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Taplio vs. Buffer - Which One To Choose in 2024?

Explore the comparison between Taplio and Buffer, their features, benefits, and differences to help you choose the perfect tool for your needs.

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With over 61 million companies listed on LinkedIn and 3 new members signing up every second, LinkedIn is a professional network you don’t want to miss.

Although LinkedIn started as a job searching and networking platform, it has become a powerful tool to showcase knowledge and expertise and set yourself as an industry expert.

As a result, LinkedIn content creation tools emerged to enhance the quality, engagement, and visibility of the content users share on the LinkedIn platform. Taplio and Buffer remain popular tools, but which one might be optimal for you?

Read on to learn about the outcome of a Taplio vs. Buffer battle, and choose the one that will contribute to your more strategic and impactful presence on LinkedIn.

What is Taplio: Overview


Taplio is an AI-powered LinkedIn content creation tool that helps you get post ideas, create custom posts and carousels on auto-pilot.

In addition, it also comes with post and carousel scheduling features, as well as with analytics and monitoring features.

Moreover, thanks to the Taplio X LinkedIn Chrome Extension, you can:

  • obtain your post analytics,
  • find the top-performing posts in your network or any profile you visit,
  • discover the most popular content in your industry,
  • find crucial information about other LinkedIn profiles.

Another nice perk about Taplio is that it offers the Toolbox- a set of free mini tools such as LinkedIn Carousel Generator, AI LinkedIn Post Generator, Top LinkedIn Trends, etc.

Taplio: Key Features

1. AI-Powered Content Creation

Taplio’s ChatAssist helps you create relevant posts based on your previous posts and topics. Furthermore, it also enables you to modify and improve the existing content.

ChatAssist comes with more than 30 pre-made prompts you can tweak and save.


The AI-powered feature also enables you to create carousels and personalize them by:

  • Adding a profile picture, name, handle, etc.
  • Transforming YouTube videos and article links into LinkedIn carousels.
  • Choosing from a variety of templates and colors.

What’s more, you can use ChatAssist to generate post replies and choose the context, for example,  saying Thank you, congratulating, adding value, etc.

2. Scheduling LinkedIn Posts

The scheduling feature lets you set your own publishing schedule and pick the most optimal days and times based on analyzing a great number of posts.


Furthermore, you can explore more advanced options and comment on your posts to plug your links or send DMs to people interacting with your post.

3. Engagement Module for Personal Profiles

As the name suggests, the engagement module boosts engagement with people in your niche by tailoring lists of people based on the set criteria.

In addition, this feature enables you to spot unanswered comments on your personal profile and helps you create replies.


Moreover, Taplio identifies people who’ve engaged with your posts and retrieves their posts for you so you can drop a comment.

4. Lead Generation

This handy feature targets and automatically imports people who engage with your posts and even your competitors’ posts.


The lead generation system comprises a lead database with over 3 million leads.

5. LinkedIn Statistics and Analytics

Taplio’s analytics tool tracks your content performance and metrics, such as followers, impressions, profile views, etc., and shows the areas for improvement.

For example, Taplio keeps a record of the performance of your posts so you can get factual info and see which post was successful and which wasn’t.


Taplio: Pricing

Taplio has 3 Premium Plans, each with a 7-day Free Trial.


Taplio: Pros & Cons

Taplio: Pros

🟢 Has access to over 3 million viral posts.

🟢 Provides free learning LinkedIn tools and resources.

🟢 Has a user-friendly interface.

Taplio: Cons

🔴 Has limited integrations.

🔴 Has limited customization options for more complex content.

🔴 More advanced options, like the Lead database, are only part of the most expensive Pricing plan.

What is Buffer: Overview


Buffer is a social media management platform that schedules, publishes, and analyzes posts across various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

It has a centralized dashboard that streamlines the social media management process to make it more efficient to:

  • create and schedule content,
  • engage with your audience, and
  • analyze the performance of your social media efforts.

Besides functioning on more than 1 social platform, another striking difference between Taplio and Buffer is the number of integrations.

Unlike Tapio, Buffer has many integrations with Canva, Dropbox, Open AI, etc.

Buffer: Key Features

1. Scheduling & Publishing

Buffer’s social media publishing and scheduling tool allows you to plan, schedule, and publish content on multiple platforms using a centralized dashboard.


Furthermore, with Buffer, you don’t have to select a time for every individual post you want to schedule.

Depending on your Pricing plan, you can schedule between 10 and 2000 posts at a time per social media channel.

2. Engagement Tool for Company Pages

The engagement tool allows you to navigate comments on your company page quickly to engage with your audience.

It highlights unanswered comments and shows them in a grid form so you can jump from post to post.

Furthermore, eCommerce businesses would probably like smart alerts informing you whether a post has questions, negative sentiment, or comments about a purchase.


In addition to smart alerts, you can also use keyboard hotkeys and smart emojis for quicker interactions.


3. AI Assistant

AI Assistant helps you ideate and generate posts, as well as repurpose your existing content. Furthermore, it also summarizes long content into short posts.

Buffer's AI Assistant, based on OpenAI’s proprietary API, generates ideas by analyzing trends and patterns in social media data.

Once the Assistant comes up with ideas, you can further customize them to align with your brand voice.

Regarding the ideas, they range from trending topics, prompts for quotes, industry-specific topics, current events, seasonal ideas, etc.

Buffer’s AI Assistant integrates with Buffer's other features, such as the platform's scheduling, content library, and analytics tools.

4. Analytics

Analytics tools measure and analyze the performance of your content across platforms.

  • Boosted post insights - Compare paid vs. organic results of boosted posts.
  • Account analytics - Tracks key engagement metrics for each social account.
  • Stories & post analytics - Measures stories, individual posts, and hashtags.
  • Audience demographics - Know whether you're reaching the right audience.

Moreover, you also get insight into the best time of post, the best type of post, and the best posting frequency.


Based on the insights you get, you can create fully customizable reports, whitepapers, etc., with metrics and charts from multiple social channels.

Buffer: Pricing

Buffer offers 1 Free and 3 Premium Plans, with the price varying according to the number of channels you select.


Buffer: Pros & Cons

Buffer: Pros

🟢 Has a user-friendly Scheduling and Publishing feature, easy to set up.

🟢 Has a centralized dashboard.

🟢 Has a draft feature allowing you to save your post ideas and come back to them later.

Buffer: Cons

🔴 Doesn’t support all post types.

🔴 Can glitch from time to time if you publish posts in bulk.

🔴 Has fewer automation capabilities compared to its competitors.

Before we wrap things up, let’s take a final glance at Taplio and Buffer to see how they stack up against each other.

Taplio vs. Buffer: Which One to Choose?

As with every tool, the optimal one depends on your business needs and activities. Both Taplio and Buffer can be good options for automating scheduling and publishing tasks.

The most significant difference is the number of platforms they work on.

Thus, if your business heavily relies on LinkedIn networking and posting, Taplio makes a more logical choice.

On the other hand, if your business spreads across multiple social media platforms and is more visually centered, Buffer seems to be a tool to go to.

But how about trying an alternative that might fit your business needs better?

Enter, AuthoredUp! 🚀

AuthoredUp – A More Convenient Alternative to Taplio and Buffer

AuthoredUp is an all-in-one tool for LinkedIn creation that helps you elevate your content by offering robust features to attract and engage your audience.

Furthermore, AuthoredUp works both as an app and in a web browser, making it practical to use.

A great thing about AuthoredUp is that it covers the whole LinkedIn content journey - from ideation to publishing and every nitty-gritty detail in between.

So, what are AuthoredUp’s top features?

✨ Edit & Schedule Your Posts

Our rich text editor enables you to customize and format your posts and add bullet points, emojis, change fonts, etc.

You can also add hooks, endings, and snippets and get a text readability score to ensure easy and smooth reading.

Besides text, you can also include images, polls, carousels, videos, etc.

Furthermore, on our dashboard, you’ll find a feature we take great pride in - Preview Text. It shows you exactly what your post will look like on any device before you publish it.


In addition to editing features, AuthoredUp lets you schedule your posts and set the date and time.

What sets AuthoredUp apart from other competitors is that you can also schedule different post types, such as PDFs, carousels, and polls.

✨Hook templates

AuthoredUp provides over 200 hooks and 100 CTA templates with examples and tags.

Furthermore, you can filter them by

  • the post goal ( to educate, inspire, engage, or promote) or
  • the type of content you want to write about (tips, mistakes, misconceptions, bold claims, social proof, etc.).

✨ Post reuse

This handy feature lets you filter your old posts, sort them by performance, select the one you like, and simply click “Reuse.”


✨ Post Highlights

You can compare two posts side by side and analyze them regarding detailed statistics, mentions, hashtags, and links.


✨ Draft Wizard

An improved feature that helps you collect cool ideas, write them down, and save them as drafts.

This way, you can easily organize and access your drafts at any given time.


✨ Content Analytics

Provides valuable insights into the best-performing posts, the best times to post, and what topics are most interesting to your audience.


Furthermore, AuthoredUp provides hashtag analytics that shows which hashtags bring the most engagement, including frequency, comments, reactions, and shares.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Enticed to explore more of what AuthoredUp has to offer?

Try the AuthoredUp Chrome extension today to cover every step of the LinkedIn social selling process successfully.

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