexts and set the tone for your content.


Use these hooks to make a strong first impression that encourages further reading.

Step #3: Ensure Proper Formatting

Formatting can make or break your post's readability.

Before posting, double-check that your content is well-organized and easy to navigate.

Here are some hacks to leverage:

  • Avoid lengthy paragraphs—aim for two to four lines per paragraph.
  • Utilize lists and bullet points to break down complex information and make interesting facts stand out.
  • Also, confirm that your formatting looks good on different devices.

💡 Pro Tip

For ensuring proper formatting in your LinkedIn posts, utilize AuthoredUp’s robust editing tools.

The bold text option is particularly effective for emphasizing key data or calls to action, making sure they stand out on any device.

Additionally, enhance your posts with italics, bullet points, emojis, and more to create visually engaging content that captures and holds your audience’s attention.

Step #4: Engage With Others Before Posting

Ironically, the last step to take before posting your content is not about your content at all.

It's about engagement.

Before you share your post, spend some time interacting on LinkedIn:


This not only warms up your profile but also signals to the LinkedIn algorithm that you are an active participant on the platform.

This engagement increases the likelihood that others will notice and interact with your post, and it encourages the algorithm to view your activity as organic, boosting your content's visibility.

By following these steps, you not only enhance the quality of your posts but also increase their chances of gaining traction and earning likes on LinkedIn.

Remember, consistency in content quality and engagement are key to standing out in the LinkedIn feed.

💡 Pro Tip

Before you post on LinkedIn, use AuthoredUp's Reaction Timeline to gauge how different styles and emotional tones have impacted audience reactions in the past.


This feature helps you understand which types of content resonate most with your followers, enabling you to tailor your upcoming posts for maximum engagement.

Engage Effectively After Posting on LinkedIn

Posting on LinkedIn is just the beginning. Once your content is live, that's when the real work—and the real fun—starts.

Here’s how to maximize engagement and handle interactions after you post:

1. Stay Active Post-Publication

Don't just post and disappear. Stay on the feed to see how your audience reacts to your content.

Watch the comments roll in and make it a point to respond.

A simple "Thanks!" to a generic "Congrats!" can go a long way in fostering positive interactions.

2. Capitalize on the Golden Hour

According to the above mentioned report, the first hour after you post is crucial, as this is when the algorithm is most actively analyzing engagement.

A high level of interaction during that period can significantly boost your post's visibility.


3. Handle Negative Feedback Constructively

Negative comments can be a goldmine for branding. People will notice how you handle criticism.

Address any legitimate complaints promptly and courteously.

Acknowledge constructive criticism openly and appreciate the feedback, as it shows your commitment to improvement.


4. Don’t Feed the Trolls

If you encounter trolls, resist the urge to engage in sarcasm or arguments.

A brief, polite response shows you’re unaffected, and then consider blocking them if they persist in being disruptive.

5. Engage with Valuable Contributions

If someone adds useful information or a new perspective, engage with them further.

This could be a valuable connection in your industry.

Thank them, keep the conversation going, and perhaps bring other experts into the discussion.


6. Acknowledge Reshares

When someone reshares your post, take a moment to engage.

Thank them and dive deeper into their thoughts.

If they’ve added a caption, invite them to elaborate. This not only shows appreciation but also extends the life and reach of your post.


With these steps, you can effectively engage with your audience and ensure your posts achieve maximum impact.

Remember, every interaction is an opportunity to reinforce your brand and enhance your visibility on LinkedIn.

Craft a Long-Term Networking Strategy to Increase Likes on LinkedIn

You've put in the effort, mastering the art of:

  • formatting LinkedIn posts,
  • crafting irresistible hooks, and
  • keeping your engagement levels consistent.

You've learned how to organically grow your audience and handle trolls with grace.

So, what's next on the agenda?

1. Build a Sustainable Network ✔️ 

Now, it’s time to think about the future and how to sustain your success over the long haul. As tempting as it might be, you can’t camp out on LinkedIn all day, every day.

Instead, focus on cultivating an active network.

Follow relevant company pages, individual accounts, and hashtags that align with your professional interests to broaden your sphere of influence.

💡 Pro Tip

As you build a sustainable network on LinkedIn, effectively utilize hashtags to broaden your reach and connect with relevant audiences.

AuthoredUp helps you analyze how different hashtags influence audience reactions and engagement with various post styles and emotional tones.


This insight allows you to strategically select hashtags that enhance the resonance of your content with your followers, strengthening your network connections.

2. Connect and Engage ✔️ 

Make it your mission to connect with as many industry peers as possible. 

By expanding your network, you create a larger pool of potential readers who can interact with and amplify your content.

Remember, every click, comment, and share adds value to your posts and enhances your visibility while you're busy growing your business.

💡 Pro Tip

When aiming to connect and engage effectively on LinkedIn, leverage AuthoredUp’s Analytics.

This tool provides a visual representation of your LinkedIn performance over time, displaying key metrics such as impressions, reactions, comments, shares, and engagement rates.


By tracking these trends, you can better understand how your content resonates with your audience, helping you to refine your engagement strategies and foster deeper connections.

3. Show Appreciation ✔️ 

Never underestimate the power of a simple 'thank you'.

When you do log on, make it a priority to express gratitude to those who've shared or engaged with your posts.

As previously mentioned, engaging with comments is essential—take the time to respond thoughtfully and acknowledge the contributions of your followers.

4. Leverage Direct Messaging ✔️ 

If a comment catches your eye with its insight or helpfulness, go the extra mile and send a direct message to thank the commenter.

This personal touch not only shows that you value their input but also helps establish you as a thoughtful and attentive professional.

5. Increase Visibility Through Strategic Messaging ✔️ 

For an extra boost, directly message those you especially want to engage with your content. This proactive approach helps strengthen connections and ensures that your posts appear more frequently in their feeds.

LinkedIn notes these interactions and is more likely to display your content to those you interact with regularly.

The key to long-term success on LinkedIn lies in a balanced approach of:

  • strategic posting,
  • genuine engagement, and
  • thoughtful networking.

Why Does Getting More Likes On LinkedIn Matters?

In conclusion, optimizing your LinkedIn strategy not only enhances your content's visibility and appeal but also significantly boosts your brand's image and reach.

By creating a robust presence on LinkedIn, you naturally attract more impressions, reactions, and overall engagement.

This, in turn, can lead to an increase in leads, valuable connections, and more prospects converting from mere viewers to engaged followers.

Wondering how to get more likes for your LinkedIn posts by utilizing AuthoredUp?

Here are five key advantages from a user's perspective:

  • Preview your posts to ensure they look their best before going live.
  • Utilize advanced formatting options to make your content stand out.
  • Track your engagement metrics easily to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Save drafts and plan your content strategy with an integrated calendar.
  • Use insightful analytics to refine your posts and maximize engagement.

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