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5 Best Taplio Alternatives to Consider Using in 2024

Explore best Taplio alternatives for maximizing your LinkedIn strategy amidst its proven success for B2B marketers.

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You're probably looking for effective ways to boost your LinkedIn presence, whether for personal branding or business purposes.

Did you know that 82% of B2B marketers reported achieving their best results on LinkedIn, outperforming other social media channels?

Moreover, in the year leading up to October 2021, an impressive 93% of B2B marketers turned to LinkedIn for organic social marketing.

Speaking of LinkedIn content creation tools, Taplio stands out as an exceptional tool tailored for enhancing your LinkedIn strategy.

But are there more cost-effective Taplio alternatives that match its effectiveness?

We're about to dive into the top 5 options available on the market.

Let's get started!

What is Taplio?


Taplio is revolutionizing personal branding on LinkedIn with its AI-powered, all-in-one toolkit. Designed for efficiency, it promises significant reach, engagement, and follower count growth, requiring minimal time investment—just about 10 minutes a day.

Trusted by over 6,200 LinkedIn professionals, Taplio excels in seamless content publishing, creating detailed metric reports, enhancing engagement, and managing content effectively.

Key Features

🌟 Content Inspiration and AI Creation—With access to over 4 million+ viral posts for inspiration, Taplio's AI helps users craft high-performing content from scratch, ensuring each post strikes a chord with audiences.

🤝 Engagement and Community Building—The tool specializes in fostering meaningful interactions within niche communities, transforming likes and comments into a loyal fanbase and subscriber network.

Time Management and Smart Scheduling—Users can pre-create and schedule posts effortlessly, including carousels and mentions, optimizing time and maintaining a consistent online presence.

📊 Advanced Analytics—Taplio delivers comprehensive post analytics and essential KPIs at a glance. It even enables the recreation of successful posts through AI and fine-tuning content strategies based on what works best.

✍️ AI-Assisted Content Creation—Offering a blend of creativity and AI support, Taplio ensures a steady stream of engaging text, image, and carousel posts, catering to diverse content needs.

🔄 Efficient Scheduling for Agencies—One-click scheduling makes content management a breeze for agencies, complemented by client collaboration features for content approval.

🗣️ Proactive Engagement and Interaction—Taplio enhances client visibility by enabling agencies to engage with key figures in their clients' industries, respond to comments, and interact with competitors' posts.

📈 LinkedIn Analytics for Teams—It provides both individual and cross-account analytics, simplifying report generation for clients with detailed insights on followers, engagement, and more.

👥 Team Collaboration and Account Management—Tailored for team environments, Taplio supports various roles and offers unified billing, along with flexible account access options for better security and management.

Taplio stands out as a comprehensive, user-friendly tool for LinkedIn users and agencies alike, offering a suite of features that streamline the content creation and engagement process backed by powerful AI and analytics.


Taplio is available in 3 distinct pricing tiers per profile, catering to a range of needs and budgets.


Top 5 Taplio Alternatives for Your LinkedIn Strategy

Now, as we promised, here are the top 5 Taplio alternatives to consider using in 2024.

1. AuthoredUp


AuthoredUp is Taplio's alternative and a dynamic content creation tool that helps creators build personal brands and grow their LinkedIn presence by creating beautiful LinkedIn posts.

This tool stands out for its accessibility, being available both as a Chrome extension and a web application, providing users with a streamlined content creation process directly within LinkedIn.

What’s important is that AuthoredUp doesn’t do any kind of automation or take your cookies which can be risky for your LinkedIn profile(that many solutions actually do).

This is a valuable asset for any LinkedIn user looking to enhance their profile and keep it safe for using this kind of tool.

Hot Features

Here are the top AuthordUp features for LinkedIn:

✍️ Efficient Content Creation—AuthoredUp's Scheduling feature allows you to combine drafts and pre-create content, reducing the need for daily content creation efforts.

🧭 Content Type Filtering—Easily sort your posts by content type to determine which formats resonate best with your audience.

📆 Strategic Post Scheduling—Align your posting schedule seamlessly with your content strategy for a consistent and engaging LinkedIn presence.

📝 Redesigned Drafts—The intuitive new draft system makes saving and organizing post ideas a breeze. Accessible across devices, it's a game-changer for content creators on the go.

🎣 Hook Templates—Dive into over 200 meticulously crafted hook templates, categorized for various goals and content types.

🔄 Post Reuse—Easily recycle your successful posts for consistent LinkedIn engagement, streamlining your content strategy.

📊 Performance Snapshot—Get a quick, color-coded view of key metrics with this feature. It breaks down data into total, average, and median values, offering a clear perspective on post-performance.

🔍 Post Highlight—This tool lets you compare two posts side by side and analyze them through detailed statistics, mentions, hashtags, and links.

📈 Interconnected Graphs—Visualize your LinkedIn journey with three interconnected graphs - a Growth Timeline, Correlation Plot, and Reaction Breakdown, each offering unique insights into your content's impact.

#️⃣ Hashtag Analysis—Discover which hashtags bring the most engagement. This feature provides a detailed table of hashtag performance, including frequency, comments, reactions, shares, and engagement rates.

For those looking to elevate their LinkedIn presence, AuthoredUp offers the perfect blend of functionality, ease of use, and insightful analytics.

It streamlines the process of creating, analyzing, and optimizing LinkedIn content, making it easier to increase visibility and establish meaningful connections on the platform.


AuthoredUp is tailored to suit various needs with its 3 premium tiers, accompanied by a 14-day free trial for both individual and business plans.


2. Buffer


Buffer, initially born from a Startup Sprint project in November 2010, has evolved significantly since its inception.

Originally crafted by founder Joel Gascoigne to efficiently space out tweets, it has grown into a multifaceted social media service provider, offering much more than just publishing.

Over time, Buffer has grown to include a range of social media services, including analytics, engagement, and even building microsites.

Known for its remarkable commitment to transparency and operating with a fully remote team, Buffer embodies values like gratitude, continuous improvement, no-ego collaboration, optimism, and reflection.

Hot Features

Buffer offers a suite of features specifically tailored for LinkedIn, aimed at enhancing content strategy and audience engagement:

📊 Analyze Key Metrics—Buffer goes deep with analytics, helping you track clicks, likes, and followers and refine your strategy based on what resonates.

🔗 Mention Relevant Pages—Amplify your reach by mentioning other brands and pages, enhancing your post's visibility and engagement.

🕒 Discover Optimal Posting Times—Uncover the ideal moments to post, from timing to frequency, maximizing your content's impact.

#️⃣ Hashtag Analysis—Dive into which hashtags pull in the most engagement, fine-tuning your content to hit the right notes.

📅 Content Scheduling—Plan your posts with Buffer’s scheduling tool, managing up to 2,000 posts across various platforms, ensuring your LinkedIn stays lively and consistent.

📈 Customizable Reporting—Craft detailed reports showcasing your top-performing posts and key metrics, perfect for presentations or client updates.

✍️ Optimize LinkedIn Posts—Tailor your LinkedIn strategy with support for various post types – from images to videos and link previews – and customize those link previews for added flair.

👥 Team Collaboration—Collaborate effortlessly with features for drafting, saving ideas, and a browser extension for easy content curation and sharing.

Buffer stands out as a comprehensive LinkedIn management tool, offering a suite of features that span from scheduling and in-depth analytics to engagement boosting and efficient reporting.


Buffer provides a range of pricing options, including a free plan and three paid plans: Essentials, Team, and Agency.


3. Inlytics


Inlytics stands out as a dedicated LinkedIn analytics tool designed to deliver swift and comprehensive insights into your LinkedIn data.

It offers a user-friendly dashboard that zeroes in on actionable data, helping users enhance their LinkedIn strategy and stay ahead of the competition by analyzing crucial metrics.

This includes engagement rates and their progression over time.

Inlytics is particularly useful for understanding audience preferences, allowing for continuous improvement of content quality on LinkedIn.

Hot Features

📊 Dashboard with 5 Key Metrics—Provides an at-a-glance view of the most critical statistics, helping users swiftly monitor and adjust their LinkedIn strategies.

📈 Content Performance Analysis with 6 Metrics—Offers in-depth insights beyond LinkedIn’s default analytics, diving deep into the effectiveness and engagement of content.

🔍 Enhanced Profile Stats with 6 Metrics—Enables users to optimize their LinkedIn profiles with detailed statistical data, giving a clearer view of their overall profile performance.

👥 Audience Insights with 20 Video Lessons—This section not only offers detailed statistics about the audience but also includes a comprehensive educational course, encompassing over 20 video lessons that cover audience engagement and profile optimization strategies.

🖌️ Portfolio Optimization with 3 Video Lessons—Teaches users how to effectively showcase their work through a LinkedIn portfolio, including strategies to attract the right clients and represent their desired work.

📆 Plan and Schedule Your Posts—Users can strategically define and schedule their LinkedIn posts, maintaining a consistent content flow and enhancing visual appeal with a live preview feature.

🔔 Get Notified When Posts Go Live—Inlytics ensures users are up-to-date with their content status by sending notifications once posts are published on LinkedIn.

For those serious about making the most of their LinkedIn presence, Inlytics is blending analytics with educational resources to help users thrive on LinkedIn.


Inlytics offers a freemium version along with two paid pricing tiers, catering to different user needs and preferences.


4. Sprout Social


Sprout Social stands out as a comprehensive social media management platform, crafted to amplify the impact of social media in various business facets.

This all-encompassing solution enables organizations to fully harness the power of social media, extending beyond marketing to encompass all business areas.

Key features include advanced AI and Machine Learning technology for data analysis, seamless integration with existing tech stacks, and robust analytics for various platforms, including LinkedIn.

Hot Features

📊 Advanced AI and Data Analysis—Sprout Social leverages cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning for in-depth data analysis, offering seamless integration with existing tech ecosystems.

🔍 Robust Analytics for LinkedIn and More—The platform provides extensive analytics capabilities for various platforms, including LinkedIn, helping businesses understand and optimize their social media impact.

📝 Simplified Social Media Management—Aiming to streamline social media tasks, Sprout Social focuses on efficient publishing, scheduling, and reporting, ensuring brands maintain a robust and consistent online presence.

📈 Data-Driven Insights—Emphasizing insights from social conversations, Sprout Social equips brands with the knowledge to establish market leadership and stay ahead of the competition.

👥 Team Empowerment—Designed for efficiency, it enables teams to focus on high-value activities, optimizing social media endeavors for maximum business impact.

💬 Enhanced Customer Interactions—The platform accelerates response times with features like a unified inbox, AI-driven replies, chatbots, and streamlined workflows, improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

🌐 Social Content Recommendations—With AI-driven content advice, Sprout Social suggests the best posting times, crafts engaging captions, and provides content ideas tailored to audience preferences.

📈 Demonstrating ROI—The tool aids in identifying trending topics, crafting customized reports, and shaping strategies with comprehensive analytics, proving the ROI of social efforts.

🔎 Insight Discovery—Gain crucial insights for strategy development, product innovation, and market research with features like sentiment analysis, spike alerts, and identification of trending keywords and hashtags.

By combining robust analytics, AI-driven content optimization, and team empowerment features, Sprout Social is an asset for businesses aiming to drive revenue and improve ROI in their social media initiatives.


Sprout Social provides four premium subscription plans, with free trial options available for their Standard, Professional, and Advanced plans.


5. Hootsuite


Hootsuite stands out as a holistic social media marketing and management dashboard crafted to save time and amplify results across various social platforms.

It provides a unified space for users to schedule, manage, and publish content, blending features like Canva integration, AI-driven caption and hashtag creation, and efficient approval workflows.

With advanced analytics for content engagement and competitor benchmarking, Hootsuite ensures users find the best times to post.

Additionally, its unified inbox feature simplifies the handling of messages and comments, while chatbots and social listening tools offer keen insights into brand mentions and industry trends.

Hot Features

👥 Engage Audiences Across Networks—Hootsuite facilitates safe and broad engagement across different social networks, enhancing reach and audience interaction.

📅 Targeted Messaging and Scheduling—Users can target messages based on location or demographics and schedule posts for optimal times to maximize impact.

🌍 Empower Regional Teams—Tailored for local marketing within a global brand voice, Hootsuite also boosts social advertising through campaign optimization features.

🚀 Efficient Social Media Management—The platform ensures prompt responses to posts, creates effective approval workflows, and routes posts to the right teams, enhancing efficiency and compliance.

🔐 Manage Platform Access Securely—Hootsuite's robust security features protect your brand and ensure compliance without the risk of password sharing.

🛡️ Brand Protection and Compliance—With features like account audits, network monitoring, real-time alerts, and compliance adherence, Hootsuite ensures your brand's safety and regulatory compliance.

📊 Data-Driven Decisions and ROI Analysis—Gain real-time insights, measure campaign impact, prepare for crises and clearly demonstrate the ROI from both organic and paid social efforts.

💡 Expert Training and Strategy Development—Benefit from comprehensive onboarding, training, and strategy services to ensure your organization's social media success.

🔗 Integration with Marketing Tools—Hootsuite integrates seamlessly with a variety of social media marketing tools, providing a cohesive platform for all marketing activities.

Hootsuite is an invaluable asset for any organization looking to streamline its social media strategy, offering a rich array of features that simplify management, enhance engagement, and provide deep insights into social media performance.


Hootsuite is available in 3 distinct pricing tiers, with a 30-day free trial for Professional and Team plans, catering to different user needs and scales of operation.


Which is the Best Taplio Alternative For Your Needs?

Alright, let's wrap this up!

When you're scouting for the perfect tool to amp up your LinkedIn game, each of the 5 Taplio alternatives brings something special to the table.

If you’re considering the tool for different social media channels, then Buffer or Hootsuite might fit your needs, depending on your budget.

But if you’re looking for a Taplio alternative specialized for supporting your LinkedIn presence, AuthoredUp might be your best option.

It's more than just your average LinkedIn helper—it's like having a super-smart assistant by your side.

With its blend of user-friendly design and some seriously nifty features, AuthoredUp is a fantastic pick whether you're flying solo or rocking the business world.

It can help you boost your LinkedIn game, ramp up engagement, and smooth out your content strategy.

Plus, AuthoredUp strikes the perfect balance between functionality and user-friendliness, ensuring your LinkedIn strategy is top-notch and super easy to manage.

Let’s quickly recap the AuthoredUp's benefits:

👍 In-Depth Analytics—Understand and leverage your LinkedIn data like never before.

👍Advanced Scheduling—Plan and automate your posts efficiently.

👍Rich Content Creation Features—Utilize a wide range of tools for crafting compelling content.

👍Multi-Account Management—Easily manage multiple LinkedIn profiles or pages.

👍User-Friendly Interface—Enjoy a seamless experience that simplifies your LinkedIn marketing efforts where you need it.

Ready to take your LinkedIn strategy to the next level?

Sign up now and start transforming your LinkedIn approach with this leading Taplio alternative! 🌟🚀

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