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Are you a tool for LinkedIn automation?


AuthoredUp is NOT a LinkedIn automation tool.

Automation tools are the tools that take your website ID (cookie or token) and use it to automate some processes.

Behind the scenes, these tools are taking some action in your name. For example, whoever has your cookie can send connection requests or messages in your name (bulk messaging) and can get data about your profile growth or profiles that engaged with your posts.

Note that automation tools are strictly prohibited by LinkedIn, and they can put your LinkedIn account at risk. What does it mean from the user side? LinkedIn can send a notification that they detected unusual activity*, or your account can get restricted.

AuthoredUp is not taking a cookie, and it doesn't automate any process. AuthoredUp is a tool that provides a better user experience in reading the Linkedin website. This means that AuthoredUp does NOT take any action in your name.


*Unusual activity notification or account restriction doesn't have to be related to using of tools.