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8 Best LinkedIn Accounts to Follow in 2024

Explore the best LinkedIn accounts to follow and see how they can elevate your career and stay informed with the latest updates.

Success Stories
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Ever pondered unlocking LinkedIn's full potential?

It's a powerhouse for business growth, but the key is knowing where to look.

LinkedIn stands as a bustling hub, hosting a multitude of individuals across diverse professions - from formidable leaders and industry mavens to the trailblazing pioneers of modern business.

The challenge, however, lies in uncovering these invaluable connections amidst the ocean of profiles.

To lead you through this digital maze, we've compiled a comprehensive list featuring the top 8 LinkedIn accounts poised to dominate in 2024.

We've personally selected individuals from various business realms, each generously sharing their expertise and insights on their LinkedIn profiles.

Embark on this expedition with us as we delve into a carefully curated list of the crème de la crème, the best LinkedIn accounts to follow in the upcoming year.

What Makes These Accounts the Best to Follow?

To understand why this selection of the top 9 LinkedIn accounts to follow is credible and beneficial, consider the advantages outlined in this article:
Insightful Exploration: Gain a deeper understanding of the unique strengths and qualities of various accounts in the diverse LinkedIn ecosystem.

Ease of Navigation: Overcome the complexities of navigating LinkedIn with our focus on highlighting accounts that offer significant value through a simple follow.

Valuable Professional Insights: Discover why each featured individual is a valuable LinkedIn member, with accounts organized by profession for your convenience and ease of access.

Get ready for a must-follow presentation!

Category #1: LinkedIn Startup Gurus

We present you valuable technology and entrepreneur-oriented LinkedIn members, each showcasing a different facet of the golden coin.

1. Aakash Gupta


Allow us to introduce Aakash Gupta, a premium LinkedIn member.

His primary objective is a newsletter dedicated to providing tips and tricks on how to grow your product and skyrocket your career.

What's even better is that he specializes in fintech and is aware of all the small details that could trip you up when it comes to keeping pace with modern technology.

Why should you follow this account?

✔️ Regular Content Updates—He maintains a consistent posting schedule, ensuring a steady stream of new knowledge for followers.

✔️ Diverse Content Formats—His expertise is shared through various mediums like videos, text posts, and illustrations, making the information accessible and engaging.

✔️ Comprehensive Topic Coverage—He covers all aspects of the profession thoroughly, offering a one-stop source for all your informational needs.

2. Justin Wright


Justin Wright embodies the ideal qualities of a strong leader in every aspect imaginable.

With an extensive background in navigating the waters of brand building and leadership, he is steadfast in sharing the lessons he has gathered over time.

Through his storytelling, he imparts comprehensive insights into technology, business leadership, and achieving business goals.

What stands out in his profile is his unique ability to pinpoint issues in business that people often overlook, making his perspective particularly valuable.

Why should you follow this account?

✔️ Uncovering Business Culture Insights—His posts offer unique perspectives on business culture, serving as an invaluable guide for effectively managing your organizational environment.

✔️ Comprehensive Management Focus—With a special dedication to management-related topics, his content is a goldmine for those aspiring to or currently in management roles.

✔️ Psychology-Backed Knowledge—He blends psychological principles into his discussions, emphasizing the deep connection between psychology and diverse aspects of life and business.

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Category #2: Extraordinary LinkedIn Personal Brand Guides

This section focuses on individuals who excel in personal branding across various professions.

Regardless of your professional background, cultivating standout skills is essential.

Let's introduce you to these individuals and explore the content on their accounts!

3. Jasmin Alic


Jasmin Alic has established a brand for himself, forged through years of dedicated copywriting.

He possesses a keen understanding of what it takes to create a noticeable presence.

In the competitive landscape of remote work, where copywriting has become a common skill, he is different.

Jasmin provides comprehensive coaching, guiding individuals step by step in building their brand and becoming skilled copywriters simultaneously.

Why should you follow this account?

✔️ Development of Soft Brand Skills—His content is key for anyone looking to enhance soft skills crucial for success on LinkedIn.

✔️ Detailed, Authentic Guidance—Unlike polished narratives, his posts offer a real-world look into challenges, providing highly specific and practical advice.

✔️ Diverse Learning Opportunities—Whether your focus is on mastering effective writing, gaining prominence on LinkedIn, or building a strong brand, his account offers tailored insights to suit your needs.

4. Lara Acosta


Lara stands out in the LinkedIn sphere, much like Jasmin, albeit charting a slightly different course.

She demonstrated a visionary approach, recognizing the significance of social media marketing ahead of others.

Specializing in personal branding on LinkedIn, she is the founder of LA Digital, which likely piqued your interest, right?

Lara carved her unique path, skillfully utilizing her voice, selecting words judiciously, and mastering timing.

She meticulously manages her brand, inspiring others through posts to do likewise.

Why should you follow this account?

✔️Her Primary Focus Lies on LinkedIn - You're likely here because you aspire to thrive on LinkedIn, and she is brimming with advice.

✔️Her Posts Provide Tangible Evidence of What Truly Works - Her posts offer concrete proof of effective strategies.

✔️She Effortlessly Makes It Appear Easy - Opening your LinkedIn page with zero followers can be daunting, and Lara understands that fear.

5. Beatrice Vladut


Beatrice seems adept at content creation and has successfully turned it into a profitable venture.

When we say "some," she can effectively monetize her brand on LinkedIn.

Her consistency in sharing her personal story ensures that every post captures attention.

Her special skill is making the personal brand widely known to people.

Why should you follow this account?

✔️Inspiration for Quality Content Creation—Her posts motivate followers to produce high-quality content, which can significantly improve your LinkedIn presence.

✔️Focus on Long-Term Goals—She emphasizes strategies and actions that are designed for sustained success, countering the fast-paced, short-term focus prevalent today.

✔️Active Engagement on LinkedIn—Her consistent interaction on the platform offers a rich source of knowledge for anyone looking to establish or enhance their personal brand.

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Category #3: LinkedIn Business Professionals

Yes, we understand. All of the mentioned individuals are closely tied to running businesses. However, the one we are about to introduce truly possesses a business mastery and is eager to share that knowledge with us.

6. Leila Hormozi


Leila truly represents a strong business leader.

Although she didn't begin as a business coach, she decided to try it out along the way, and it proved to be a great move for her.

Today, Leila serves as the CEO of a Value Acceleration Capital Firm (VAC), helping entrepreneur companies build their way up.

Like everyone mentioned in this article, she generously shares both small tips and significant stories on how to run your business successfully.

Why should you follow this account?

✔️ Anti-Procrastination Guidance—She offers essential strategies to overcome procrastination, a key skill for professional advancement.

✔️ Access to Live Streams—Her live content provides an engaging and interactive alternative for those who prefer real-time learning and interaction.

✔️ Insightful Business Plan Discussions—Following her discussions about successful business plans is an invaluable way to learn the fundamentals of starting and running a successful business.

7. Bojan Radojicic


Bojan exemplifies the path to professionalism while ascending the hierarchical ladder.

Presently, he assists individuals with distinct finance models that he meticulously develops. Bojan shares valuable insights on customer engagement, capital models, and optimizing the company's value.

He simplifies complex financing concepts with the clarity of a second-grade teacher.

Why should you follow this account?

✔️ Insightful Comparative Analyses—His posts frequently feature comparative analysis, aiding significantly in clarifying and differentiating concepts.

✔️ Rich Visual Content—He extensively uses visual aids in his presentations, enhancing comprehension and engagement.

✔️ Originality in Posts—There's a strong emphasis on authenticity in his content, offering unique and genuine insights.

8. Matt Lerner


Matt embodies a wealth of experience and dedication, evident in his LinkedIn profile.

Climbing the ranks at PayPal and concluding his career as SMB Director speaks volumes.

It's not just a presumption that he possesses valuable business insights; he excels in his profession.

His account serves as a treasure trove of knowledge.

What sets it apart is his steadfast focus on business topics.

Why should you follow this account?

✔️ Rich in Analytics—His frequent use of analytics in posts is a rare and refreshing feature on LinkedIn.

✔️ Readable and Engaging Content—As a writer, his content is particularly easy to digest, perfect for morning business reads with coffee.

✔️ Engaging Carousel Posts—He formats his content in visually appealing carousels, making it both informative and attractive.

Summing Up

We've observed quality LinkedIn accounts that we recommend following in the upcoming year.

What have we learned from successful stories on LinkedIn?

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