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10 Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools To Try in 2024

Discover the top 10 LinkedIn marketing tools designed to boost brand visibility, enhance networking, and simplify your marketing efforts.

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With a whopping 1 billion folks out there on LinkedIn trying to network, learn stuff, and level up their career game, getting noticed is tougher than ever.

Still, there's good news!

Many excellent LinkedIn marketing tools have popped up, all set to help you get your brand out there, connect with your peeps more smoothly, and make your marketing hustle a lot easier.

So, if you're looking to level up your lead game, give your content a glow-up, or get your ad campaigns firing, these top 10 LinkedIn tools are worth checking out.

Let's get into it!

What Are LinkedIn Marketing Tools?

LinkedIn marketing tools are specialized features and third-party applications crafted to elevate individuals and businesses' marketing endeavors on LinkedIn.

Their primary aim is to enhance visibility, foster engagement, and facilitate lead generation on the platform.

Purpose of LinkedIn Marketing Tools

Effective utilization of these tools hinges on maintaining a strategic approach, prioritizing the creation of:

👍 valuable content,

👍 authentic engagement with your network, and

👍 leveraging analytics to refine your marketing strategies.

Each tool plays a distinct role within your overarching LinkedIn marketing strategy, whether it's bolstering brand recognition, driving lead generation, or scouting talent for recruitment purposes.

In essence, these tools serve as indispensable assets in optimizing your LinkedIn presence and achieving your marketing objectives.

Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing Tools

LinkedIn marketing tools provide numerous advantages tailored to amplify the effectiveness of marketing strategies on the platform.

Here are some key benefits they offer:

✔️ Targeted Advertising — Advertising tools offer precise targeting options based on job titles, industries, and more, allowing marketers to reach their desired audience with accuracy.

✔️ Increased Visibility — Utilizing marketing tools on LinkedIn enhances visibility among professionals and decision-makers, establishing a stronger brand presence and authority within the industry.

✔️ Lead Generation — LinkedIn's reputation for effective B2B lead generation can help sales teams identify and engage potential leads efficiently.

✔️ Engagement Boost — Various tools such as polls and interactive content features encourage audience engagement, resulting in higher interaction rates and improved brand visibility.

✔️ Detailed Analytics — Access to comprehensive analytics and insights on LinkedIn aids marketers in understanding content performance, optimizing strategies, and maximizing return on investment (ROI).

✔️ Content Marketing — With support for diverse content formats like articles, videos, and slideshows, LinkedIn serves as an excellent platform for content marketing.

✔️ Brand Reputation Management — Active participation and engagement on LinkedIn contribute to maintaining a positive brand image. Tools assisting in content management and scheduling ensure consistent presence and interaction with the audience.

Top 10  LinkedIn Marketing Tools to Consider in 2024

Countless third-party tools are available for LinkedIn, offering assistance across different marketing functions.

Here, we've gathered the top 10 popular options for you to explore.

1. AuthoredUp

AuthoredUp is hailed as the ultimate LinkedIn content creation solution, aiming to revolutionize the way users craft and share content on the platform.

With a strong emphasis on efficiency and impact, this tool promises to elevate your LinkedIn presence and engagement.

Positioning itself as the essential tool for enhancing your LinkedIn content strategy, AuthoredUp boasts a comprehensive suite of features for the content creation process.

Accessible as both a Chrome extension and standalone application, AuthoredUp offers versatility and convenience to users seeking to optimize their LinkedIn content game.

Key Features of AuthoredUp

⭐ Comprehensive Content Creation — Offers a range of tools and features to support the entire content creation process, from drafting to publication.

⭐ Formatting Tools — Provides formatting options, such as with bold, italics, and bullet points, to ensure that the content not only reads well but also looks visually appealing on LinkedIn.

⭐ Hooks and Endings — Supplies you with over 200 hooks and 150 CTA templates for creating compelling hooks and strong conclusions to engage readers and encourage interaction.

⭐ Snippets — Enables users to create and use snippets of content for quick access and consistency across posts.

⭐ Post Preview — Provides you with a sneak peek at how your content appears on various devices for a flawless presentation every time.

⭐ Draft Wizardry — Enables you to manage drafts, jot down ideas for later, and schedule posts effortlessly—all in one convenient spot.

⭐ Effortless Reposting — Bring back your most successful LinkedIn posts with just a click, amplifying your growth effortlessly.

⭐ Readability Radar — Ensures your content resonates with your audience by checking its readability and making it engaging and easy to digest.

⭐ Analytics — Features analytics tools to track the performance of your LinkedIn content, providing insights into engagement, reach, and more to help refine future content strategies.

AuthoredUp’s Highlights

#1 Scheduling Option 👈

Seamlessly integrate with LinkedIn's scheduling feature to post content at your preferred times. AuthoredUp stands out by allowing scheduling of different post types, including PDFs (like LinkedIn carousels) and polls, offering added flexibility and convenience.

#2 Calendar View 👈

Simplify content tracking and management with the Calendar View tool. Once you schedule posts through AuthoredUp, they automatically populate in the calendar.

Enjoy the convenience of rescheduling or deleting posts directly from the calendar, streamlining your content management process.

#3 Growth Timeline 👈

Keep track of your progress through a graph that monitors metrics like impressions, reactions, comments, shares, and engagement rates, offering a clear overview of your LinkedIn performance.

#4 Post Performance Analysis 👈

Understand which post types resonate best with your audience, enabling you to align your strategy and focus on publishing content that yields the best results for you.

#5 Correlation Plot 👈

Visualize the relationships between various metrics such as impressions, reactions, comments, shares, total engagements, and readability with interconnected graphs, providing a holistic view of your content's performance.

#6 Hashtags 👈

Enhance your hashtag strategy with a detailed table displaying each hashtag's frequency, comments, reactions, shares, and engagement rate, offering insights into what resonates best with your audience.

Organize topics effortlessly and track the performance of different clusters.

#7 Post Highlight 👈

Dive deep into individual post performance with multiple graphs and compare two posts directly with detailed stats, including mentions, hashtags, and links, allowing for thorough analysis and optimization.


2. B2Linked

B2Linked is a specialized agency dedicated to LinkedIn ads and committed to maximizing ROI for advertising campaigns on the platform.

Recognizing the common challenge businesses encounter with limited budgets and the need to demonstrate ROI, it offers a strategic approach built on five core principles.

Although specific features of these principles were not outlined, B2Linked emphasizes optimizing advertising efforts to minimize wasted ad spending and amplify the effectiveness of LinkedIn ad campaigns.

Key Features of B2Linked

⭐ Specialization in LinkedIn Ads — B2Linked dedicates its focus solely to LinkedIn advertising, indicating profound expertise and comprehension of this platform.

⭐ ROI-Focused Strategies — It prioritizes strategies aimed at demonstrating and enhancing the return on investment from LinkedIn Ads.

⭐ Principles to Reduce Waste — It has established five core principles directed at reducing wasted ad spend and optimizing campaign efficiency.

⭐ Targeted at Various Clients — B2Linked's services cater to a diverse clientele, including ad agencies, freelancers, and in-house marketing teams grappling with digital advertising ROI challenges.

3. Native LinkedIn

LinkedIn's Native Advertising solutions, especially Sponsored Content, enable businesses to seamlessly display their products and services within the LinkedIn feed.

This strategy ensures that the content integrates smoothly with users' feeds, resulting in a less disruptive and more authentic advertising experience.

This form of advertising is specifically designed to blend in with organic content on LinkedIn, providing businesses with an effective means to reach their target audience without interrupting their browsing experience.

LinkedIn Native Marketing Solutions


⭐ LinkedIn Ads — This platform is built into LinkedIn for creating targeted ads, including Sponsored Content and Message Ads.

⭐ Sponsored Content — LinkedIn displays media-rich ads to targeted members on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

⭐ Sponsored Messaging — You can send direct messages to your target audience using LinkedIn Messaging.

⭐ Text Ads  — Create desktop ads easily with this self-service, pay-per-click platform. You can have your ads up and running in just a few minutes.

⭐ Dynamic Ads - Dynamic banner ads, or personalized ads, adapt content based on user behavior.

Other LinkedIn Native Solutions

👉 LinkedIn Sales Navigator — A tool that helps identify and connect with potential clients, featuring advanced search capabilities, personalized algorithms, and prospect tracking.

👉 LinkedIn Insights and Analytics — Gain valuable insights into your company page or profile's performance with detailed engagement rates, demographic data, and content analytics. Use these insights to tailor your strategy for optimal results.

👉 LinkedIn Learning — Gain access to diverse courses aimed at improving marketing skills for individuals and teams. Although it is not a direct marketing tool, the knowledge obtained from these courses can significantly impact your marketing strategies.

👉 LinkedIn Polls and Surveys — Engage your audience effectively by using polls and surveys to gather valuable feedback and increase interaction with your content.

👉 LinkedIn Groups — Participation in or creating LinkedIn Groups within your industry can establish thought leadership and foster connections with like-minded professionals or potential customers.

4. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a tool that helps businesses and individuals optimize their social media strategies.

With a diverse range of features, the platform simplifies content creation, scheduling, and publishing across multiple social networks, all from a centralized dashboard.

Key Features of Hootsuite

⭐ Unified Dashboard — Effortlessly manage all social media accounts in one centralized dashboard, simplifying oversight of your entire social media strategy.

⭐ Scheduling — Seamlessly schedule posts across multiple social networks, enabling you to plan content in advance and publish at optimal times for engagement.

⭐ Content Creation — Access Canva templates directly within Hootsuite for rapid and visually appealing post creation.

⭐ AI Assistance — Harness the power of AI to generate captions and hashtags, facilitating the creation of engaging and relevant content with minimal effort.

⭐ Approval Workflows — Implement smooth workflows for content approval, ensuring that all content aligns with brand messaging and standards before publication.

5. Terminus


Terminus is a comprehensive platform dedicated to scaling digital marketing programs with precision.

This segment of Terminus is tailored to empower marketing teams in elevating their digital marketing endeavors through refined messaging control and segmentation throughout the sales journey.

Key Features of Terminus for Digital Marketing

⭐ Scalable Solutions — Tailored digital marketing solutions accommodating businesses at varying stages of growth, from startups to enterprises aiming for substantial expansion.

⭐ Unified Platform — Streamlines the management of digital marketing initiatives by centralizing campaign creation, execution, and monitoring within a single, user-friendly platform.

⭐ Messaging and Segmentation Control — Equips marketing teams with robust tools to exercise greater control over messaging and segmentation, facilitating targeted and personalized marketing strategies.

⭐ Enhanced Customer Experiences — Focuses on crafting exceptional customer experiences through precise targeting and personalized engagement across every phase of the sales funnel.

6. Canva


Canva for Marketing Teams offers a suite of features to scale your brand and enhance team collaboration, with customizable templates, brand controls, and simplified workflows.

It can help you create any type of visual for LinkedIn easily with thousands of different templates tailored to your needs.

Whether you need a new LinkedIn banner, or you want to create a LinkedIn carousel post, Canva can help.

Key Features of Canva

⭐ User-Friendly Design Tools — Canva boasts an intuitive platform suitable for users of all skill levels, enabling effortless creation of professional-quality designs.

⭐ Versatile Templates — With a vast library of templates for various purposes such as social media posts, presentations, flyers, and brochures, Canva ensures consistent branding across all marketing materials.

⭐ Brand Kit Integration — Pro and Enterprise users can seamlessly incorporate brand elements like logos, colors, and fonts into their designs, simplifying the branding process.

⭐ Real-Time Collaboration — Teams can collaborate effectively on designs in real-time, facilitating feedback and edits to ensure alignment with marketing strategies.

⭐ Content Scheduling Capability — Certain Canva plans offer content scheduling features, allowing users to schedule social media posts directly from the platform and manage marketing campaigns comprehensively.

7. Zopto


Zopto specializes in refining lead generation and engagement tactics on LinkedIn, focusing on streamlining and amplifying outreach endeavors.

The platform facilitates importing lists from your CRM to craft targeted campaigns on LinkedIn.

Additionally, it offers the capability to construct advanced prospect lists, allowing for precise filtering based on various criteria.

Key Features of Zopto Related to Automated Campaigns & Messaging

⭐ Integration with Premium Tools — Zopto seamlessly integrates with leading CRM and marketing automation tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, and Hyperise, ensuring smooth connectivity with your existing tech stack for efficient lead management and nurturing.

⭐ LinkedIn Focused — Tailored for LinkedIn, Zopto streamlines lead generation and outreach processes on the platform, likely through personalized connection requests, follow-up messages, and content engagement, enabling scalable outreach efforts.

⭐ Campaign Customization — Users can customize their outreach campaigns based on target audience attributes, engagement triggers, and follow-up sequences, optimizing response rates and lead quality.

⭐ Analytics and Reporting — Zopto provides detailed insights into campaign performance, enabling users to track vital metrics such as engagement rates, conversion rates, and overall ROI from their LinkedIn campaigns.

8. AeroLeads


AeroLeads is positioned as a user-friendly and efficient tool for discovering and validating email addresses, presenting itself as a viable alternative to platforms like Salesloft for sales and lead generation.

It aims to simplify the lead generation process, enabling businesses to gather precise contact information for their sales and marketing endeavors.

Key Features of AeroLeads

⭐ Accurate Results — The platform prioritizes the accuracy of its search results, crucial for the success of lead generation and outreach campaigns.

⭐ Bulk Search Capability — AeroLeads supports bulk search options, allowing users to process large volumes of leads simultaneously, significantly reducing time and effort.

⭐ Data Import and Export — Users can seamlessly import their data into AeroLeads and export it for use in other lead generation or CRM tools, offering flexibility and seamless integration with existing workflows.

⭐ Versatility for Various Lead Generation Needs — The platform provides email finding and verification services for sales, marketing, recruitment, and other industries.

9. RollWorks


RollWorks is an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platform dedicated to aligning marketing and sales efforts around targeting the most suitable accounts for a business.

By harnessing proprietary data and machine learning, RollWorks aims to streamline and enhance the ABM process, offering efficiency and effectiveness for businesses seeking to engage specific accounts.

Key Features of RollWorks

⭐ Account Identification — Utilizes proprietary data and machine learning algorithms to assist businesses in identifying target accounts with the highest conversion potential, ensuring resources are allocated where they can yield the greatest results.

⭐ Marketing & Sales Alignment — Bridges the gap between marketing and sales teams by providing tools and insights that support a cohesive approach to targeting, engaging, and converting key accounts.

⭐ Targeted ABM Strategies — Empowers businesses to execute highly targeted ABM campaigns, enabling personalized engagement with key accounts across multiple channels.

⭐ Data-Driven Insights — Offers insights and analytics to help businesses understand the effectiveness of their ABM strategies, facilitating continuous optimization and improvement of their campaigns.

10. Sprinklr


Sprinklr stands out as a leading enterprise software solution catering to customer-facing functions.

Its Unified-CXM platform, powered by advanced AI technology, promises to revolutionize customer experiences across all channels.

Key Features of Sprinklr

⭐ AI-Powered Solutions — Harnesses artificial intelligence to optimize marketing and advertising strategies, potentially through automation, data analysis, and personalized customer interactions.

⭐ Comprehensive Marketing and Advertising Tools — Provides a range of tools supporting various aspects of digital marketing and advertising, spanning campaign management to performance analytics.

⭐ Unified Platform — Highlights the advantages of a unified platform for overseeing marketing and advertising efforts across multiple channels and touchpoints.

⭐ Data-Driven Insights — Enables businesses to make data-driven decisions with insights on customer behavior, campaign performance, and market trends.

⭐ Enhanced Customer Experiences — Helps you enhance customer experiences through targeted advertising, personalized marketing messages, and consistent brand messaging across digital platforms.

Which LinkedIn Marketing Tool To Choose?

We hope our list of various LinkedIn Marketing tools will help you address your different marketing needs.

Still, the perfect tool for you depends entirely on what you aim to achieve with your LinkedIn strategy.

If you're searching for a comprehensive solution that handles everything from creating and organizing posts to deep analysis of your performance, we recommend starting with AuthoredUp.

It's an all-in-one platform designed specifically for LinkedIn users, offering many essential features. With AuthoredUp, you can:

🌸 Create content efficiently with real-time post previews to see exactly how your posts will look.

🌸 Transform your ideas into various content formats to engage different audience segments.

🌸 Organize your content effortlessly using tags.

🌸 Dive deep into content analysis and gain insights through detailed graphics showing how your audience interacts with your posts.

🌸 Schedule your content in bulk, saving time and streamlining your workflow.

Keen to give it a whirl?

Sign up for AuthoredUp now and take advantage of a 14-day free trial.

It's your gateway to elevating your LinkedIn presence and supercharging your marketing efforts.

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