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Exclusive: LinkedIn native scheduling is coming

LinkedIn finally decided to implement native scheduling. Exclusively on authoredup.com, you get to see how it will look. 🤯

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The no. 1 feature request on our roadmap is LinkedIn scheduling.

All other social media platforms have it - Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Good news! LinkedIn finally decided to implement it! 😍

In August, they confirmed to Social Media Examiner it was coming.

And now, exclusively on authoredup.com, you get to see how it will look. 🤯

Video demonstration

How will native scheduling work?

The process of creating a scheduled post on Linkedin will be as follows:

Step 1

Open an editor and write a post.

You will see an icon next to the Post button on the left side. It looks like a clock.


Step 2

After you click the clock icon, you will see a new screen. From here, you can schedule your current post or examine all scheduled posts. Let's proceed with scheduling a new post.


Step 3

Pick a date you want the post to go at.


Step 4

Pick a time. The menu offers you 30-minute increments.

Pro-tip: You can actually type in any time you want!


Step 5

After you click Next, you will see your post again. But the button will be changed from Post to Schedule.


There you go! Your post will be scheduled straight from LinkedIn!

What happens next?

After you schedule the post, it will appear in this list.

You will be able to reschedule it or delete it, but you cannot edit the scheduled post. So if you make any mistake, you'll have to start from the beginning.


When will Linkedin scheduling get to your hands?

We don't know for sure, but the feature seems finished. It can be in a few days or weeks.

Probably Linkedin will roll it out the same way as they do with other features - in phases. Some people will get it sooner, and others will have to wait.


  1. LinkedIn will allow you to schedule multiple posts in advance
  2. You can schedule any type of post (text, image, pdf, video)
  3. You can mention people and companies (something not possible via other scheduling apps, like Buffer or Hootsuite)
  4. You can schedule between 1.5 hours and 3 months in advance
  5. You can manage your scheduled posts from the same screen where you write posts.
  6. Since AuthoredUp integrates straight into LinkedIn, we expect we will support native LinkedIn scheduling straight out of the gate.

What seems to be missing?

  1. Without AuthoredUp, you can still only have one draft
  2. You cannot edit a post after it is scheduled
  3. You can not schedule posts for pages (that is probably coming later)

What about AuthoredUp?

We want our users to get all the benefits of LinkedIn on top of the extras we provide. With that in mind, our goal will be to fully integrate with LinkedIn's draft and scheduling features.

How this integration will look and work? Probably like this:


👋 A little ask

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