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5 Top LinkedIn Monitoring Tools You Need to Know About

Discover the best LinkedIn monitoring tools to track your brand’s performance and for insights, analytics, and effective LinkedIn management.

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Are you keeping tabs on your LinkedIn presence, or are you in the dark about what people are saying about your brand and competitors?

Of course that everybody is talking, but are you listening?

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Remember that LinkedIn isn't just a networking site—it's an effective tool for establishing business relationships and drawing in top talent, partners, suppliers, and clients.

Imagine having the ability to gather key insights, respond effectively, and strategically plan content that hits the mark with your target audience.

Sounds game-changing, right?

Maybe we can assist you with this.

Keep on reading to find out how to start monitoring LinkedIn and benefit from it, as well as which LinkedIn monitoring tools are the best for you.

Let’s begin!

What Is LinkedIn Monitoring?

Let’s start by clarifying what monitoring entails.

LinkedIn monitoring involves actively tracking and analyzing your personal or company’s mentions, reputation, and performance.

This includes keeping an eye on posts, comments, messages, and other interactions.

With LinkedIn monitoring you can:

  • gain insights about your posts’ engagement,
  • track conversations related to your industry,
  • measure your profile’s influence, and
  • keep an eye on your competitors.

How to Monitor LinkedIn?

You are given two options to choose from:

1️⃣ manually or

2️⃣ using a tool.

1. Tracking LinkedIn Mentions Manually

Similar to other social media platforms, LinkedIn sends notifications about your profile activity.

Keeping track of this manually means regularly checking the platform for brand mentions, which can be:

❌ time-consuming and

❌ may not provide real-time insights. 

2. Using Social Media Monitoring Tools

Since no one has time to keep an eye on social media 24/7, using a tool is certainly more convenient as it:

✅ simplifies the procedure,

✅ offers more comprehensive and precise information, and

✅ improves the capacity to efficiently manage and optimize LinkedIn activities.

Note ❗

Monitoring tools are limited to gathering mentions if they are publicly available on the internet; i.e. they are unable to find mentions in posts that have access restrictions applied to them.

For example, they will not search closed LinkedIn groups.

Benefits of LinkedIn Monitoring

We previously stated that monitoring LinkedIn can be a game-changer for optimizing your LinkedIn presence and building stronger connections.

Not sure about it?

Then let’s review which benefits you can count on when monitoring your performance:

  • Find prominent influencers in your industry, and leverage their impact to expand your brand's reach and generate more leads.
  • Metrics identify the most effective parts of your profile, guiding enhancements to strengthen your professional image and Personal Branding.
  • Monitoring mentions on LinkedIn will provide valuable insights into the type of content that resonates with your target audience.
  • Businesses can increase sales because social listening can help them find leads. 
  • Get insights into what people say about your brand.
  • Use insights to grow your brand, reply to the audience, adjust strategies, or control your public image.

5 Best LinkedIn Monitoring Tools

Now, let's move on to the exciting section and explore 5 best LinkedIn monitoring tools.

Monitoring Tool #1: AuthoredUp


Let’s kick off our list with AuthoredUp, a powerful tool designed to assist you in creating, monitoring, and optimizing your LinkedIn content.

It allows you to track total, median, and average data for impressions, engagement, and reactions — all in one place— giving you a clear picture of your content's performance.

Key Features

👉 Post Types

Use Post Types to identify your most effective content types — images, documents, or videos. 

AuthoredUp has the ability to pinpoint what resonates most, so you can create content that brings you the most impressions, reactions, comments, shares, etc.


This way you can make informed decisions to improve your visibility and engagement on LinkedIn.

👉 Word Cloud

In order to create content that engages people you must get insight into the exact words you should use within the LinkedIn posts.

The Word Cloud feature illustrates just that.

It will visualize key themes and words from your posts to better understand the audience’s interests.


👉 Analytics Dashboard

By analyzing specific timeframes, you can carefully assess your profile's performance with accuracy.

These data help you make informed choices that lead to results and expansion.


This is what you can observe:

  • The amount of LinkedIn posts shared throughout the time period you have chosen to monitor.
  • The number of impressions within a specific timeframe.
  • The number of reactions, comments, and shares.
  • The total engagement and engagement rate.

For better understanding, all the new data is shown in BLUE, while data from the previous period is in YELLOW.

👉 Interconnected Graphs

In this feature you will discover three interconnected graphs, each providing valuable insights to enhance your content strategy.

1️. Growth Timeline — AuthoredUp’s Growth Timeline visualizes your posts by one specific dimension, measuring the impact of each post you published within a specific time period.

It displays how your posts perform over time according to specific dimensions. 

Customise the Y-axis to measure post metrics such as:

  • impressions,
  • reactions,
  • total engagement,
  • engagement rate,
  • comments, and
  • shares.

2️. Correlation Plot — Utilizing Correlation Plot helps you visualize what happens to one variable if another one changes.

 For example, you can examine the correlation between: 

  • Impressions and Reactions
  • Impressions and Comments
  • Total engagements and Readability index
  • Comments and Reactions

This insight can assist you in making strategic decisions about your future content.

3. Reaction Timeline Breakdown — Your audience's reactions to your posts provide valuable feedback.

Reaction Timeline visualizes this data, giving you a quick view of your community's sentiment.

Each bar represents a post, and different colors show the types of reactions it received, such as likes, loves, insights, and more.


Note that you have the freedom to include or exclude specific reaction types as per your preference.

👉 Hashtag Performance Analysis

Hashtags represent crucial markers of your content's themes and performance.

AuthoredUp offers a feature that analyzes all posts within a timeframe, extracting the hashtags you've used within specific posts.

Through the hashtag analytics, you get a clear idea of which hashtags perform best for your profile.


Understanding the process of monitoring LinkedIn hashtags and identifying the ones that are effective for you is essential for determining the type of content you should focus on creating more of.

AuthoredUp Pricing

AuthoredUp comes with 3 pricing tiers, offering a 14-day free trial for Individual and Business plans.


Monitoring Tool #2: Brand24


With its powerful AI, Brand24 monitors a wide range of public sources, such as social media, news websites, blogs, video platforms, forums, podcasts, and review sites.

This tool monitors the internet in real-time and collects mentions from public sources only, even for people who don’t have a LinkedIn profile. 

Key Features

👉 Mention Analytics — Discover what people say about your brand and take action in real-time. 

👉 Influence Score — Identify your industry influencers to help you choose carefully who to collaborate with.

👉 Sentiment Analysis — Thanks to mention sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) you can get a better understanding of customer attitudes and spot problematic areas which need immediate attention.

👉 Alerts — Customize your alerts the way you need - as an example, you can get email or in-app notifications of negative mentions of your company from blogs with more than 300,000 monthly visits.

👉 Filtering — Narrow down your results to focus on what's essential to you.

Brand24 Pricing

You are offered Free 14-day trial and you can get an Individual plan for $79.


Monitoring Tool #3: BrandMentions


Just as its name suggests, BrandMentions provides instant access to brand mentions across social media, news, blogs, videos, and more.

The tool allows you to monitor conversations in real-time.

It offers valuable insights to enhance your LinkedIn strategy and gain a deeper understanding of your audience.

With BrandMentions, you can

  • join social media conversations,
  • find influencers to work with,
  • keep an eye on your competitors, and
  • analyze people's feelings about your brand.

Key Features

👉 Brand Monitoring — The tool keeps you up to date with everything that matters in your niche and anything connected to your company.

👉 Competitor Spying — You are offered full access to your competitors' strategies, so you can analyze competitors from different angles and have a clear view where exactly the competition stands.

👉 Reputation Management — By always knowing who talks about you and what, you get the power to understand and protect your reputation in a fiercely competitive market.

BrandMentions Pricing

BrandMentions come with three different plans, so the actual cost may vary.


Monitoring Tool #4: Keyhole


Keyhole is an all-in-one social media monitoring and analytics tool that lets you analyze multiple profiles, brand mentions, campaigns, and influencers instantly.

Use it to track hashtags, keep an eye on your competitors, and optimize your LinkedIn strategy.

Keyhole’s monitoring abilities are mainly aimed at helping brands find influencers to work with.

You can use Keyhole for:

  • real-time campaign monitoring and optimization,
  • brand monitoring and optimization,
  • and competitor research.

Key Features

👉 Real-time Tracking of Campaigns, Hashtags, and Keywords — Track the volume of activity around campaigns in real-time, including users, posts and impressions.

👉 Influencer Identification & New Client Discovery — Identify the most influential users talking about your hashtag or keyword, and engage them for long-term collaborations.

👉 Easy-to-Manage, Flexible Searches — Start tracking keywords, hashtags or URLS with a single Search field or specify keywords and @usernames to ignore if some results are irrelevant.

👉 Custom Alerts — Set Alerts to notify you when an influencer mentions your search term, or when a Verified User mentions your keyword.

Keyhole Pricing

Keyhole offers 4 pricing plans.


#5 Mention


Mention allows you to monitor the web, analyze online conversations, and manage your social media.

Use it to read your mentions, categorize them, export them or assign them to your colleagues.

Within this tool, you are offered three types of alerts to choose from: basic, standard, and advanced.

Key Features

👉 Filter by sentiment — You can filter positive and negative mentions, be aware of them in real-time, and react instantly.

👉 Spike alerts –- Set up alerts and Mention will notify you – via email or SMS – if it detects any odd activity, such as a sudden increase of mentions.

👉 QuickChart — Use it to create graphs using data from your Alerts and view specific metrics that interest you about one or multiple alerts.

Mention Pricing

Monitoring tool comes with 4 different pricing tiers.



If you've made it this far but still feel unsure about the perfect LinkedIn monitoring tool for you, don't worry - the solution is just around the corner!

With AuthoredUp - a rich array of features is on offer.

How to Get Started With AuthoredUp?

Check out the steps below to install and use the AuthoredUp extension:

1. Install the Extension: Add AuthoredUp to any browser.

2. Activate AuthoredUp: Go to LinkedIn, start a new post, and enable the AuthoredUp extension.

3. Use the Enhanced Editor: The post editor will update and provide you with more features and capabilities once it is active.

4. Explore Features: On the left side of the editor canvas, you can access numerous sections of the tool, each designed for specific functions like drafts, calendar, posts, saved posts, and analytics.

We promised a rich array of features, right?

Our word is our bond!

Sign up for a 14-day free trial (No credit card required) to start monitoring and optimizing your LinkedIn performance today!

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