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How to Write About me LinkedIn Section for Recruiters

Learn how to write an effective "About Me" LinkedIn section for recruiters. Discover tips and examples to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

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Did you know that approximately 72% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find new employees?

So, what does this tell you?

This number underscores the crucial role of LinkedIn in modern recruiting.

As a recruiter on LinkedIn, your main aim is to discover and connect with top-quality professionals who match your clients' or company's needs.

Wondering where to start?

Let's kick things off by crafting the 'About Me' section!

What Is ‘About Me’ LinkedIn Section?

Just as the name implies, “About me” section serves to give readers a detailed insight into who you are, your background, interests, and anything else you feel is important for others to know about you.

Here's an overview of what this section typically consists of:

  • Professional Overview — A brief introduction that outlines your current role, industry, and professional experience.
  • Key Skills and Expertise — All relevant skills you have developed over time.
  • Accomplishments — Some notable achievements in your career, such as successful projects, awards, recognitions, or significant milestones.
  • Career Goals — Your professional ambitions and aims to accomplish in the future.
  • Call to Action — An invitation for viewers to connect with you, engage with your content, or reach out for opportunities.

Why Is LinkedIn ‘About Me’ Section Important for Recruiters?

In a world where candidates have more options than ever, remember: you don't choose talent but talent chooses you!

LinkedIn offers a powerful solution for companies to effortlessly tap into a wide range of talented individuals, providing a superior alternative to traditional recruitment methods.

Recruiters should use their LinkedIn "About me" section to effectively communicate their:

✔️ professional background,

✔️ recruitment philosophy,

✔️ key skills,

✔️ notable achievements, and

✔️ how they can add value to both clients and candidates.


Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write about Me Linkedin Section for Recruiters

Now let's write a summary that leaves a lasting impact and engages your professional audience!

When it comes to crafting the perfect "About Me" section, it's natural to wonder about the best approach. 

  • What is the appropriate length of this section?
  • How about the ideal scope of info captured?
  • What are the key details that should not be omitted?
  • What should I avoid?

Keep reading to find the answers and create a perfect “About me” section.

Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Start with a Brief Introduction

Always begin with a captivating greeting.

As you want to introduce yourself, the next step is writing your name, current role, and the company you work for.

You can also mention your years of experience in recruiting and the industries you specialize in.

▶️ Example:

"Hi, I'm (name), a Senior Recruiter at XYZ company with over X years of experience in the tech and finance sectors."

Step 2: Present Your Expertise

There is no need to wait for too long to present your expert knowledge or skills, so let’s write a couple of words about your extensive career achievements and successes. 

This part serves as a vital component of your LinkedIn summary, allowing others to gain a comprehensive understanding of your professional journey.

▶️ Example:


Step 3: Show Your ‘Why’

If you explain the motivation behind your career choices you can add depth to your LinkedIn summary.

It helps others understand what drives you professionally and what you stand for.

▶️ Example: 

“I am motivated by the desire to fill open positions with qualified people. As a Recruitment Consultant I thrive on placing the right professional into the right job, winning new business, and ensuring long-term working relationships with existing clients and candidates.”

Step 4: Use Keywords

To capture others' attention, your profile must rise to the top of their search results. This can only be achieved by aligning with the exact keywords they're seeking.

The more relevant keywords you incorporate into your LinkedIn profile, the higher the chances that people will discover it, so don’t neglect their importance in the “About me” section.

Here is the list of some common keywords that you can consider:

  • Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Senior Recruiter
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Talent Management
  • Career Development
  • Full-Cycle Recruiting

Step 5: State Your Goals

Your “About me” section should demonstrate your passion and motivation.

By highlighting your career journey and ambitions, you can create a more captivating and influential profile, making you more noticeable to your professional contacts.

▶️ Example:


Pro tip 💡

Since LinkedIn doesn't have a built-in feature for adding bullet points, use AuthoredUp’s Text Editor.

It offers styling options, such as bold and italic text, bullet points, numbered lists, and other formatting options.


Step 6: Include a Call to Action

Encourage visitors to connect with you for recruitment needs or career opportunities.

Provide your contact information or a link to schedule a call or meeting.

▶️  Example:

"Facing recruitment challenges or considering a career change? I can help with resume writing, interview prep, job offer evaluation, and exploring new opportunities. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me on LinkedIn or send an email to [email@example.com]."

Pro tip 💡

AuthoredUp offers more than 150 customizable CTAs designed to capture attention and prompt desired actions after viewing your profile.


Step 7: Target the Right Audience

In order to target the right audience and expand your reach you can use phrases:


"#JoinOurTeam," or


Incorporating hashtags can enhance the visibility of your profile in LinkedIn searches.

Profiles with relevant hashtags are more likely to be displayed in search results when potential clients are looking for specific keywords or industry terms.

Pro tip 💡

With AuthoredUp, you can see how different hashtags affect how people respond to different types of posts and emotional tones.


Step 8: Proofread and Edit

Although it is the final step on our list, its significance should not be overlooked.

Before publishing, it is important to review the entire summary to avoid any mistakes.

Be thorough in checking for grammar and spelling errors, and ensure that the information is clear, concise, and easy to read.

Pro tip 💡

To make sure you have crafted content that is easy to scan and read, utilize AuthoredUp's free Post Preview to visualize how it will appear upon publication.


Extra Tips for Writing the ‘About Me’ Section

👉 Be Authentic: Let your genuine passion for recruitment shine through.

👉 Write in the First Person: To establish a direct connection with the reader make your profile feel more like a conversation than a formal document.

👉 Use Whitespace: Break up large blocks of text into smaller paragraphs, use bulle͏t points, or create separate sections to enhance readability.

👉 Share a Story: Share a personal story to demonstrate your openness and friendliness. 

👉 Express Enthusiasm: Show that you enjoy your work, express your passion and engage with candidates.

👉 Update Regularly: Keep your "About me" section current with your latest experiences and achievements.

👉 Include emojis: Use a few strategically placed emojis to visually enhance the summary.

👉 Utilize AuthoredUp: For a smoother and more efficient process use About Me Writer, which allows you to easily write, edit, and preview your About Me section.



By following these steps and tips, you can easily create an engaging and professional "About me" section on LinkedIn that highlights your skills and attracts potential clients and candidates.

Keep in mind that you can rely on AuthoredUp throughout your writing journey.

With this powerful LinkedIn writing tool you can:

  • Craft compelling content using bold, italics, bullet points, and other formatting options.
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  • And much more.

Claim your free trial today and start elevating your LinkedIn experience as a recruiter that goes beyond the ‘About Me’ section.

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