How to use AuthoredUp platform for writing and editing content?


This editor can be used for ANY text you plan to publish on Linkedin. That means it works for:

  • Bio,
  • about me section,
  • messages,
  • comments,
  • and, of course, in posts. :)

However, this editor has some limitations. This editor is not connected to your Linkedin account. It means you cannot:

  • Tag people,
  • see autocomplete for hashtags and suggestions
  • Save text automatically as a draft.

So make sure you copy the text from the editor back to Linkedin.

How to use the AuthoredUp editor for the About me section or Linkedin headline?

You probably saw the nicely formatted text in the headline and about me sections.

And bio looks like this:

This is how you can make yours look the same:

  1. Log in to your account on the AuthoredUp website, or if you saved your password, and go to the editor section
  2. Start typing.
  3. Copy the text back to Linkedin when you are done.

How to use the AuthoredUp editor Linkedin comments?

All comments look the same.

98% of them are just text with an emoji or two. If you want to stand out in the comment section, you can add some formatting to your text.

So use the editor to add some style to your comments.