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5 SocialHP Alternatives to Consider in 2024

Explore top alternatives to SocialHP that offer comprehensive features for effective social media management, providing robust solutions to elevate your online presence.

Tools & Alternatives
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Want to ramp up your social media presence?

Turning to social media management tools is a wise choice for businesses and individuals aiming to enhance their online visibility, particularly on a potent platform like LinkedIn.

SocialHP is one such tool.

These tools are helpful in creating engaging content and can help you complete various tasks, including scheduling posts, saving you a lot of time.

To help you, we've briefly reviewed SocialHP characteristics and provided the top 5 SocialHP alternatives to support your social media strategy.

Read on!

SocialHP: Overview


Social HorsePower stands out as a social media management tool.

It is designed to empower businesses with an automated and efficient post-scheduling process.

This tool makes scheduling less complicated while also greatly increasing brand engagement through smooth networking across a wide range of social media channels.

Social HorsePower provides teamwork-enhancing features that facilitate smooth teamwork.

SocialHP: Key Features

⚡Calendar Management -  Enables users to visualize all scheduled social campaigns and content in a timeline or calendar. Workers have the option to approve calendar items manually or to set it up to run automatically.

⚡Content Library - Allows users to upload and publish brand content from a shared library.

⚡Analytics - Provides you with reports on the performance of social media posts and campaigns.

⚡Campaign Planning - Allows for categorizing or grouping individual posts to streamline social media marketing campaigns.

SocialHP: Pricing

SocialHP doesn’t provide information about pricing tiers. Instead, they encourage potential users to reach out for a demo via email or chat.

5 SocialHP Alternatives to Consider in 2024

Now that we've gone over it let's look at the top 5 SocialHP alternatives to help you improve your LinkedIn presence.

1. AuthoredUp


AuthoredUp emerges as the premier alternative to SocialHP for individuals seeking to improve their LinkedIn presence.

With its user-friendly app and a convenient Chrome Extension, AuthoredUp seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn.

This integration facilitates effortless content creation and planning, post-scheduling, and performance analysis, eliminating the need for troublesome tab-switching.

AuthoredUp Key Features

⚡Text Editor - Enhance your postings with different formatting options such as bold, italics, and bullet points to make them more appealing.

⚡Post Preview - Allows you to test how your content looks on various devices so you can make changes before publishing.

⚡Draft Management - Manage numerous drafts efficiently, save ideas for later use, and easily schedule posts - all in one spot.

⚡Hook & CTA Library - Investigate over 200 hooks and 100 CTA templates in English and German to make your LinkedIn posts stand out.

⚡Snippet Library - Store and use repeated material within your posts with a single click, eliminating the need to spend time writing it each time.


⚡Post Analytics - Monitor your LinkedIn activity and delve deep into the metrics of each post to determine the best-performing ones and adjust your strategy accordingly.

⚡1-Click Reuse - Reuse your most effective LinkedIn articles with a single click to accelerate your growth.

⚡Readability Score - Make sure your material is readable and easy to digest by checking its readability.

⚡Account Manager - Easily and effectively manage material for numerous LinkedIn profiles from one location.

What’s New in 2024?

⭐ Scheduling Calendar - Effortlessly manage your scheduled content with our new Calendar View, which shows all your posts (past and scheduled) across profiles, company pages, and groups, provided in one place.


⭐ Team Analytics Feature - This feature offers managers and admins the ability to view combined analytics for the entire team or specific segments, providing a dashboard rich with insights into contributions and trends.


⭐ Team Post Overview Feature - View all posts published by your team and company pages in a single, unified table, with the added benefit of customizing your table view to suit your preferences.


⭐ Draft Collaboration Feature - Easily add colleagues or clients as collaborators on your drafts, allowing them to edit and use your drafts as if they were their own. This seamless collaboration can be done either through our extension or directly on the platform.

⭐ Giphy Integration Feature - After analyzing over a million LinkedIn posts in 2023, we found that GIFs significantly boost interaction, particularly for Friday and Saturday posts – ideal for the holiday season and beyond.

⭐ Dark Mode Feature - Embrace the comfort of our sleek, eye-friendly Dark Mode, a must-have for any app, now available on our platform for a more enjoyable user experience.


⭐ Dutch Language Support Feature - Following English and German, we now offer hooks and endings for the Dutch-speaking community. These have been developed based on data and analysis and meticulously proofread and refined by a native Dutch copywriter.

AuthoredUp Pricing

AuthoredUp comes with 3 pricing tiers and a 14-day free trial for its Individual and Business plans.


2. PostBeyond


PostBeyond is a social selling and employee advocacy platform.

It allows you to easily share content across your team's social networks and turn them into advocates for your brand.

You can discover what content resonates with your audience and use insights to refine your employee advocacy strategy. 

Let’s explore some of its key features!

PostBeyond Key Feature

⚡Centralize content - Organize all of your material into a single library, and your staff will always be aware of what to share and when.

⚡Personal Dashboard - Every worker has access to a single dashboard with their individual social media performance and insights.

⚡Content scheduling - Enables you to queue up posts for sharing at a time of your choosing.

⚡Engagement tracking - This allows you to monitor how many people view, like, and reshare content that has been posted.

⚡Trends Analytics - Monitors trends, including the most popular news sources and the social media platforms with the best performance.

⚡Content Templates - Provides you with ready-made templates to use when sharing content on social media.

⚡AI-powered Content Generation - Make distinctive social media postings based on your brand criteria.

⚡Real-Time Compliance - Activate brand compliance to identify or restrict specific words and phrases.

PostBeyond Pricing

This tool is yours to use for 30 days at no cost. After that, you have a choice between 2 premium plans.


3. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is also a social media management tool.

Almost all of the everyday responsibilities that a social media manager encounters can be managed using Hootsuite.

You may manage teams as well as curate material and schedule and publish posts.

Hootsuite Key Features

⚡Publish and Schedule - Using a bulk social media scheduler, you may plan hundreds of posts ahead of time. Increase engagement by scheduling content to go live at the optimal time for your audience.

⚡Social Media Analytics - Shows you exactly how to grow your brand on social media. See what works, fix what doesn't, and achieve results. 

⚡AI Content Creation - OwlyWriter AI can produce captions and generate post ideas for any network. For a short period, all Hootsuite users can utilize the tool for free. 

⚡Best Time To Post - Recommends the best times to post on social media to gain the most engagement. It informs you when to post depending on when your audience is most active. 

⚡ Advertising Feature - You can automatically convert best-performing posts into sponsored ads to reach new audiences.

⚡Engagement Tools - You may interact with friends, fans, and followers from a single dashboard.

⚡Social Listening Tools - Create Streams to keep an eye on hashtags, keywords, and mentions to find out what others are talking about in your area.

Hootsuite Pricing

Hootsuite offers 3 premium tiers.


4. Sprout Social


Sprout Social emerges as a comprehensive social media management platform.

It provides in-depth analytics across major social networks facilitating the creation of customized reports and effective data sharing.

Sprout Social ensures smooth onboarding and seamless integration with existing technologies, including a significant partnership with Salesforce.

Sprout Social Key Features

⚡Social Analytics - Reports on the performance of social media posts and campaigns.

⚡Social Publishing - Allows the creation, management, and scheduling of content to be shared across social media channels.

⚡Campaign Optimization - Identifies trends in social media campaigns, such as optimal posting times, to improve performance.

⚡Campaign Planning - Allows for categorizing or grouping individual posts to streamline social media marketing campaigns. 

⚡Hashtag Capabilities - Monitor hashtags, their trends, and analytics across all social media platforms.

Sprout Social Pricing

SproutSocial offers you a free trial for 3 paid plans. If you are not satisfied with any of it, you can contact them and make a customized plan.


5. Zoho Social


Zoho Social is our last SocialHP alternative tool for social media management, designed to help businesses and agencies improve their online presence across many platforms.

It contains a robust range of features, such as the Publishing Calendar, Bulk Scheduler, and Repeat Post, to provide you with all of the social media publishing capabilities your company needs.

Zoho Social Key Features

⚡Scheduling Tools - You may schedule posts using the Bulk Scheduler, which allows you to handle large amounts of posts. You can see all of your planned posts in one location.

⚡Analytics - You can examine the effectiveness of your social media approach. Create comprehensive reports that will assist you in better understanding your audience and tracking social media success.

⚡Monitor Feature - This feature makes it simple to monitor hashtags, product reviews, and key phrases for lead generation and brand monitoring.

⚡Integrations - You can create and automate LinkedIn lead generation and track leads and ad performance. Also, you can incorporate Canva and create eye-catching designs without ever leaving Zoho Social.

⚡Collaboration Features - Assemble your team and assign each person you invite to a certain position. You can make your own roles or select from the ones that are already available. 

Zoho Social Pricing

Zoho Social comes with 3 premium tiers and a 15-day free trial.


What Is The Best SocialHP Alternative For You?

Despite sharing some characteristics, each of these tools helps you achieve a slightly different goal.

Prioritize your needs and preferences while choosing a tool.

Additionally, keep in mind that some of them are more affordable than others, so you have to take your budget into account.

However, if your goal is to focus directly on the LinkedIn audience and the success of your LinkedIn profile, then AuthoredUp is the best choice for you.

Benefits of Using AuthoredUp?

AuthoredUp, a tool designed to enhance your LinkedIn experience, offers several benefits that can significantly improve your content management and personal branding on LinkedIn.

Here are the top 4 benefits:

🌸 Enhanced Content Strategy - AuthoredUp helps in crafting compelling LinkedIn posts by providing features for content optimization. 

🌸 Scheduling and Consistency - The Calendar option, not only saves time but also ensures that your content is consistently posted, even when you're not actively online. Regular posting is crucial for maintaining engagement and visibility on LinkedIn.

🌸 Analytics and Insights - It provides detailed analytics on your posts, including metrics like views, likes, comments, and shares.

🌸 Personal Branding and Positioning - AuthoredUp offers tools and insights for effective personal branding. This could include tips on profile optimization and strategies to position yourself as a thought leader or expert in your field.

How To Start With AuthoredUp?

Getting started on AuthoredUp is quite simple. Follow these steps:

✅Visit the AuthoredUp website to register.

✅Add the Chrome Extension.

✅Connect your LinkedIn profile.

✅When you log in to Linkedin, click on the Authoredup logo on the toolbar and explore all its features!

Ready for a ride?

Sign up for AuthoredUp and start transforming your profile with our efficient and engaging tools. Join now and see the difference!

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