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12 Best LinkedIn Sales Tools To Consider In 2024

Discover the best LinkedIn sales tools, optimizing your outreach and networking strategies for maximum business success.

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Ever felt like there's a smoother way to boost your sales on LinkedIn without all the time-consuming, manual tasks?

Well, you're in luck!

There's a whole world of tools out there now, each packed with features tailored to various industries and roles – sales pros included.

The best part?

We've done the heavy lifting for you and put together a list of the top 12 LinkedIn sales tools for 2024.

We've got you covered, from fine-tuning your content for better conversions to refining your outreach strategy, integrating it with your CRM, and diving into deep analytics.

Let's dive in and discover the tools that will transform your LinkedIn sales strategy!

Top 12 LinkedIn Sales Tools to Elevate Your Game Right Now

1. AuthoredUp


AuthoredUp is a premier tool for creating LinkedIn content, aiming to simplify and enhance the content creation process for its users.

It's designed for individuals and professionals who want to make an impact on LinkedIn without dedicating excessive time to it.

This tool is particularly tailored for those who wish to share their expertise, build relationships, and promote their services efficiently on the platform.

AuthoredUp is available as a Chrome extension and web application.

Key Features

⭐ Editor—AuthoredUp offers a feature-rich editing tool allowing users to enhance their posts with bold or italic text, bullet points, emojis, and more for visually engaging content creation.

⭐ Calendar View—It simplifies content management by automatically displaying scheduled posts, enabling easy rescheduling and deletion directly from the calendar interface.

⭐ Saved Posts—Streamlines content curation on LinkedIn, facilitating efficient management, filtering, and analysis of saved posts by users.

⭐ Drafts—Allows users to conveniently save their post ideas for future use. It also facilitates smooth collaboration among team members on these drafts.

⭐ Hooks—With a library of over 200 handcrafted hooks, AuthoredUp inspires content creation with engaging templates designed to attract and captivate readers.

⭐ Endings—AuthoredUp offers access to over 150 customizable CTAs to motivate audience action and enhance post conversion rates, further refined based on content type and objectives.

⭐ Analytics—Empowers you to comprehend your profile's performance data, facilitating informed content strategy decisions through comprehensive insights into LinkedIn content performance.

Who's Best For

AuthoredUp is ideal for non-professional marketers, professionals, and businesses looking to boost their LinkedIn content quality and engagement.

It serves as an invaluable tool for those focused on optimizing their LinkedIn presence through compelling content backed by analytical insights to guide your strategies.


AuthoredUp is available with 2 pricing tiers and a 14-day free trial.


2. MeetAlfred


MeetAlfred presents itself as a potent LinkedIn automation tool crafted to enhance lead generation and sales efforts.

For professionals and businesses aiming to broaden their professional network and elevate interactions on LinkedIn, MeetAlfred offers a solution that multiplies the average response rate, reduces the workload of networking, and saves time for more meaningful tasks.

Key Features

⭐ Manage Multi-Channel LinkedIn Campaign Sequences—Automates and optimizes outreach workflows across LinkedIn, Email, and Twitter to enhance lead generation.

⭐ LinkedIn Scraper & CRM Sync—Enables efficient lead management and exports LinkedIn contacts into a CSV file for seamless integration with your CRM.

⭐ Generate Leads with LinkedIn Events, Groups & Post Campaigns—Utilizes LinkedIn's groups, events, and posts as channels for targeted lead generation.

⭐ LinkedIn Analytics and Performance Tracking—Provides detailed analytics for optimizing automated outreach campaigns and improving lead conversion strategies.

Who's Best For

Meet Alfred is optimally suited for sales professionals and businesses seeking an automated approach to LinkedIn lead generation and engagement.


MeetAlfred comes with 3 premium tiers and a free trial for Individual and Business plans.


3. Octopus CRM


Octopus CRM is a LinkedIn automation tool dedicated to enhancing LinkedIn user experience through a comprehensive CRM platform.

This platform is crafted specifically for those looking to streamline their LinkedIn activities, from lead generation to campaign management, all within a safe and controlled environment.

Key Features

⭐ Automated Actions—Facilitates the automation of essential LinkedIn tasks such as sending connection requests and messages, and scheduling follow-ups.

⭐ Campaign Creation and Management—Provides robust tools for the development and oversight of LinkedIn campaigns, optimizing lead generation and engagement.

⭐ Marketing Funnels on LinkedIn—Supports the creation of marketing funnels directly within LinkedIn, aiding in the effective nurturing of leads.

⭐ LinkedIn Analytics—Offers detailed analytics to assess the success of LinkedIn campaigns, including insights into acceptance rates, response rates, and the user’s Social Selling Index.

Who's Best For

Octopus CRM is ideally suited for sales professionals, marketers, and recruiters seeking an all-encompassing, secure automation tool to improve your lead generation, prospecting, and engagement efforts on LinkedIn.


Octopus offers 4 premium plans with a free trial for each.


4. Zopto


Zopto is framed as a vital tool for B2B companies aiming to elevate their sales and business development strategies through LinkedIn Automation and Omni-channel Sales.

It harnesses the power of the latest AI technology to automate and refine outreach across various channels, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in the sales process.

Key Features

⭐ Omni-Channel Outreach—Expands lead engagement across multiple channels for a more comprehensive outreach strategy.

⭐ Zhoo—Employs a GPT-4 powered AI assistant for full-spectrum campaign management, from creation to managing inbox interactions.

⭐ Advanced Filtering—Utilizes AI for list cleansing, saving users time and preventing potential mistakes.

⭐ Proprietary Platform—Offers a one-stop solution with features like A/B testing, sentiment analysis, deal tracking, and LinkedIn messaging within the Zopto platform.

⭐ LinkedIn Automation—Specializes in automating LinkedIn tasks to boost lead generation and engagement.

Who's Best For

Zopto is the go-to solution for B2B companies keen on maximizing their LinkedIn and omni-channel outreach capabilities.

It is particularly beneficial for those seeking to leverage advanced AI technology for optimizing and automating sales and business development efforts.


Zopto comes with 4 premium tiers.


5. SalesFlow


Salesflow is a LinkedIn Automation Software, crafted to boost lead generation and outbound sales activities.

This tool is designed to elevate the productivity of sales teams by harnessing the power of LinkedIn automation, enabling you to discover leads at a faster pace and optimize their sales process.

Key Features

⭐ Lead Generation Acceleration—Enhances the speed of lead discovery, allowing for quick and efficient engagement with high-quality leads.

⭐ Outreach Automation—Facilitates the automation of LinkedIn outreach, reducing the manual workload and enabling swift scheduling of meetings with key decision-makers.

⭐ LinkedIn Profile Optimization—Helps transform LinkedIn profiles into potent sales instruments, maximizing lead conversion rates.

⭐ Simple Yet Advanced Tools—Combines user-friendly features with sophisticated tools to aid in the automation of tasks and the facilitation of deal closures.

Who's Best For

Salesflow is ideally suited for sales professionals and teams aiming to capitalize on LinkedIn for lead generation and to enhance their outbound sales strategies.


Salesflow offers up to 4 premium plans. You can start for free with its Single User plan.


6. Expandi


Expandi positions itself as a LinkedIn automation tool, boasting a cloud-based platform specifically tailored to bolster marketing and sales endeavors on LinkedIn.

Its focus is on automating the lead generation process, from pinpointing potential leads to nurturing them into paying customers.

Key Features 

⭐ Ideal Customer Targeting—Harnesses LinkedIn's array of filters, groups, and content features to pinpoint profiles aligning with the ideal customer persona.

⭐ Automation of Lead Generation Process—Facilitates the complete automation of the lead generation cycle on LinkedIn, encompassing outreach efforts, thereby enhancing time efficiency and productivity.

⭐ Email Outreach Integration—Offers a dual approach by incorporating email outreach into its LinkedIn strategies, providing a rounded lead generation tactic.

⭐ Conversion Focus—Dedicated to transforming identified leads into paying customers through personalized outreach and strategic engagement.

Who's Best For

Expandi is exceptionally well-suited for businesses and individuals targeting precise customer personas along with LinkedIn and email outreach to effectively convert leads into customers.


Expandi comes with 2 premium tiers and a 7-day free trial with a Business plan.


7. AeroLeads


AeroLeads distinguishes itself as a straightforward and efficient platform tailored for email discovery and verification, catering primarily to the sales and marketing sectors.

The platform is notable for its bulk search feature, which permits users to find and verify email addresses on a large scale efficiently.

Additionally, AeroLeads offers the advantage of exporting data, allowing for seamless integration with various lead generation and CRM software.

Key Features

⭐ Email Finder—Aids in locating the email addresses of professionals and businesses, streamlining outreach and communication endeavors.

⭐ Email Verifier—Validates the accuracy and legitimacy of email addresses, enhancing the success rate of email marketing campaigns.

⭐ Bulk Search—Enables the execution of multiple searches simultaneously, fostering time efficiency and productivity.

⭐ Data Export—Provides the functionality to export the gathered and verified email information, facilitating its use in conjunction with other lead generation and CRM platforms.

Who's Best For

AeroLeads is optimally designed for sales professionals, marketers, and recruiters seeking a dependable and effective solution for bolstering their lead generation activities through precise email discovery and verification processes.


AeroLeads offers 4 premium plans.


8. Skylead


Skylead is a LinkedIn Automation and Cold Email Software, specifically crafted to amplify lead generation and sales operations for businesses and professionals alike.

It delivers a comprehensive suite of automation tools that facilitate outreach and engagement on LinkedIn, alongside robust features for managing cold email campaigns. 

Key Features

⭐ LinkedIn Automation—Simplifies scaling your networking and lead generation by automating tasks like personalized connection requests, messaging, and follow-ups on LinkedIn.

⭐ Cold Email Campaigns—Allows for the crafting and oversight of cold email campaigns, enabling targeted communication beyond the LinkedIn platform.

⭐ Personalized Outreach—Enhances the probability of engaging prospects and receiving responses through personalized messaging and email customization.

⭐ Campaign Management—Offers sophisticated tools for the organization and analysis of LinkedIn and email outreach campaigns, providing insights into the most successful strategies.

Who's Best For

Skylead is ideally tailored for sales professionals, marketers, and agencies that aim to utilize LinkedIn for networking and lead generation purposes


Skylead comes with 2 premium plans.


9. Phantombuster


PhantomBuster stands out as a versatile platform dedicated to automating a wide array of online tasks.

Its core mission revolves around providing sophisticated automation tools designed to streamline operations across various domains, including social media engagement, data extraction, and web automation.

Key Features

⭐ Profile Data Extraction—Enables the extraction of crucial information from social media profiles, which can be pivotal for crafting targeted lead lists and understanding market dynamics.

⭐ Content Engagement Automation—Provides automation tools for liking, commenting, or sharing content on platforms such as LinkedIn, boosting visibility and engagement within the target demographic.

⭐ Sales Lead Generation—Employs strategic tools to identify and engage potential sales leads, filtered by criteria like industry, company size, or professional role, to refine outreach efforts.

⭐ CRM Integration—Supports integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, ensuring a seamless transition and management of leads and interactions initiated through social media channels.

Who's Best For

PhantomBuster is an ideal match for marketers, sales professionals, social media managers, and researchers who aim to leverage automation to enhance their online presence.

It caters to those seeking to automate repetitive online tasks.


PhantomBuster offers a free trial along with 3 premium tiers.


10. Lusha


Lusha is a critical resource for accessing B2B databases, company contacts, and business leads, aiming to empower businesses with the data they need to boost their sales and marketing strategies.

Its focus is on delivering valuable, accurate, and actionable insights for professionals seeking to enhance their outreach and lead generation initiatives.

Key Features

⭐ B2B Database Access—Provides extensive access to a wide-ranging database of businesses, aiding in market research and lead generation.

⭐ Company Contacts—Offers detailed information on key decision-makers and professionals within companies, facilitating direct and meaningful communication.

⭐ Business Leads—Supplies high-quality leads that can be pivotal in enriching sales pipelines and bolstering marketing efforts.

⭐ Data Accuracy—Prioritizes the accuracy and verification of contact information, aiming to maximize conversion rates through reliable data.

Who's Best For

Lusha is ideally suited for sales and marketing professionals, recruiters, and anyone who requires dependable B2B data and contacts.


Lusha comes with a free plan and 3 premium plans.


11. Linked Radar


LinkedRadar is a LinkedIn AI Tool that focuses on leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance LinkedIn activities.

It provides tools designed to optimize LinkedIn profiles, engagement, and lead generation through AI-driven insights and automation.

Key Features Likely Offered by LinkedRadar

⭐ AI-Driven LinkedIn Optimization—Utilizes artificial intelligence to improve LinkedIn profile visibility and engagement.

⭐ Lead Generation Automation—Automates the process of identifying and engaging with potential leads on LinkedIn.

⭐ Analytics and Insights—Provides AI-powered analytics and insights to inform strategy and decision-making on LinkedIn.

⭐ Prospecting Templates—Provides high-converting template creation assistance from LinkedIn experts to increase response rates to automated messages.

⭐ Contacts Export—Simplifies the process of exporting LinkedIn contacts to Excel/CSV for further use, allowing for easy data management and analysis.

Who's Best For

LinkedRadar is best suited for professionals and businesses seeking to leverage AI tools to enhance their LinkedIn presence, automate engagement, and improve lead generation efforts efficiently and effectively.


LinkedRadar offers 4 premium plans.


12. Surfe


Surfe is a platform focused on streamlining LinkedIn prospecting, ensuring efficiency in finding and engaging with potential leads on LinkedIn.

It offers sales teams a revolutionary front-end for CRM that is connected, customizable, collaborative, and accessible from anywhere.

Key Features

⭐ CRM Integration—Seamless connection with CRM platforms to ensure that sales activities are recorded and managed efficiently.

⭐ Automated Lead Generation—Tools to automate the process of finding and engaging potential leads on platforms like LinkedIn, saving time and increasing productivity for sales teams.

⭐ Email Finder and Verification—Capabilities to find and verify professional email addresses directly from LinkedIn profiles, facilitating outreach efforts.

⭐ Sales Pipeline Management—Features to manage and track sales pipelines directly from LinkedIn, providing a clear overview of sales activities and opportunities.

⭐ Sales Ops Optimization Programs—Specific programs or solutions aimed at optimizing sales operations, potentially including training, strategy development, and operational tools designed to grow businesses.

Who's Best For

Surfe is best suited for sales teams and professionals looking to optimize their LinkedIn prospecting activities while ensuring their data handling practices are secure and compliant with international standards.


Surfe comes with free and 2 premium plans.


Which LinkedIn Sales Tool is Right For You?

These top 12 LinkedIn sales tools aren't just little upgrades. They're total game-changers for anyone in sales.

Imagine smoothing your daily grind, reaching out to more people with less effort, and getting those insider insights that turn maybe contacts into definite deals.

The trick is to pick the right tools for you, your goals, and your way of working.

And if you want to make your LinkedIn sales game stronger, smarter, and much more fun by optimizing your content strategy, we suggest you start with AuthoredUp.


✨ AuthoredUp is entirely focused on LinkedIn.

✨ Create unique and tailored content effortlessly, anytime, anywhere.

✨ Get a sneak peek of your content's appearance with real-time previews.

Fine-tune your sales tactics with in-depth analytics and performance tracking.

Simplify your content workflow, from organizing to scheduling in bulk, all with ease.

✨ Your privacy is paramount! AuthoredUp doesn't peek into your cookies or automate activity.

✨ Say goodbye to the inconvenience of constant tab-switching—everything you need is in one spot.

Picture this: Your entire LinkedIn strategy—from crafting content to analyzing its impact, all neatly tied together on one easy-to-use platform.

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