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AuthoredUp 2.0 is coming soon! This is what to expect

7 months and 11.000 beta users after the initial release, we are wrapping up AuthoredUp 2.0 - an all-in-one tool for LinkedIn content creation.

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When we started AuthoredUp, we wanted to solve one simple problem - help people write better LinkedIn posts.

However, to be successful on LinkedIn, you need MUCH more than that.

After talking to hundreds of users and testing the process, our vision has evolved.

It is to fix LinkedIn content creation once and for all.

This means we have to be involved in every step of the social selling process - from idea generation to writing posts, performance analysis, and content repurposing.

We wanted to move AuthoredUp in that direction. But the path there seemed impossible.

Our existing solution (AuthoredUp 1.0) has multiple limitations. It is integrated into the post editor and works only inside it. It is hard to maintain. Adding new features is a nightmare.

We couldn't build the product we wanted.

So, we went back to the drawing board and rethought our approach.

After 2.5 months of development, we are excited to announce AuthoredUp 2.0.


New design - AuthoredUp studio

One of the main decisions was to make AuthoredUp into a real application. Instead of being trapped in the post editor, AuthoredUp is now available anywhere on LinkedIn.

You'll see it on the right side of the screen:


And when you open it, it's a totally new world:


The editor, post preview and formatting work the same as before. But on top of that we added numerous improvements.

Drafts anywhere

The old draft menu never sat quite right with us. It was confusing and hard to use.

So we decided to redesign it from scratch. Here is how you open a draft now:


How many times you got inspiration for a post while surfing LinkedIn, thought "this is a great idea," but forgot about it?

Luckily, that won’t happen again.

Next time, you’ll open AuthoredUp, write the idea down, and save it as a draft. If you want to post it immediately, you’ll publish it in 2 clicks.

But what if you are using a mobile phone, and what to save post ideas on the go?

We integrated  Drafts into the AuthoredUp platform. Access our website from any device and write down ideas for LinkedIn posts.


Hook templates

When we asked our users about the biggest problems they face on LinkedIn, a few of them responded:

How to write better hooks/post openers

Figuring out the right introductory sentence to maximize engagement.

So to help you out, we have handcrafted 100+ hook templates with examples and tags and put them straight into your editor.

You can filter them by the post goal (educate, inspire, engage, or promote) or by the type of content you want to write about (tips, mistakes, misconceptions, bold claims, social proof, etc.)

Content Analytics

One of our most requested features is content analytics. People want to know the best-performing posts, the best times to post, and what topics are most interesting to their audience.

But we are taking a very careful approach when it comes to this feature.


Most (if not all) LinkedIn analytics tools work by taking your cookie and using it to "scrape" LinkedIn data. LinkedIn considers this an "automated activity."

HARD TRUTH: Whenever you provide a cookie to a 3rd party app, you risk being banned from LinkedIn.

For us, that is not acceptable.

So our approach is to provide you with all the information you really need to improve your performance without putting your account at risk.

We'll have more details about this soon.

Post reuse

Staying consistent on LinkedIn is hard. You spend a ton of time finding the idea, writing the post, and responding to comments.

Yet, most posts lose momentum after a few days and are forgotten in a week.

So, why don’t you reuse your best-performing posts?

Becouse it is hard. The native LinkedIn interface is fiddly. It takes too much manual work.

With AuthoredUp 2.0. you’ll be able to reuse your posts in less than 10 seconds.

Filter old posts -> sort them by performance -> pick the one you like ->  and click reuse.


AuthoredUp 2.0 is coming soon. Here is what you can expect:

✅ AuthoredUp everywhere instead of just in the post editor.

✅ Fully redesigned drafts.

✅ Hook templates with examples.

✅ Safely collect all your published posts in one place.

✅ Analyze post performance and identify the best ones.

✅ Reuse posts that are giving you the best results.

✅ Still in free beta. 😇

If you still don't have AuthoredUp get it from here.

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