How to convert your individual beta account to business account?


If you have an existing individual account, but want to connect multiple profiles or invite your teammates, you can upgrade to a business account via the AuthoredUp platform.

Here's how:

  • Navigate to the AuthoredUp platform.
  • Click on Upgrade to Business Plan.

After clicking, a pop-up will appear asking for the following details:

  • Organization Name: The name of your organization.
  • LinkedIn Company Page Link: Add the URL or ID of your company's LinkedIn page (used to enable analytics for your team members).
  • Logo: Upload the logo of your organization.

Fill in the required information:

Here is how to get a company page URL.

Click Upgrade, and the following will happen:

  • Your individual license will disappear from your user page
  • Your user page will show a new section, with your organization info
  • You will see a new tab, called "Organization".
  • Organization tab will show your organization info, the license and members
  • It will have one member - yourself - with the admin role

You can now proceed to invite your teammates.