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SproutSocial vs Hootsuite - Which one is Better?

Discover the differences between SproutSocial and Hootsuite to make an informed decision and find the perfect fit for your needs.

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Did you know that LinkedIn claimed the seventh position among the world's fastest-growing brands in terms of value growth?

Bearing this in mind, establishing a foothold or gaining visibility on this premier business platform can be a challenging endeavor for newcomers.

If you're contemplating ways to enhance your LinkedIn presence, you might be tempted to explore various social media content creation tools.

Perhaps you're pondering which one stands out as the optimal choice.

Join us today as we showcase and compare SproutSocial and Hootsuite, helping you discern which aligns most effectively with your requirements.

Instead of merely opting for the most visually appealing option, exercise discernment in making a wise decision.

Let's start!

What Is SproutSocial: Overview


True to its name, SproutSocial is a social management platform utilized across various social networks, including LinkedIn.

The platform is genuinely dedicated to the management of your social media, consistently collecting data to enlighten you on future social media strategies.

One of its notable strengths lies in its support by AI intelligence, facilitating seamless navigation through the social media landscape.

Before delving into the specifics of SproutSocial's features, let's briefly overview the key points:

  • Provides in-depth analysis of your social media presence.
  • Offers intuitive content planning.
  • Centralizes everything in one platform.

SproutSocial strongly emphasizes authentic achievements rather than paid or false ones, with each feature crafted accordingly.

SproutSocial: Key Features

Let’s take a look at SproutSocial's crucial features.

1. AI-Powered Solutions

Every step of your journey is accompanied by AI when utilizing SproutSocial.

The platform endeavors to maintain your brand image by integrating AI as an assistant to observe and assess the risks associated with your online behavior.

To elaborate further, SproutSocial's AI will:

  • Identify high-priority messages and keep you informed about them.
  • Recommend alternative replies to help you adjust your tone.
  • Analyze response times to assist you in enhancing your promptness.

Besides everything mentioned, this platform will analyze your previous performance and notify you of the common peak time when your posts achieve the most engagement.

This certainly helps everyone, as engagement serves as a starting point for carving out space for yourself on LinkedIn!

2. Intuitive Scheduling and Planning Tools

SproutSocial isn't crafted solely for individuals but is also tailored for teams and corporations, making this set of features incredibly useful for both individual tasks and excelling when managing a team with multiple members.

Simultaneously, you can schedule multiple posts for posting in one content calendar and even share your calendar with external figures to provide insight!


Remember that with SproutSocial, you can organize everything in one centralized platform, saving time by avoiding switches between platforms and apps.

Additionally, you have the option to create a landing page with your best work and post it anywhere in your bio for easy access to anyone interested in you.

The content suggestion feature in Sprout holds particular significance, as it quickly discovers brand-related content that you need to share with your audience.

3. Extensive Analysis of Your Performance

Sincerely, SproutSocial has developed an in-depth analysis of your performance, even addressing the tiny details that can be easily overlooked.

Overall, their analysis focuses on learning what resonates with your audience, identifying trends, and assessing the ROI of social impact.

It tackles all the crucial moments necessary for identifying areas that need attention.


SocialSprout offers a variety of analyses, including:

  • Distinguishing between paid and organic performance.
  • Identifying popular hashtags among your audience.
  • Tracking competitors' performance.
  • Measuring team productivity.

Given this platform's focus on customer satisfaction and brand awareness, its performance metrics showcase both the strengths of your work and areas that may need improvement.

Additionally, it provides performance insights for each post.

4. Social Media Listening

This feature is also AI-driven, but it has developed in such detail that it stands as a feature on its own.

It relies on a high volume of collected data to pinpoint conversations about key topics without requiring specific expertise.

It comes with many filters, allowing you to decide yourself if you prefer data regarding specific people, places, or brands discussed.

This feature proves very useful when it comes to customer feedback that you may not be aware of.


Furthermore, you can easily detect influencers who can become advocates for your brand, but not before you know who they are.

You can even discover how your audience feels about a specific product, competitor, or ongoing interesting topic for you and your business.

Knowing how your audience feels and wants has never been more important.

Don't you feel the same?

SproutSocial: Pricing

SproutSocial provides a 30-day free trial, and it offers more than enough time to assess whether you truly need this tool.


SproutSocial: Pros and Cons

SproutSocial: Pros

✔️ In-depth and complete analysis.

✔️ Adjusted to specific platforms needs.

✔️ Handy for scheduling and planning.

SproutSocial: Cons

❌ Premium solutions are extra charged.

❌ Lacks innovation in features besides AI features.

What Is Hootsuite: Overview


Hootsuite is another social and marketing management tool. It truly focuses on streamlining the entire process of managing your social platforms.

Hootsuite wants you to work less and gain more results when it comes to your social presence.

The features it offers revolve around analytics, automating responses, measuring social ROI, and social advertising.

More than 200k brands trust their platform and use it on a daily basis, and they have proven their value on the market.

Hootsuite: Key Features

Let’s explore the best of the best Hootsuite offers.

1.Publishing and Scheduling

Hootsuite relies on its OwlyWriter AI, which generates catchy titles and posts ideas through simple prompts.

It ensures you never run out of ideas and readies you for their smart content calendar.

This tool suggests peak times for posting and includes a content calendar for scheduling hundreds of posts ahead.


For those managing more than just LinkedIn and understanding that peak posting times vary across social platforms, this feature becomes really handy.

If you need to suspend posts at the last moment or reschedule, you can easily do so without entering any platform.

Hootsuite integrates with Canva, eliminating the need to enter Canva itself to use a cute template—you can simply find it in the Composer window.

2. Social Media Analytics

Their analytics focuses on growing your brand and business, providing precise guidance on the further steps to enhance your visibility and engagement.

It also compares your posts to those of your competitors, allowing you to easily identify shortcomings in your posts and understand what the audience well-receives.


Their AI becomes particularly useful at this point.

Once you identify your best-performing post, the AI will repurpose it without making it look the same as the previous one.

The analytics tool shows you which platform and posts on which days of the week bring the biggest revenue, guiding you on what needs prioritization.

Additionally, you can check both paid and organic performance, and with other tools, it becomes easier to grow your organic visibility.

3. Engagement Tools

It all boils down to engagement.

Increased engagement results in greater brand awareness, leading to the establishment of your own credible appearance.

Remember, credibility is associated with trust and following.

You can automatically generate hashtags and include them in your posts during the peak times offered.


Additionally, you can monitor your audience's conversations about your brand, gaining an objective picture of how your brand is perceived.

You even have the option to customize your engagement reports to focus on what is most important to you.

Regardless of the tool you choose to track your engagement or learn how to increase it, it won't do any harm to your brand.

Hootsuite: Pricing


Hootsuite offers a free 30-Day Trail period for two of three plans they have.

Hootsuite: Pros and Cons

Hootsuite: Pros

✔️ Existing features well developed.

✔️ Unique AI writter.

✔️ User friendly.

Hootsuite: Cons

❌ Not easy to navigate.

❌ Doesn’t have a wide range of features.

❌ Better for corporations than individuals.

SproutSocial vs Hootsuite: The Final Battle

Making this choice can be challenging, as we always emphasize that no single tool excels in every aspect, and this battle is no exception.

It's definite that SproutSocial comes with a higher price. On the other hand, you have a free trial, providing you with 30 days to decide if it suits your needs well.

In our opinion, SproutSocial is better suited for a larger team or an entire business, as the platform appears to help you navigate your entire team.

On the other hand, Hootsuite has more specific features but is too general in its abilities. Both of them lack specialization for one specific platform.

However, the choice is yours, and we have no doubt that you will choose what's best for your online branding.

But what if there's a more convenient tool that better fits everything you need to achieve better? Meet, AuthoredUp!

AuthoredUp - A More Convenient Tool

AuthoredUp stands as an alternative, all-in-one tool that offers a range of features to create more quality and visible content.

This tool covers every step of content creation on LinkedIn, from the initial idea to post-performance analytics.

What's special about this tool is that it is specifically crafted for LinkedIn.

✨See Any Post’s Full Metrics

Analyze the complete metrics for any post and compare two posts side by side for actionable insights.

By consolidating all your posts and their statistics in one place, you gain a comprehensive overview of your content's performance.

Simply enter the Analytics tab and scroll through your posts to gather information.


✨Switch between Multiple Drafts, Jot Notes, or Prepare Posts for Later

One of the most useful features AuthoredUp offers is Drafts feature. Basically, anytime you remember or you have an idea you can open Drafts features and save everything for later.

Keep all your content ideas in one organized place and make it easy to access and manage them.

No more wasting time searching for lost ideas in multiple notebooks or scattered files.


✨Create Beautifully Formatted, Engaging Text

AuthoredUp offers a rich set of tools to empower your creativity. Add bold or italic text, bullet points, emojis, and more to make your posts visually appealing and engaging.

In the Editor section there are multiple options besides formatting.

You can also preview your post and adjust it for desktop, mobile or tablet.


Additionally you can try some other options:

🔄 Reuse any post with one click.

👁‍ With our readability score, ensure your content is easy to scan and absorb.

🗂 Centralize and manage multiple LinkedIn profiles.

🏷 Use 150+ hooks and 100+ CTA templates (available in English and German)

📥 Save text as snippets and use them across multiple posts.

Are you ready to give it a try?

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